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Prophet Sadhu Sundae Selvaraj

Trump will have a triumph. 


 "The Dream of the TRUMP Tree" by Veronika West

 A few days ago, I was caught up by the Spirit of Revelation in one of the most powerful dream/vision encounters I have had this year 2021. I believe this dream comes at a critical time, both for the Ekklesia and for the nations of the earth—and especially the nation of America, which is being raised up at this time to take her place as a radiant light of the world, as a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

Parts of this dream encounter will reveal clearly that God has not yet finished with His anointed vessel, President Donald John Trump.

The Dream

In this powerful dream, the first thing that appeared to me was what looked like a beautiful and majestic rainbow stairway; a glorious stairway that ascended to the heavens from the nations of the earth.

Now as I looked at this incredible stairway, suddenly I heard these words: "Let My will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." After this, I began to hear a sound rising up from the ground...the sound of many voices, all singing with one voice the Lord's Prayer; over and over again, I heard, "Let My will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!"

As the sound of those words filled the atmosphere in the dream, I turned and looked again at the sprawling steps of the radiant rainbow stairway, and I saw that each one of the steps was made up of millions upon millions of vibrant, multi-colored stones, and each stone looked different and unique both in shape and size, but every stone was perfectly grafted in like a massive jigsaw puzzle. Every stone had its place...all fitting together as one.

Looking intently at the stones, I saw that they looked alive and seemed to be moving, but without breaking formation. Then I heard the Spirit of Revelation speak to me saying, "Look! For these are living stones, filled with the power of the Seven Manifold Spirits of the Living God!"

The Spirit spoke again saying, "Watch!" Then I saw what looked like 5 letters, and then 5 words being written in gold upon the rainbow stairway of living stones. First I saw the letter T being written and then the word Truth appeared; then the letter R and the word Righteousness; then the letter U and the word Unity...the letter and the word Mercy, and then the letter P and the word Peace appeared before me.

As I looked and looked again, I saw the word TRUMP, which appeared to me in ascending order, starting from the bottom of the stairway—touching the nations—to the highest of heights in heavenly places. Below is what I saw as it appeared:


Now as I looked at this word, I heard, "In this hour My 'Truth' and grace will trump deception and judgment. As My remnant arises, clothed in purity and 'Righteousness,' to take her place, and as they dwell together in 'Unity,' I shall command a blessing and they shall overcome. Watch! For My 'Mercy' will now make way, and the God of 'Peace' will soon crush satan under your feet!"

As these words boomed loudly, suddenly I heard the Spirit of Revelation whisper in a gentle voice, "Come and I will show you what will take place..."

The Roots

As I heard His soft whisper, a mighty oak tree suddenly appeared beside the rainbow stairway of living stones. I immediately heard the Spirit of Revelation say, "Look!" As I looked at the oak tree, I was shown that many areas in its root system were infested with a type of root rot. Some sort of disease and fungus seemed to be growing over some of the roots, badly infecting different areas of its root system, decaying and rotting it from within.

Then I heard the Spirit say, "Watch! For I shall shake, shake, shake the foundations of the mighty oak tree and I will expose the deep rot in the root system; and where decay and death have set in and defiled the fruit, now My Spirit of Truth shall bring forth purification and restoration to the roots!"

The Trunk

My eyes looked up again, and I was shown the thick trunk of the oak tree. I saw that the bark on the tree trunk also looked badly diseased, and large patches of thick, black, sticky fluid were weeping and seeping out of large cracks in the bark, which seemed to be covering the rotting, spongy tissue of the tree trunk.

Then I heard, "Watch! For I shall reveal the disease of deception that has begun to take hold, and I will uncover and bring to the light the subtle manipulation, control and corruption that has caused the trunk of the tree to become weak and compromised.

"But fear not! For I shall bind up the broken-hearted, the prisoners, the mourners and they will be vindicated, crowned and comforted in these turbulent days of great shaking; for the Spirit of the sovereign LORD rests upon My remnant Ekklesia, and they will be called 'Oaks of Righteousness,' the planting of the LORD for the display of My splendor in the nations of the earth."

The Branches

Suddenly, I felt a soft wind begin to blow round about me in the dream, and I felt the ground beneath the tree begin to vibrate and tremble. Then I heard the Spirit say, "Daughter of man, look—look up!" As I looked up again, and my eyes were drawn to the many branches of the oak tree, and I saw that many of them were dead. Then I heard these words echo loudly: "Watch! For now My governing hand of judgment and justice is moving among the branches of the oak tree to cut off and to prune, for every branch that bears no fruit will be taken away, and every branch that does bear fruit, I will prune.

"Therefore I say, remain! Remain again! I say, remain in Me. For no branch can bear fruit by itself. So remain in Me and you shall be a fruitful branch." (Photo via Pixabay)

As the weightiness of those words seemed to permeate the atmosphere, I heard, "Unity! Unity! Unity... How good and pleasant when brothers dwell in unity!"

Then winds began to blow with greater force, and I felt a supernatural shift beginning to take place. I saw the mighty oak tree begin to shake violently, and the dead branches began to fall to the ground as a loud sound of cracking and breaking filled the atmosphere.

The Green Leaves

As I looked up again, my eyes were drawn to the leaves on the oak tree, and I saw that while there were green leaves on the branches, they looked sparse, and there were areas where the branches had no leaves. Many of the branches looked bare and exposed.

Then, suddenly, I saw the numbers 222 begin to swirl round about me, and the Spirit of Revelation said, "Watch, for the curse shall be reversed, and the power of the My Seven Spirit whirlwind shall blow upon the tree to revive, restore and reform! Watch! For My glory shall now return and shall cover the tree once again; for My mercy, mercy, mercy shall trump judgment, and the leaves of the tree shall be for the healing of the nations."

Revelation 22:2, "...And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations."

The Fruit

I noticed there was only a little fruit upon the tree, and as my eyes were still trying to adjust to what I was seeing, I heard, "Watch, for the truth determines the fruit, and the rot in the roots has defiled the fruit...but watch and listen! For the sound of the roar of the Lion of Judah shall rise from the ground, and the rot in the roots shall be cleansed, the roots shall be restored, and the fruit shall be purified and come forth as pure gold."

The Rainbow Whirlwind

Suddenly, I saw what looked like a keyhole appear in the midst of the mighty oak tree, and I heard a loud, thundering sound come up from the ground; it was the sound of the roar of the Lion of Judah. As the sound of the roar rose up, a bright and piercing yellow and white light shone through the keyhole in the midst of the tree. As I watched, the keyhole became a door which swung wide open, and out of the door came forth a mighty rainbow whirlwind that began to move with great power and might around the oak tree.

I heard, "Watch, for the spirit and power of Elijah now comes like a mighty whirlwind upon the oak tree to revive, restore and reform! Watch, for now My Seven Spirit whirlwind comes to uproot, tear down, build and plant in the midst of the nations!"

As those words deeply penetrated my spirit, I heard the Spirit of Revelation say, "Daughter, watch!"

The Face of the Lion

As I looked again at the whirlwind moving with great power around the tree, I saw the color purple from within the whirlwind swirling around the roots of the oak, and the face of the Lion appeared before me. I heard, "Listen, for I AM the Lion of Judah and I shall roar over the roots of the mighty oak tree... My roar shall shake and shift the foundations of the nations and awaken those who are in a deep sleep.

"Listen! For My roar shall restore truth within the roots, and shall reveal and unveil true Kingdom identity, releasing the power and governing authority to My apostles once again."

Upon hearing this, I saw, again, the word "Truth" written in gold on the stairway of living stones.

The Great Eagle

Now, as I continued to watch what was taking place in the dream, I began to see the color blue come forth from within the mighty rainbow whirlwind, which began to blow violently around the trunk. Suddenly, the face of a great eagle appeared within the blue winds of the whirlwind, and then I heard the loud and piercing cry of the great eagle coming forth from deep within the oak tree.

I heard, "Watch! For I shall reveal the deep and hidden secrets and mysteries of My Kingdom to My eagles, the prophets, and they shall walk in righteousness and carry divine revelation with greater power and authority in the days ahead."

Then I saw again the word "Righteousness" written in gold upon the stairway of living stones, which ascended from Earth to the heavens.

The Dance of the Great Owl

As I stayed watching all that the Spirit of Revelation was revealing to me, I saw the color yellow within the rainbow whirlwind, which began to move powerfully through the branches of the oak.

As I looked again at the branches that were being shaken back and forth, suddenly the face of an owl appeared within the midst of them, and in that moment, I saw the two bright and shining, yellow eyes of the owl. I heard these words: "Watch! For I shall equip and empower My teachers in this hour with My Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, for My owls will have eyes to see what prowls in the midst of the darkness. I shall expose the serpent spirits in their hiding places, and My owls shall devour the snakes that fall from the branches in this season of great shaking."

Again my eyes were drawn back to the stairway of living stones, and I saw the word "Unity" written in gold upon the stones.

The Face of the Lamb

Then my eyes were suddenly drawn up to the leaves of the tree, and I saw a vibrant color of green coming forth from the mighty whirlwind; the strong winds began to blow upon the leaves, and suddenly the face of a Lamb appeared before me from within them.

I heard, "Watch! For My crowning glory shall return to the tree to cover the nakedness of My sheep, and new life and liberty shall be on the lips of My shepherds/pastors, and they shall speak boldly and without restraint. They shall have the anointing and the authority of the Blood of the Lamb upon their hands for the working of signs, wonders and miracles, and the green leaves shall be for healing of the nations."

As I heard those words, my eyes were drawn again to the rainbow stairway of living stones, and when I looked again at the precious stones, I saw the word "Mercy" written upon them.

The Pure White Dove

The dream shifted, and I was taken up higher by the Spirit of Revelation, and a fiery color of orange appeared over the top of the tree; a whirling and swirling of powerful strong winds began to blow upon the sparse fruit that hung on the branches.

I saw a snow white dove appear within the fiery orange winds of the mighty whirlwind, and I heard, "Watch! For now a fresh fire of My glory will fall upon the heads of My evangelists, for a time of purification and cleansing has now come upon the mighty oak tree. (Photo via Unsplash)

Watch! For out of the very roots shall come forth My truths that shall purify the fruit, for now My Seven Spirit whirlwind comes to shake, shift and separate the wheat and the tares...for a time of great Harvest is now at hand and the God of Peace shall soon crush satan under His feet."

Again, I was shown the word "Peace," which was written in gold upon the majestic rainbow stairway of living stones.

Suddenly I woke up from this powerful dream encounter and I immediately began to draw and write out what I had seen.

Dream Interpretation

The Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones:

First, I believe it speaks to what God is now building and establishing in and through His Ekklesia, for we are living stones grafted in, all having our rightful place and position as one Body. It's out of this place of divine alignment and order of unity, and submission to one another in love, that His will is done...on Earth as it is in Heaven.


I believe TRUMP speaks of the man and the new Kingdom Reformation movement being birthed in the earth! I also believe that it's highly significant that the word TRUMP was written in gold and in ascending order on the steps of the stairway of living stones. First, the gold, I believe, speaks to the the outpouring of His glory that is coming to the earth. Seeing it in ascending order speaks to God starting with restoring the truth of His Word in the foundations of His Church.

Exposing the Rot and Restoring the Roots:

He is now going to fully expose the rot in the root system of the tree (the Church) and He is uncovering and revealing every unrighteous root that has defiled the fruit. Many will begin to hear the sound of the Lion of Judah rising from the ground and roaring over the roots. This is the roar of the Seven Spirits of God which will bring supernatural cleansing and purification to the foundations. The root system will be fully restored by the power of His roar and thus there will be a greater manifestation of a purity of fruit, and much fruit—and fruit that will remain!

God has given Trump a heavenly mandate to tear-down and uproot, build and plant. President Trump is certainly God's trumpet for this new era, and God will continue to use His vessel mightily in the days ahead. Whether people like it or not, God is not done with President Trump.

The Spirit of God says, "Watch what will come forth from a time in exile!"

Like we see in the dream, where a radical change and transformation comes upon the oak tree as the Seven Spirit whirlwind comes upon it, so God is now doing a work of radical change and transformation within the vessel, the man whom He has anointed for this new Kingdom era.

The Building Blocks of a New Kingdom Era:

I also believe that seeing T.R.U.M.P. written on the rainbow stairway of living stones speaks to a Kingdom legacy of peace, mercy, unity and righteousness being built and established on the foundation of His truth, through His Ekklesia.

This will accelerate and advance His Kingdom purposes coming to pass in the nations of the earth, for now the spirit and power of Elijah is coming upon His Church as a mighty whirlwind to cleanse, to cut off, to prune and purify...from the roots to the fruits!

I can boldly declare that the world is yet to see God bring President Trump into the fullness of his destiny!

Furthermore, what I was shown in this dream will also reveal that God not only anointed Donald Trump to be president, but that He would use the man and the name of the man—TRUMP—as a powerful prophetic sign to the world and to the Church of what is now beginning to take place and what will continue to unfold over the next decade.

I boldly declare that we have now entered into a new "TRUMP" era and the reformation of the Ekklesia and restoration of the five-fold ministries within the Church!

So keep praying, Church!


The prophetic message by Jouko Piho on March 14, 2021 about the Promised Land for Finns

The Lord spoke to me: “I will give the Finnish people the Promised Land.”

Then I understood that there are actually two Promised Lands for Finns. One is Karelia and the other one is Israel.

God will give in His time Karelia back to Finland and many Finns who have Jewish-Israeli roots, will move to Israel, to their home and Promised Land.


The snow prophecy by Hank Kunneman on January 24, 2021


Pastor Tim Dixon's dream on January 24, 2021 about the victory of Donald Trump and the death of Joe Biden. 




The vision by Robin D Bullock on November 17, 2020 about the victory of Donald Trump 


The message by Jouko Piho in November 18, 2020 about the victory of Trump

Trump will win definitely and definitively.


The prophetic message by prophetess Raji on November 7, 2020

Donald Trump Will Win - 70 Days Shift - Prophetic Word from the Court of Heaven


America: A Vision of Trump and A Burning Bush

November 11, 2020 

Trump;  The Burning Bush;  The Mantle of Grace and the Government of the House of David Laid Upon His Shoulders to Deliver a Nation From Bondage!

Two days ago while praying for President Donald J. Trump and the future of America, I was suddenly caught up in a powerful vision where I saw President Trump standing on a what looked like a podium.

He had his right hand in the air and it looked as if he was taking an oath.

Now as I looked at him, I could see that he was wearing what looked like a very expensive suit which was dark blue in colour and he also wore a red silk tie around his neck.

Now as I looked again at President Trump, suddenly I noticed that he was not wearing any shoes.  He was standing barefoot on the podium.

Now as I looked again at his bare feet, I immediately began to inquire of The LORD as to why he was barefoot.

Donald Trump and the Burning Bush

Suddenly the vision shifted, and I saw Donald Trump not “President” Trump — as he had not yet been elected as the President of America — and he was standing before a Burning Bush on the mountain of The LORD.

As I looked at him in the vision, I saw that he was wearing a smart suit and he had a pair of shiny black shoes on his feet.

As I looked at him standing before the Burning Bush, suddenly The LORD showed me Moses..  and how Moses had stood before the Burning Bush on the mountain of The LORD and God anointed and appointed him to go into the Land of Egypt to bring the Nation of Israel out of bondage.

It was there at the Burning Bush that the very nature of Moses was changed and his a destiny was revealed.  Moses was mantled by God as a Mighty Deliverer who would carry a Mandate to set the captives free!…

A Nature Changed and a Destiny Revealed

Now, as The Spirit of God showed me Moses, suddenly I began to see a powerful prophetic parallel unfolding before me, where I saw how God was now raising up Donald Trump like Moses.

I saw that this Deliverer ‘Donald Trump’ would not only have his nature changed, but that the Destiny of Donald Trump that was being revealed in the vision, was that he would to be used mightily and strategically by God to bring Freedom and Liberty to a Nation, but that was held captive by the powers of the enemy.

The Fortunes of Zion Will Be Restored

Now, as this powerful parallel unfolded before me, suddenly I heard The Spirit of The LORD speak to Donald Trump saying, “Take off your shoes, for the ground you are standing on is Holy!” and as Donald Trump bent down to take off his shoes, I saw two Archangels of The LORD appear beside him, one to his left and one to his right.

As I looked at the two Archangels, I saw two Flaming Swords of Fire being lifted up over the head of Donald Trump and the tips of the two Flaming Swords came together to create what looked like an archway over Trump’s head.

As I looked at the archway, I heard the word, “TRIUMPH” and saw what looked like small Tongues of Fire begin to fall upon his head like soft rain!

As I watched Donald Trump standing barefoot under the fiery Archway of Triumph before the Burning Bush, I knew by revelation that The Glory of The LORD was falling upon him.  He was being divinely empowered, enabled and commissioned by God ,to go forth into the land to restore the fortunes of Zion.

A Cloud of Witnesses Making Intercession and Prophetic Proclamation

Now, as I watched this taking place, suddenly the vision shifted again, and I saw now ‘President Trump’ standing for a second time before the mountain of The LORD.

He was still barefoot, with both Archangels still standing beside him, one to his right and one to his left, and as I looked at President Trump, I saw that his head was tilted down and he looked as if he was standing, waiting as if he was about to receive a knighthood.

The atmosphere in the vision was heavy.  I felt the glory of The LORD in that place, and I could tangibly feel the weightiness of The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD.

As I looked again at President Trump, suddenly The Spirit of The LORD brought Moses up before me once again, and I saw how Moses had also come for a second time before the mountain of The LORD, after he had delivered the Israelites out of the land of Egypt, and how Moses had ascended the mountain were he was given The Law of 10 Commandments.

As I was being shown Moses again, suddenly a Cloud of Witnesses appeared in the sky above President Trump, and as I looked at the Cloud of Witnesses, I saw the late and great Kim Clement and the late and great Billy Graham looking down upon the President, and I saw that Kim Clement had a rod in his hand, which lifted high into the air.

Then I heard these words, “My Court’s in session!”  And then, “Watch!  For a great cloud of Witnesses now stands to make Intercession and Prophetic Proclamation in this hour for a Nation that is being weighed in the balance!”

Grace, Grace Triumphs Over Law and Judgement

As I heard those words, suddenly I saw the tip of a Silver Sword appear in the vision.  As I looked at the Sword, I heard these words, “And the Key of The House of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open!”

As those words echoed loudly in The Realm of the Spirit, I saw the tip of the Sword touch President Trump first on his right shoulder, and as the tip of the sword touched him, the number 5 (five) appeared above his shoulder, and then I saw the tip of the sword touch his left shoulder, and suddenly another number 5 (five) appeared on his left shoulder.

As I looked at the two fives (5), I heard these words, ”Grace!  Grace!  For The Government of The House of David shall be laid upon his shoulders!” and then I heard these words,  ”Grace triumphs over The Law and Judgement!”

The Golden Altar Rises in the Land

As I heard those words, suddenly the vision shifted slightly and I was taken to the foot of the Mountain of The LORD where I saw a large multitude of people who looked like they were celebrating.

A sense of great Victory was in the air.  I could hear the sound of laughing, shouting and cheering… but as I drew closer in the vision, I saw a huge raging bonfire and many were dancing around the fire with their hands lifted high into the air, and in a ritualistic way, it looked as if they were worshiping…

But as I stood in that place, I could feel the spiritual atmosphere was heavy with Demonic Oppression and Satanic Witchcraft, and as I looked again at the people, suddenly I saw what looked like a massive boiling pot (a cauldron) which was sitting at the centre of the bonfire.

I watched as vast amounts of gold coins and precious jewellery was being thrown into the boiling pot by those who were dancing around the fire.

And I heard these words, “Watch and Pray!  For billionaires and millionaires have thrown their gold and precious silver into the boiling pot of perversion and corruption, that they may build a golden altar to the gods of Baal and Molek!”

As I heard those words, suddenly I saw the faces of George Soros, Bill Gates and the faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris come up before me, and I knew by The Spirit of Revelation, that what I was being shown was a powerful demonic plan and plot of the enemy, to build and establish an altar of the Antichrist in the Nation of America in this hour.

As I looked at this taking place, I began to cry out to The LORD to have, “Mercy, mercy on the nation of America!”

A Remnant Rises With a Roar

As I cried out to The LORD, suddenly the vision shifted again and I saw what looked like a circle of white light that surrounded the people who were dancing around the bonfire.

And as I looked at the circle of white light, I heard these words, “Watch!  For My Radiant Remnant shall arise and shine in the midst of the darkness!”

As I heard those words, suddenly I could hear the sound of the Prayers of The Remnant begin to rise, and as I listened, the sound of the cries of The Remnant turned to a roar that got louder and louder such that the mountain of The LORD began to shake and tremble.

Then I saw the great Cloud of Witnesses appear once again over the mountain of The LORD and I heard these words, “Watch!  As a Divine Convergence is now beginning to take place as heaven touches earth.

For The Scales of Justice will be shifted as the sound of the roar of The Remnant rises to touch the Prayers and the Prophetic Proclamations of the late and great reformers!”

A Divine Convergence; Our Apostolic and Prophetic Agreement Shifts the Scales in the Courts

Then I heard The Spirit of Revelation speak to me saying, “In this hour and season, I AM calling for the Apostolic and the Prophetic Council in the earth to come into Alignment and into Agreement with the Prayers and the Prophetic Proclamations of the Apostolic and the Prophetic Council in Heaven.

For the power of this Agreement and Unity, will shift The Scaled of Justice in The Courts of Heaven, for the Nation is now at a Divine Tipping Point!”

Look to the Hills to Where Your Help Comes From

Now as I heard those Words, my eyes were drawn back to the Circle of White Light and I saw The Remnant begin to Rise and Shine in the midst of the darkness.

As I looked at the faces of The Remnant, I saw that their eyes were fixed, looking up to the Mountain of The LORD, and I heard these Words, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains — where does my help come from?  My help comes from The LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth!”

As those words deeply penetrated my heart, suddenly I was standing again on the Mountain of The LORD and I saw a Mantle of Gold falling upon the shoulders of President Trump and as the Mantle of Gold fell upon him, .I heard.these Words, “Double Portion Anointing!  Grace, Grace shall triumph over Judgement!”

Then I saw President Trump turn and begin to descend the Mountain of The LORD, and saw him stop and look down at the multitudes who were gathered at the foot of the Mountain.  He could see that a Golden Altar had been erected and that those who had built the altar, were cheering and shouting.

Suddenly, I saw President Trump take hold of the heavy Mantle of Grace that was upon his shoulders and he threw the heavy Gold Mantle at the Golden Altar that had been erected, and I watched as the the Golden Altar was smashed in two.

Then I heard these Words,“My Grace and Mercy shall triumph over Judgement, for My Love covers a multitude of sins!”

Then I heard, “Who are you, O great mountain?  Before Zerubbabel for you shall become a plain!  And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of ‘Grace, grace to it’!”  (Zechariah 4:7)

As those Words went forth across the Nation, I saw the Gold Mantle of Grace cover the Nation like a thick heavy blanket and I watched as satanic strongholds and demonic altars were being dismantled, demolished and overthrown under the heavy weight of the Mantle of Grace that was now resting upon the land.

Then I saw The Remnant begin to dance upon The Blanket of Grace and as they danced, I saw the Gold Mantle/ Blanket turn to a River of Gold that began to flow forth upon the land and I heard these words, “Rivers of My Glory shall flow forth upon this land bringing Revival, Restoration and Reformation!”

God is Not Finished With President Trump Yet!

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw President Trump again, just as I had seen him in the first vision, when he was standing barefoot upon a podium with his right hand lifted.

And as I looked at his bare-feet again, I knew by revelation that he was Standing on Holy Ground and that God was not yet finished with President Trump, and that the Assignment and Destiny of Donald Trump was still being fulfilled!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

 Veronika West


The vision of Veronika West on November 7, 2020

America and the Trump-Biden Poker Game 



First vision, I saw myself go into the courts, and I was overcome with the presence of the Lord and went face down. I heard Him command me to stand up, but I didn’t have the strength. Then I was picked up on my feet. I knew I was there to intercede.
I heard, “What is your request?”
Then, I said, “For the chiIdren, and the daughters and the sons. For them to be rescued, for justice to come, for vindication, for the abuse to stop.” I was particularly praying for sex trafficking and also for the Chinese church.
I saw what looked like a clock. I heard, “All will be accomplished in due time.”
Then He said He was with those were wounded and abused, but the time for full vindication had not come yet. Others must be added. His timing is perfect.
I asked was there anything I was lacking or needed. I heard “Patience.” Then I saw myself fall on my face again.
Then I saw the ship, “The Constitution”, and I saw the same big wave Kathie Walter’s had seen come over the ship, (Kathie saw Trump tie himself to the steering wheel because the ship was tossing) but it’s like it completely changed our course as a nation ran the ship into a safe harbor.
A little bit later, I was just soaking. I heard again, “Come with Me. I have something I want you to do with Me.”
I saw Yeshua as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He was fierce looking. I saw myself beside Him, sometimes like a lioness, sometimes like a little girl. It kept changing depended on what we were doing. He immediately took me to the Great Wall of China. He said, “You were once a slave, just as the slaves who built this wall, and you have forgiven. You are to roar with me now. Their vindication has come.” I saw both of us roaring towards the wall. His roar obviously way was more powerful than mine. I felt more like little Simba in the Lion King. But as we roared, the Wall of China began to quake and crumble like a wave.
Then I saw the ground begin to swell like a pregnant belly about to burst open, and I saw all these people under the ground pushing, like thousands and of thousands. It was like the ground was like a thin film, and then all of a sudden a swell, and then all of these people burst forth, like it had just given birth somehow.
I heard, “This is time of the underground church in China to birth forth.” I saw the face of the current president of China, and I heard the Lord say that this was the last wave of persecution the Chinese church will face, and it will be quickly over, and their time had come. He said that He wasn’t done showing me things yet. We went to the emperor’s palace. He jumped over the outer wall. And then began to roar, Xi Jinping and all the ruling party came out and bowed their faces towards the ground. Then the Lion grabbed Xi Jinping by the scruff of his neck, like cats do, and shook him really hard and tossed him to the side.
Then, I saw the Chinese flag come down, and I heard, “It’s time for a new flag. It’s the time of the Chinese church to rise and rule.” I saw a new flag that looked like a Chinese flag but it had a golden cross across the middle. It was raised up the flag pole.
Then Yeshua said, “I’m not done yet.” I then saw a very large Buddha in front of the lion. I heard, “Buddha has consumed the children, and it’s belly is full.” I saw the Lion roar again, and the belly of Buddha broke open. All these children ran out and into Yeshua’s arms. The rest of the Buddha crumbled away.
I heard again, “I’m not done yet.” I saw the Hindu idol, Shiva? He just went up and bit its head off.
Again, I heard, “I’m not done yet.” I saw a map of the Middle East, and I heard, “Brothers, put down your weapons. It’s time to come home.” Then, I saw many men with weapons, begin to make tools out them, and I saw others link arms together.
Again, “I’m not done yet.” I saw Him walk into the EU chamber in Europe, and all the Euro leaders were there, men of great power around the table. But when the Lion entered the room, they all just stood like statues and shook. I saw the Lion put both paws up on a large oval table in the middle, and as He did, the entire table top just flipped complete over. “I heard the tables are turned on them.”
Again, I heard, “I’m not done yet.” I saw the Russian flag. I saw the sickle and the hammer come apart. The hammer pounded on the sickle til it was like a straight line, like it turned into a measuring rod. Then Yeshua took the hammer to Lenin’s tomb and pounded it to dust. And then it hit the top of their govermental building in Moscow, like at the top steeple in the middle. I saw the leaders rushing out, and looking up. I heard, “Justice has come for the church in Russia.”
I asked Yeshua about Africa. I’m finally getting a clue, right? I heard, “I’m not done yet.” Then I see the Lion off the coast of Africa at the top, and I feel great compassion in His heart. I see an image of Heidi Baker and many other leaders of the church in Africa. He takes His paw swipes it across the water and a tidal wave of water rushes over all of Africa beginning at the top down, but it’s more like golden glory. I was concerned at first for more flooding in the natural, but as this water went over the land, the land become lush green, and full of life. I saw South Africa highlighted in gold especially, Then I saw glory lights all over Africa, and it all joined together and became one great light.
Of course, I’m wondering about America and Israel. He had kept telling me, “Wait. I’m not done yet.” J
So, we end up in front of the White House. And as we stand there, it’s like the whole top of the house is laid bare and you can see everyone and everything, even down into the lowest basement. I hear, “I’m exposing everything.” I see people running for cover, some afraid. But then I see President Trump, come out and stand in front of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He then goes down on both knees and is weeping, His face to the ground. I hear, “Rise up my son, and rule well.” It wasn’t like He was a king though, I saw Him then in a crown and robe. It was more like Him in His sonship authority.
President Trump turned around to face the White House. I heard Yeshua tell Him, “Set the Captives Free and bring justice.” In his right hand was placed keys, and in the other a gavel. But then this was funny, Yeshua also laughed and said “Clean House.” And I saw President Trump and all of His cabinet and staff with mop buckets, mops, and gloves on. They all looked like a cleaning service, like maids. Very funny. Then the Lion went to the center of the mall. Again, He said, “I’m not done yet.” He began licking up the water in the pool in the middle, and then He thumped His paws on the ground. When He did the ground began to quake, and surge like an earthquake. The monuments began to shake, like everything to the foundations, and things were breaking and falling, but the structures still held. He again said, I’m not done yet, and He went to the Capitol, and He walked into Congress. I saw what looked like a Spirit of Jezebel, but I also saw Nancy P. and others in the Congress. He just walked in and interrupted the session. Nancy P. was defiant and others standing around were scared. He again, He just picked her up and shook her like a ragdoll, and very powerful men were around and they just shook and began to run away. Then I saw that same wave that hit the U.S. Constitution began to flow all over our nation, and destroy major strongholds across our nation.
Honestly, at this point, I got so excited, and felt like we were done. Plus, my throat was hurting really badly, so I got up and took some stuff. Totally forgot about Israel until I sat down to write this. Then again, I heard with a laugh, “I wasn’t done yet. You forgot something.” Immediately, I saw us standing at the Dome of the Rock. Again, I saw the Lion first lick all around the base of the Dome, and then I saw where He licked, He began clawing at the ground, then all of a sudden with one paw, He lifted the entire structure of the Dome of the Rock up and placed it in a nearby land. He said, “I’m reestablishing My Kingdom here.”
I kept expecting to see some kind of new temple come down from heaven of something, but then I heard, “This is not an earthly establishment, nor anything like what you have seen before.” Instead I saw like a golden shaft of light from heaven hit the freshly dug up ground, and I saw a huge golden cross in the middle of the shaft. As it shone, people began running and flocking to it. Then I saw the Wailing Wall, and I saw in golden graffiti across it, “Yeshua”.
I also asked Him about the timing of Antichrist, like the mark of the beast etc.. Of course, He didn’t answer me directly, but I saw a large clock again. And I heard, “The enemy has been trying to push the time forward.” The clock hands were at ten til midnight. Then I saw two large hands come and hold the clock hands in place. I heard, “It’s not His time yet. It’s mine.”
Then, that was it.


The dream of Penny Velie on August 22, 2020


First, let me begin by saying that I know what my spiritual gifts are and I know what they are not.
I am not given to prophetic dreams and visions but early this morning ( Shabbat 8/22/20), I had a vivid dream.
I was at a political event where President Trump was to speak. We were outside and I could see him a couple of hundred feet away talking to a small group of people. He looked up and immediately our eyes connected. He motioned me over to him. As I approached him I could see he had on a black dress overcoat and a suit and tie. When I got closer, I could see he was pale, diaphoretic, and sweating profusely. As a healthcare professional, I immediately started assessing his appearance. He seemed to know what I was doing and he said, “ Come, follow me, don’t say anything.”
We went into a building where he asked me to help him remove his overcoat. By now he was sitting in a fold out chair and flinched with every movement. At this point, I had grabbed his pulse which was thready and I knew he was in shock.
He loosen his tie and asked me to help him remove his suit coat. It was then that I saw the blood. I started to look for a bullet hole in his coat and saw none. I asked, “Mr. President, have you been shot?” He shook his head, no.
When I stepped around to his back, I saw his shirt was ripped and shredded and that was the origin of the blood. As I helped him remove the shirt, I was shocked! His back looked like 3-4 inch stab wounds. They were about a half inch deep. They were not random, as going in different directions, but rather they were uniform, equi distant, and his back was covered from shoulder to waist. While they were more than superficial, they looked non life threatening, and none seemed to be affecting any vital organs. I was trying to assess what could inflict this kind of damage. I quickly ruled out a knife. They looked suspiciously like machete wounds, I had seen many times on the mission field in Haiti and Latin America. As I started to clean the wounds and figure out what needed suturing, the Lord told me these are not machete wounds. They are wounds from talons. Specifically the large talons of predator birds like vultures.
Then the Lord told me, “President Trump has been under unusually severe attack this passed week. The attack started with the announcement of the Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE. The attack steadily grew during the Democratic National Convention and the death of Robert, his brother
was the final assault.”
The Lord told me “ President Trump has been granted a “rhinoceros hide” to deflect normal vitriol and lies but this past week, the Enemy has found a weakness in that hide and has taken advantage of it with ungodly assaults.”
I asked the Lord, “ What should I do? How can I help?”
He showed me the people who have been praying for the President. I saw all kinds of prayer groups. Senior citizen centers, school aged kids, college kids, business leaders, I saw police officers, blue collars factory workers, I saw black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, I saw Jews, Baptists, Catholics, Pentecostals, Amish, Mennonites. I saw bikers, good old rednecks, military men and women, pastors, preachers, Rabbis. In other words, I saw the fabric of America praying for President Trump.
Then the Lord said, “You must get into “ lock step, and be “shoulder to shoulder” in your prayers.
You must see yourselves as the army of God, marching as to war. Because this is a war unlike ever planned for a US President to intentional destroy him and the country he loves.”
Please, please heed this dream. Do your part, gather your prayer teams, and families. Cover our President day and night with prayers of protection, wisdom, guidance and direction.
President Donald J Trump has been called for such a time as this ... and so have you and I.



“Brace Yourself” – Pastor Dana Coverstone Was Shown What Is Coming In The Months Ahead, And His Video Is Spreading Like Wildfire

June 28, 2020


What Pastor Dana Coverstone has been shown about the future of America is really shaking people up, and it confirms what so many other prophetic voices have been shown over the years.  In Joel chapter 2, we are promised that the Lord would pour out His Spirit in the last days.  Specifically, we are promised that there will be an outpouring of dreams and visions, and that is precisely what we are witnessing.

Right now, everyone is talking about Pastor Dana’s video.  It has gone viral on Facebook and on YouTube, and earlier today I had numerous people strongly urge me to watch it.

So I watched it, and I came across extremely impressed with Pastor Dana.  He is very humble, he is very credible, and I believe that he is handling what the Lord has given him the right way.

Everything that he was shown in these dreams lines up perfectly with what the Lord has been showing other prophetic voices, and the events of the first dream that he was given in December 2019 have already come to pass.

With that in mind, I would take what else he was shown very seriously.

Earlier today, my wife transcribed the first 12 minutes and 42 seconds of this video, and as you read this transcription I think that you will see why this video is spreading like wildfire…

This is Dana Coverstone.  I’m a pastor. I’m a husband, I’m a father. I’m a patriot I love this country.

I can confirm the first part of what I’m about to tell you because I told some men at a prayer group back in December.  2nd or third week of December. I’m going to share three specific dreams that I’ve had recently. Going back to December.  Two that I’ve had this week both, both Monday and last night ( Monday and Tuesday night).

I believe number one they are prophetic.  The first one that I have had has come explicitly true based on the events of March to June, the month which we’re living.

I do not claim to be a prophet by any means. I understand though that some dreams and visions by their nature have a prophetic tendency to them. I do believe I’ve seen things. Both that have happened as relevant by the first dream that I had, and things that I’ve seen recently. So you can take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt, you can pray about it you can think about it.

But I believe that I have a warning for the country. A warning for rural America.  A warning for America overall.

Here’s what happened:

Back in December I woke up, I had a dream. In that dream I saw a calendar. Starting January 2020.

It was being flipped.  I saw January,  I saw February,  I saw March.  When March came up the hand held it and I saw the thing of finger underline the month of March, and the tap it three times.

So underline the month of March, tapped it three times.

So to me it was emphasis, something’s going to happen in March.

Then I saw April, May, June. When June came, the hand underlined June again and tapped it three times.

Then, in the vision I saw people marching, I saw protests. I saw people wearing masks, I saw lines going into hospitals. I saw typical medical doctors with needles or syringes, I saw people on ventilators I saw people who were very, very sick, very, very ill. I saw newspaper headlines trumpeting thousands of people getting sick. I saw ambulances, just flying down roads, and then I saw cities on fire.

I saw buildings being burned. I saw protesters with masks. I saw people who had their fists in the air, people who were yelling and screaming angry at just at the world. I saw courthouses,  I saw state houses surrounded.  I saw people who were mad at the world. I saw I saw guns shotguns specifically put in the air, held like this, (showing above his head) and I saw barriers within cities.

I told several men in my church about this and I can confirm who those men were and they’ll confirm what I’m telling you is what I told them.

I saw absolute chaos and the other thing I saw was vultures flying over large cities, not just the ones that were burning but I saw those was flying over the cities, and I saw smoke rising and I saw I saw people, fearful I saw people terrified I saw people inside their homes, is looking at the windows, the crimson windows with guns in their hands because it was absolute fear.

Then I heard the words. “Brace yourself. Brace yourself”.

So since December I’ve been hearing those words. ” Brace yourself. Brace yourself.”

January, February came, it didn’t seem too much. I reminded the men of the dream and then in March term COVID-19 hit and things started shutting down. Churches were shut down, business were shut down, the economy shut down.

Then we began to see the protests, starting in March, in May in Minneapolis and those things began to go on. So where we are at the end of the primary election here in Kentucky. Now there’s talk of more shutdowns.  I just heard the governor talk about schools opening back up and things of that nature.

The things that I saw in a dream, vision back in December, are the same things that I watched in the news almost every day since March through June.

All of this time I kept hearing “brace yourself brace yourself”.

I spent time in prayer,  I spent time in the word – I’m a pastor.

And it’s not just my job it’s something that I enjoy doing. I love doing and I’m very interested in the news around the world. I read 40 newspapers a day from all around the world. I keep up with news in other parts of the nations, better because sometimes….it’s hard to know who to trust.  I get news from all over the world, all around the world from both liberal and conservative sources. I’m very well read and very understanding of how nations work, and I travel quite a bit.  I’m not just making these things up I can confirm what I have said.

With that in mind, on Monday night I had another dream.

It woke me from my bed.  I made notes about it.  I shot some video of myself just making sure to remember.

Here’s what I saw.

I saw a calendar. Start with the calendar. As I was having this, the calendar was up, a white figure appeared.  To me, it was a representing God the Holy Spirit, something pure, something righteous, something true, something Holy because there was nothing sinister about it.  Nothing evil, but I heard the voice say, “part two, part two”.

I saw June, go, I saw July. I saw August, and then I saw September, and I saw the finger underneath the word September and I like like emphasizing it and tap the three times.

Then I saw October come up, and then I saw November and this is when it got real to me in the dream.  I think the intensity for me…  when I woke up my heart rate was about 180.

So that was Monday night, and I woke up not feeling very well at all I was up during the night not feeling well.

But anyway,…  The minute the finger underlined November three times instead of tapping it, I saw a fist ball up and it hit the calendar.

And literally, the calendar exploded into the wall, the numbers seem that they were 3d and they were falling everywhere.

There was a cloud of chaos that started in there. The next thing I saw was I saw I saw armed protesters. I saw fighting in the streets, I saw people pummeling one another.  I saw businesses shuttered and shut up.

I saw schools close. I saw school rooms with cobwebs hanging in them and like things like papers falling off the wall and posters…  like no one had been in them for months.

I saw banks.  Bank buildings with the roof being taken off.  It looked almost that alien abduction because money was flying through the roof into some type of like a vacuum cleaner.  It sounds kind of strange, but I was watching wealth, just being taken. I saw politicians in back rooms, making deals with people. Patting people on the back and laughing and smiling and smirking.

I saw monuments.  I saw Washington DC, burning. I saw Washington DC blazing. I saw fires, everywhere. I saw people being rounded up. I saw Chinese and Russian soldiers on the ground.  The Russian soldiers would tell the Chinese soldiers to go “pick up these people”…” secure this quadrant”….” secure this area”…  I saw blue helmets of the UN.  I saw a military things taking place. I also saw no sign of President Trump. I saw no sign of leadership in Washington DC.

The vultures that I had seen were like gargoyles.  They were 10 feet off the ground…. 10 to 15 feet off the ground.  They were just attacking people mercilessly. I saw people hiding in their homes and garages. I saw churches, being burned, I saw homes, being burned.

I saw absolute chaos.  The fist punch on the November of 2020 is what got my attention. Then I heard the words again. ” Brace yourself, Brace yourself. Brace yourself.”

That has been something that I have heard for almost, almost seven months now.  Starting, …  once we get to July, it’s gonna be seven months.

I’m not claiming to be a prophet I’m not claiming proclaiming … just, … let’s see what happens in November,… through November and see if I’m right about this. But I know when I hear God’s voice, I know, I know what God’s voice sounds like to me.  I know when He speaks. I know when I had a dream that I know is Him.  The things that I am saying, I don’t say this to scare people but I say this to warn people that there are some pretty sinister things coming down the pike, and not just for the lost but for God’s people as well.

The second dream I had last night,… It woke me up.

In this dream. We just had a yard sale to help fund team going to Ecuador this next year.

We had a yard sale.  I had asked our secretary to get some change for that for that yard sale. So, in the dream that I’m having, .. I walk to the bank. I walk into the bank to get some change.  On the door, it says there’s no change available.

I saw the sign and registered in mind.  I walked on in, and the president of the local bank was at the teller station. She was taking care of business.

And I said, I need to get $10 in quarters for yard sale and she said, I’m sorry, but the US Mint is no longer making currency or making change… ( like pennies nickels dimes quarters half dollars), “We’re not doing that anymore”,

“well what do you mean”

She said, … ” they stopped doing it” 

I said, “Well, how am I going to be able to charge $1.50 for anything ?

She said, ” prepare for hyperinflation and just charge $2 “

Then she said to me in the dream… Oh by the way, $1 and $5 bills will follow soon after that.

Then I heard those words. “Brace yourself. Brace yourself. Brace yourself.”

I wrote these things down.

I have never gone on video and recorded the dreams that I’ve had and I hesitated to not do the one I had back in December, but everything I saw in that dream in December, came true between March and June when in the dream I was shown March through June.

I don’t think I would be doing anyone a service if I don’t show what I saw in these dreams and visions.

I believe that we’re going to see not just going to see a second huge wave of Covid between September, October, November.

We’re going to see major things with the elections,…

We’re going to see major chaos in our country.

We’re going to see troops in our cities.

We’re going to see the protests get even worse,

We’re going to see buildings burn.

We’re going to see which can only lead to civil war in this country.

And so for my friends that are believers, … I’m just going to show that what I think you need to hear.

First of all, you need to be preparing food.

Make sure you’ve got alternative forms of currency like silver or gold or whatever.

I believe you need to have an ample supply of both guns and ammunition. That’s not just the Second Amendment fan of me coming out, that is the things that we’re seeing.  They are talking about defunding the police. That means one thing … you’re on your own a lot of areas.

I also believe you need to be praying like you never prayed before.

Make sure your family knows what’s going on,  where you are have some sort of communication between your family about if certain things happen if certain things go down.

I’m not saying, get off the grid, and I’ve never ever said anything like this in my church. I have said I believe that this could happen but I’ve never done what I’m doing right now.

I’m telling you that between September and November of this coming year.  And by the time we get to November and nothing’s happened …  man you call you call me on this and say .. you are an absolute idiot and a fool for saying those things.

Go right ahead.

I realize I’m responsible for what I’ve spoken. I also know what I sense and I know the Holy Spirit’s voice enough to know that what I’ve heard.

I believe is going to happen.  What I heard in December happened between March and June.

– Translation ended at 12:42 in the video.

A couple of days after initially posting his video, Pastor Dana detailed the overwhelming response that he has been getting to that video on Facebook…

This is one of the most important videos that I have seen in a long time, and I encourage everyone to share it as widely as you can.

I believe that the reason why God is giving His people so many dreams and visions right now is because He wants us to sound the alarm. Time is short, and we only have a limited amount of time to share these things with others.


An End-Time-Vision by Joh. W. Matutis

While trying to prepare my message, the Lord showed me a vision.
I saw a large pasture with very many sheep. All of a sudden, from every direction and from all over, came wolves upon the herd, mixing themselves amongst the sheep. Neither the shepherds nor the shepherd dogs (of utmost importance) sounded any alarm.
They lay on the floor as if hypnotized.
There was just a bit of panic within the herd.
The sheep did notice that something was wrong, but they took no serious note of what was happening. They just continued grazing in a relaxed manner.
The shepherds and the shepherd dogs on the other hand noticed nothing.
As I observed closely, I saw the wolves, which had fangs like
snakes in their mouths, tweak (pinch or prick) the sheep on their buttocks.
These twitched briefly, and then continued their relaxed grazing.
After a short while, the wolves ran from the herd, withdrawing themselves again into the mountains, without having stolen a sheep or inflicted any visible harm on them.  

On seeing all these things, I thought to myself. ‘This is not at all possible, that wolves would come amongst sheep and not harm them. This is out of character! Then as the wolves left the sheep, I saw all of a sudden the leader of the wolf pack, together with his whole wolf followership on a high cliff. It was like a great beast; a monster.
Then the wolves began to howl and yelp.
The shepherd, shepherd dogs and all the sheep were terrified, shivering and shocked.
And the leader of the pack began, like a demon, to speak with a deep human voice. “My dear shepherds, dogs and all my dear sheep. You now belong to us.
We have you completely in our hands.
We were amongst you, without your noticing anything. We worked amongst you in disguise. We even inoculated you with a "serum" that makes you now ours. You are all, as at now, bearing our “mark”.
We have also inoculated you with our spirit and data, without your having been aware. There is now no more escape for you. The whole flock is now under our control.

I then said in my spirit “No! The Lord is my shepherd. I will have nothing to do with the devil and his demons. I will not have them as my shepherds”.
Then spoke the leader of the wolf pack even further with a sneer on his face, saying “the sheep here ate and slept. Your bellies and welfare was more important to you.

Now hear what this demon said to me very clearly: We have now come to take revenge for our man of the Gadarenes. (See Mark 5:1-17) Back then, your Lord cast us out of him, and we had to flee into swine and spring into the abyss.
Now though, we have recovered and are strong enough to leave our cursed dwellings again. We have therefore returned from the abyss to take revenge against him (Jesus) and his works. These sheep all grazing here have been infected by our demons from the abyss. They can no longer escape.
They belong to us absolutely.

I was shocked!
Here, God spoke to me saying ‘my son, every person will be asked to compulsorily take immunization against the swine flu in the next few days.
This is a disguise. They will in the process be infected with demons from the abyss; all who do not have my spirit and my seal upon them.
Yes, it will be such that that they will receive a deadly spirit inoculated into them. This will allow the wolves do with them what they like.
Whoever does not follow them, antagonises or stands against them in any way, will be eliminated at the touch of a button.

For such will there be no more escape from them.
Yes it is true, my son says the Lord. These cursed spirits will arise again out of the abyss and return through the ‘swine’ to continue their mischief amongst the people who neither know nor follow me. I however, with my church will do same as then. We will depart from that area. So will those demons
from the abyss exterminate one third of humanity.

Then said the Lord to me further.
But you, my children, who follow me, must be bold and brave, and say NO!
Do not allow yourselves to be pricked and inoculated.
You must consistently trust me.
I will take you with me to the other shore, and we will continue there.
For you my children, life goes on quite normally.
You are my sheep. You hear my voice and follow me. And I send you as sheep amongst wolves. Warn all my children and all men of good will against this worldwide compulsory inoculation. It appears harmless. It is not!

It is more the return on the ancient demons of the abyss. Warn everyone!
Even when you are termed “paranoid” and “terrorist”. You are my children, and my people. You are holy. You should therefore have no other ‘stigma’ in your bodies. Your body is a temple for my holy spirit, and not a secret dwelling for demons, which had been cast out by me, from which I delivered you, says the Lord.
I am passing on this message as it was given me.

Dear friends, we are right in the end times. Watch quite carefully, what happens to you and your children. The devil is, and remains a liar. And he has no good intentions.
 I was shaken, when God showed me this vision with the swine, in connection with the whole thing about immunization against swine flu.

The believers are about to undergo the end times test, where will be shown, whether we have enough resistance power, enough to say NO.

You are not defenceless. God gave you his Holy Spirit and the whole armour (see Ephesians 6: 16-17). These you will now need and must soon make use of.

If you are not yet a true child of God, repent! Be baptized and be filled the Holy Spirit, so that the seal of God will be upon your life (Ephesians 1:1,13, 4:30 and Revelations 7:3&4) and you cannot be touched for the devil.


The prophecy by prophet Charlie Shamp on August 27, 2019

I decree and declare that just as Elijah overtook and outran the chariots of Ahab by the acceleration of God's hand upon his life so, too, will you accelerate to outrun everything that has been sent to destroy your life.

What God will do with you will be undeniable and unmistakable. They will say of you, "What has happened to them can only be the hand of Almighty God!" For the hand of God is the hand of supernatural acceleration!

I decree and declare that from this day forward you will no longer walk at the speed of the natural but run by the supernatural power of God. I speak as a man of God and say that your business, family, finances and destiny will no longer move at natural speed. You will go from realm to realm with supernatural ease in this season.

Watch for the Signs

I heard the Lord say, "Son, say to My people that the least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. For I am the LORD; in its time I will do this swiftly.

"Tell My people to watch for the signs; yes, watch the shifting of major tectonic plates in the earth as I shift My Body into a fresh move of the Spirit. Yes, watch the eruption of a volcano in this time as a sign of the fire of the Lord being released on the earth, for My cleansing fire is flowing from the mountain of God and it will not be contained.

"I Am Raising Up My Hidden Ones"

"I am raising up My hidden ones, My holy ones, My separated ones, My anointed ones! They will come out of hiding. They will come out of the eagle's nest in this hour. In a desert land I found them, in a barren and howling waste I saw them. I shielded them and cared for them; I guarded them as the apple of His eye, like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them aloft.

"I the Lord alone led them; no foreign god was with them. I have made them ride on the heights of the land and fed them with the fruit of the fields. I have nourished them with honey from the rock and with oil from the flinty stone. They will come forth in this hour as pure vessels to be used by Me to shake the earth with heavenly decrees.

"Fix Your Eyes on Me...a Mighty Rushing Wind Is Coming Your Way!"

"My council has been set; My rule has been revealed to those that have heard. Trust not in the horses or chariots of men, but fix your eyes and trust on Me, for I will move in a mighty way. A rushing, mighty wind is about to come your way. While the nations rage and many speak vain things, My Word is truth and will not fail you.

"Listen not to those that say it will not come, but come to the table on bended knee to feast and live in liberty. For if My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."


"Powerful Dream Given to Our 7 Year Old About COVID-19 Ending!"

Will Ford, Dallas, TX


Every day in our family prayer times, both of my young boys (ages 5 and 7) pray for the coronavirus crisis to end. Lately, they have taken their own initiative to pray for this. Even after they bless their food, they'll pray, "Bless our food, and destroy the coronavirus, in Jesus name, amen." For a few weeks, my response was, "That's cute." But now, I'm starting to believe that God wants to raise up an army of child prayer warriors in the midst of this crisis.

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

Recently, while I was teaching my online class, I overheard my 7-year-old son tell my wife, "Mom, I believe the coronavirus is gonna end on April 30th." Dehavilland said, "That would be amazing, sweetheart. What made you think of that date?" He said, "God told me." When I finished the class, my wife and I asked him to explain how he heard this from the Lord.

He then said, "Well, God gave me a dream last night. In the dream, I saw this huge, green plant which had a crown on its head, and it was squeezing the world. The more it squeezed the world, the more hands or tentacles it grew. Out of nowhere, a lion that had the body of a lamb appeared, and it destroyed the plant and ripped it to pieces. Then a date appeared in my dream: This will end April 30th. And the dream ended."

I was blown away. First of all, my son hasn't heard any talk regarding a date linked to the end of the coronavirus. Neither my wife nor I have spoken about an end date. Also, my son didn't know that corona means crown. Though he didn't know this, my son identified the crowned green plant that was choking the world to be the coronavirus. (Photo via Will Ford)

He didn't know what to make of the half Lion and half Lamb that destroyed the plant, but I interpret it to represent Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Who is also the Lamb of God that passes over us, and cleanses us of our sins. It was the blood of the lamb that stopped Egypt's plague against the Jews, and the Blood is warring for us now in ways we probably can't imagine.

Pay Attention to Your Children's Dreams and Visions

Now, I'd love for this to mean that the coronavirus pandemic will suddenly end on April 30th, but it could mean the beginning of the end of this plague. Or, it could also mean that something significant will happen on April 30th connected to the demonic, ivy-like tentacles of the coronavirus. All I know is I'm contending for my son's dream to manifest. I'm fasting until April 30th and I'm praying through this dream.

I shared this with a few friends, and their children are also having dreams and visions, hearing from the Lord about this coronavirus coming to an end. What if we all engaged our children to pray for an ending of this pestilence? Let's deploy the younger generation to pray for an end of the coronavirus crisis!

I was recently told that it was "praying children" that fueled the revivals of the great awakenings. I believe God is using His children as His secret weapon to not only pray against the coronavirus, but to also pray in another great awakening.

Let's agree together in prayer:

"Oh God, we agree with the prayers of our children; have mercy on us and destroy this coronavirus! Lord, our children have lost grandparents, fathers, mothers, and other family members to this plague. They've been separated from their friends and classmates whom they miss so much. Father, we ask that You answer their cry for the ending of this plague.

"And in the meantime, teach us all to become like little children in the place of prayer. Take our children into a deeper place of intimacy with You, Lord. Thank You for strengthening our families in the midst of this crisis. Surely, we, and the children You have given us, are for signs and wonders (Isaiah 8:18). In Jesus name, amen."

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William Ford III
Will Ford Ministries

Email: Click here

Will Ford is a prayer intercessor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and Emmaus Road Ministry School in Euless, Texas, he is the founder of Will Ford Ministries. Will is the owner of a kettle pot used by slaves in his family for prayer. Forbidden to pray by their slave master, Will's ancestors would pray underneath the kettle late at night to muffle their voices. Turns out that they were not praying for their freedom after all, but the freedom of the next generation.


The prophecy in 1986 by Chuck Pierce about China

In 1986, the Lord showed me China in 10-year increments. He said something then that has never left me, "Starting in 2020, China makes its biggest move toward economic domination worldwide."


The prophecy by David Wilkerson in 1986

“I see a plague coming on the world, and the bars and churches and government will shut down. The plague will hit New York City and shake it like it has never been shaken. The plague is going to force prayerless believers into radical prayer and into their Bibles, and repentance will be the cry from the man of God in the pulpit. And out of it will come a third Great Awakening that will sweep America and the world.”


GOD's M O B I L I Z A T I O N S C A L L !!!!!

 the Lord gave me a very important vision.

I must inform you of them.
Perhaps it is important for you and helpful?

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis, (Berlin / Germany)

While praying this morning, God gave me a vision.
He showed me a great, world-wide “mobilization”

I saw myself strolling along a beach. Suddenly, there sounded a loud boom, which became stronger and more massive.
It was not the noise of the sea or of the wind. It was completely still outside. The sea water was as smooth as glass. The deep booming sound which was like the sound of the mountains about to cave in, a banging sound which
I had up till now never heard in my whole life, came from the other side of the ocean, from far away. It became so strong and mighty, that the earth began to quake and shake. It sounded like the blasting of a deep bass trumpet. I had never heard this sort and depth of bass sound before now.
The whole air vibrated.I holed myself up in the dunes of the embankment, face down, and waited to see what would come out of this natural spectacle.

When the booming refused to stop, and instead became stronger, I saw myself begin to pray in the vision, and to speak with my God. Then I heard a voice saying, “my child, fear not.  That is my mobilization call, a signal, from
the other world. I am calling my people out from all peoples. I myself am shaking the earth and the sea. The sinners and godless will pass away for fear and the fearful expectation of the things which are to come.
Understand, my child, that all these have been initiated by the financial crises. That was just the beginning of ruin. The foundation of today’s society will be so shaken that the people will lose all that they have acquired, and saved up till now.

Every infrastructure and welfare will collapse with time.
Life will be very difficult for very many people.
The general security will get out of control and there will be a proliferation of crime such that life on earth will be massively threatened.
But you, who fear my name will I save from ruin. I am holding my arm of protection over you.

Although not even a silent wind blew, and not even a small wave was seen on the sea, the booming was so mighty, that my heart threatened tostop beating.
Then I thought to myself, “I will now also die”. And then the Lord said to me, “my child, do not fear. You are to live and continue to declare my works.
Arise, go home and tell your loved ones. Let them know that the coming of my son is very close at hand, at the doorstep. I am setting everything in motion in order to take my people home, and I am now stripping them of everything that is holding them back, or blocking them.

As I stood up to obey God’s voice, starting to make my way homewards, I saw very many people, lying in the dunes. They had come out from their houses, racing towards the sea to see and experience this extraordinary natural spectacle. They lay on their faces as if paralysed, exactly as I had lain a few minutes before now. As I passed by them on my way home, despite the continuous distant booming sound, these people called to me saying “you are crazy; you cannot make it home in this situation. It is too dangerous”.
They then buried their heads even further in the dunes, because they feared what would happen next. They no longer wanted to hear or know of anything.

 And then said the Lord to me: “for you, my children, who fear my name, this is the day of my “mobilization”. For you my “sun of salvation” arises, with which I gather my true children, and bring them together.
Go, my son, and tell this everyone you can reach”.

Then I asked the Lord “what shall I tell them?”
“Tell my children, He said”, “they are no longer to occupy themselves with perishable things, but rather, much more with the immortal, the eternal things. They are to seek me and study my word. They should forgive one another, so long as there is still time, and make peace with one another.

They should stop being envious of, and pointing fingers at one another. They should neither accuse nor suspect one another.
Everyone should do what he is supposed to, and can do.
Tell them to free themselves of every unnecessary thing, and to stop fighting spasmodically (intermittently) for their rights. From now on, I will ensure your rights, and provide for justice for you. Great changes are about to occur all over the world, in every area of life. Adjust yourselves therefore and  be prepared. Nothing is going to be as it has been before now...”

The further I moved from the beach, the less of the booming sound I heard, even though I was of the opinion that the sound had become stronger and even more massive. I felt as if I had been secured in a class case.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying “I will bring my children into safety in my own way. You will see everything I will do in the world, which will experience all the “plagues of Egypt” before I withdraw my children unto myself, before Pharaoh releases you forever. My people hold together! Stay
with one another, encourage one another. Soon, you will have made it!”

That was the last thing I took with me from this vision.

As I thought about all that I had seen, and what I should do with it, the Lord spoke to me saying “spread this revelation  I have given you this morning about my “mobilization” overall further to my children, and encourage them to do likewise, for I am at the door (I am coming soon). And tell them,especially my people, that they should be serious about their relationship with me (God), before it is too late....” 


When I got this message, I felt as now the biblical "woe's " begin.
See Revelation 8.13 / 9,12 / 11,14.

Do help me spread this message overall. Send it to your friends and acquaintances. Spread it your churches and house fellowships.
Translate it into other languages.


The spiritual "D-Day“ of our Lord is coming very soon,
and we need to be ready.

Maranatha! Our Lord comes.

Pastor Joh Matutis


The prophecy by Lance Lambert on 
Sunday 18 April 2010, Jerusalem Israel

Do not fear neither be dismayed for that which is coming upon the face of the earth, for I am with you, says The Lord. Nevertheless I have a serious controversy with the nations. They are seeking to divide My Land says The Lord, the land that I covenanted to give to Abraham and to his seed after him through Isaac and Jacob, as an everlasting inheritance. This I will not allow without devastating judgment upon those nations who pursue this plan. I have arisen with intense and furious anger and will not back down until I have destroyed their well being. I will cause their economies to fail, and their financial system to break down, and even the climate to fail them! I will turn them upside down and inside out and they will not know what has hit them, whether they be super powers or not. For I am the only One, the Almighty God and besides me there is none to compare.

Do they believe that in their arrogance they can contradict and nullify covenants that I the Almighty have made? Do they believe that they can change what has gone forth from My mouth with impunity? It is My Word and My decree that has gone forth concerning the seed of Abraham. It will not be changed by man. I and I alone am Almighty. Do not fear!

For this reason a new and a far more serious phase of judgment is commencing. Do not fear, it is I who is shaking all things. Remember that in Me you have peace but in the world tribulation. Trust Me! I am shaking all things so that which cannot be shaken may remain. When all your circumstances become abnormal, discover in Me your peace, your rest and your fulfillment.

In this phase the old and powerful nations will become as if they are third world countries, super powers will no longer be super powers but countries such as India and China will arise to take their place. A great company of the redeemed will come out of these two countries. In all this change, do not fear.

I know your weakness and your tendency to fear, but do not be dismayed at these things. In the midst of all this shaking, this turmoil and strife, there are two peoples that lie at it's heart, the true and living church and Israel. I will use these matters, these events, to purify one and to save the other! Do not fear, above the storms, the shaking, and the conflict, I am the Everlasting and Almighty One. In Me you cannot be shaken, you can only lose what is not worth holding!



A vision by Tom Horn about a huge asteroid hitting the earth in April 2029

Sid Roth here welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. NASA scientists predict a giant asteroid will enter Earth's atmosphere in 2029, could this be the Revelation 8 wormwood prophecy? My guest has important information, natural and supernatural to explain what might be a massive cover-up of end time proportions, interested? Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of Its Supernatural.

SID: I'll tell you what? I've been so looking forward to this specific interview and I'll tell you why. Because 40 years ago this gentleman Tom Horn died and he was given sealed instructions to be released at a future date. Is there a biblical precedence for this sealed instruction?

TOM: Oh, there actually is. Yeah, Job 33 the Lord speaks, ones yay twice, but man perceives it not, in the nighttime, in a dream, in slumbering upon the bed. Then God seals the instructions of the righteous within them to withdraw man from his purpose and to hide pride from man.

SID: I've interviewed many, they get these sealed instructions to be released at a specific time, and the thing that intrigues me so much about Tom Horn, is the fact we've had him on our show before. And we had the high privilege of being the first to release the first of his sealed instructions. It had to do with a Pope resigning, briefly what was that?

TOM: Yeah, so in 2010 this event that has occurred a few times in my life. I go to bed, it's always right around 2:00 AM in the morning and I saw this vivid image, very strange sound that was moving through the Vatican and then I saw darkness rising up over the Vatican and then like that I was awake. As soon as I woke up, I started to write down what I had saw, but instead what I wrote down is Pope Benedict the 16th is going to resign and I even had the date and the year it's going to happen in April. SID: Were you thinking about this? Are you a specialist in Catholicism somewhat? Was it anything on your radar?

TOM: No. I mean we were doing some research at the time into the ancient prophecy of the popes, but there was nothing about Pope Benedict resigning. So we went through 2012 and I was on your program, all this other media, and I'm saying, this is going to happen. He's going to retire in April of 2000.

SID: And by the way, how often does a Pope retire?

TOM: Well, it had not happened in over 600 years and everybody, especially my Catholic friends, were emailing me and they were saying, Tom, you're going to ruin your ministry Pope's don't retire, they die in office, you need to stop saying this.

SID: So the date came and went and it didn't happen. But, what did you find out later?

TOM: So the day came and went and February of 2013 the Vatican, makes this major global announcement. Pope Benedict the 16th has retired from office. Now that same day, the Vatican's media outlet, the L'Osservatore Romano, they gave an interview to the New York Times. People can Google this and read it for themselves. L'Osservatore Romano, published an article, they also published one in the New York Times in which they made a revelation. They said Pope Benedict had actually secretly resigned when he returned from a trip in March, he resigned in March. It was accepted by the Curia in April of 2012 and we had gave both those times, not even knowing for sure what that even meant, right? But, and this had been—the Vatican invented for your eyes only CIA level, top secret security stuff. Right? Nobody anywhere could know anything about this. Now, when it happened that I was right, my phone lit up. Everybody including CNN, right? They were begging me to come on their program and you know what they wanted to know? They wanted to know who was your insider at Vatican.

SID: I hope you told them.

TOM: I did.

SID: Especially those media.

TOM: I did. I told them it was the Holy Spirit, and then they were really confused.

SID: Okay. Well you had another sealed instruction, it was sheer Bible prophecy from Revelation 8.

TOM: Yeah. So this one was the most terrifying experience I've ever personally had, which conflicts with me because you know me Sid, I like to be positive, I like to talk about positive things, I like to be filled with hope. So approximately one year ago now, I went to bed, same scenario, 2:00 AM in the morning and all of a sudden I woke up into this panoramic, what almost like a film that's playing out in front of me and I'm in the middle of it. And what I first thought I was looking at was a giant fiery dragon, deep up in space, moving, undulating like a serpent, racing towards the earth. Then suddenly my point of view changed and now I was up above the object and I could see that it was not a fiery dragon, but rather it was a giant space rock, an asteroid. And the way it was turning as it was moving through the space and the light of the sun, was glistening off of the elements of the stone. It only gave it the appearance that it was moving back and forth.

TOM: Now, all of a sudden I'm back on earth again and now I am surrounded by literally tens of thousands of people and we are on a mountain and we are running for our lives and people everywhere are screaming and begging God to deliver them from what is coming. And I turn and I look over my shoulder and I can see this fiery mountain basically, this giant rock entering into the atmosphere, burning as it comes through the atmosphere, breaking apart as it comes through the atmosphere. A huge part of it strikes the ocean, a huge part of it strikes here and all of a sudden the earth is shaking so violently that none of us can stand up. We're all knocked off of our feet. It was the most horrific thing. I can hear this terrible sound as if the earth is literally cracking, like the mantle of the earth is breaking apart. And now I'm looking back over my shoulder again and this giant wall of water, just an enormous tsunami, hundreds of feet tall coming up over the top of this mountain, and again, everybody's trying to run.

TOM: Then these, what felt like large hands, come down underneath my arms and lift me up into space and now I'm looking down upon the earth. And here's an important part about this entire thing. I'm not a scientist, I don't know what would happen if an asteroid of that size were to impact the earth. But what I saw, I later found to be exactly how scientists describe what would transpire. With the water's boiling beneath this giant burning rock, the aerosol coming up off of that, entering into the upper atmosphere, setting in motion hurricane activity. The second part, hitting the earth, causing a volcano to begin erupting, filling the atmosphere—

SID: So what you saw is what would actually happen, but you didn't have the knowledge—

TOM: No I didn't.

SID: Of what would actually happen from a scientific viewpoint, but you still saw it.

TOM: Yeah. And to use street lingo, it freaked me out, when I started doing the research. It really freaked me out.

SID: But I'll tell you the thing that strikes me even stronger. You heard a name?

TOM: Yeah.

SID: What was the name?

TOM: So as this is playing out, I'm terrified, all of a sudden I wake up and Sid, I almost fell out of bed on my face. I mean, I had cold chills all over me, I'd never seen anything this vivid or terrifying. I start writing it down, but then all of a sudden it was as if a voice, I don't know if this was just in my head or if it was an audible sound in the room, but it was as if a voice spoke and it said one word, Apophis. Now…

SID: Did you know what Apophis meant?

TOM: I knew this, I knew that there was an ancient Egyptian God of the darkness.

SID: I didn't even know that.

TOM: Of chaos. Well, because I've studied mythology, but I didn't really know a lot about it.

SID: Isn't it interesting? At first, you thought it was a dragon.

TOM: That's what I thought I saw, that's exactly what I thought I saw. Now the other thing I knew, and I hardly knew anything about this, was I knew that NASA had discovered an asteroid in 2004 that they named Apophis and that was basically all I knew about it. So because what I saw was literally a space rock, when I got out of bed, I immediately went and started doing research. One thing led to the other, and learned that this asteroid at first was on NASA's radar as being an NEO, a near earth object, that they believed that in 2004 had the potential to impact the earth. They still believe it's possible.

SID: Now this Apophis, this interests me. Why do you believe Apophis is from the ancient prophecy about Wormwood in the book of revelation?

TOM: Well, first of all, I believe in prophecy. I believe in Bible prophecy, I believe this event is going to happen. I did not know that when Revelation 8 was written, where it says a star fell from heaven it's called aster, Asteron is from the dream make asteroid. Yeah, I didn't know that until then and it was a lot of other things that I learned along the way as well. And the bottom line is, Apophis is a real asteroid and here's what they're saying. They're saying it probably isn't going to strike the earth in 2029, so they changed their opinion a little bit. It's still could, they're saying, but here's what they're saying, but it's going to come so close to the earth that it's going to knock the satellites out, that are in orbit around this planet. Now, this is a monster rock and I talked to several astronomers, including a friend of mine that works at NASA and has above top secret security clearance, and plus, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis that works at the Pentagon, put me in contact with an impact specialist, all these scientists.

TOM: And they said, there is no way in the world that you can say that the stone moving 28,000 miles per hour through space that's going to cover tens of thousands of miles before it gets here in nine years, is going to come so close and it's going to knock out the satellites and yet be assured that it's not going to hit the planet. They all said, that's rubbish. It's a cover up. Here's what I believe, I believe it because I saw it. I believe it because what I saw and the way it came to me has not yet one time in my life failed, including the resignation of Pope Benedict against all odds. It has not happened one time yet that it didn't unfold exactly the way I saw it. So I'm speaking from personal experience, but it's been validated by the facts, after the fact.

TOM: So I believe it in all my heart I will look you in the eye and give you a new prediction like I did when I told you the Pope was going to resign and everybody said it would never happen. In April of 2029, and Apophis is going to strike the earth.

SID: Oh, I'll tell you what, Tom has good reasons to believe that this asteroid is a cosmic coverup of end time magnitude. Be right back. We'll be right back to It's Supernatural. [music] [commercial] [music] We now return to It's Supernatural.

SID: You know what you believed from the vision. You know what you believed from the Bible, Revelation 8, but what if an expert in astronomy were to look at Revelation 8. You talked to one. Tell me what they said.

TOM: Yeah, actually I had two different astronomers telling me that I wasn't even reading Revelation 8 correctly, that the first four trumpets are the four stages of a singular event. Trumpet number one sounds and fire falls down from heaven and sets the fields and trees on fire. That's the first debris that's being pushed out ahead of an incoming asteroid. Trumpet number two sounds and a giant stone burning like a lamp falls into the sea and wipes out the ships, and this is a breaking up of a binary asteroid or a giant asteroid, like Apophis. Trumpet number three sounds, and this is the one that's actually named Wormwood that contaminates a third of the Earth's waters and many people die as a result of it. And then trumpet number four sounds and a third part of the stars and the sun and the moon are darkened, which is the result of all, and again, exactly what I saw when I didn't even understand what I was looking at. All this debris rising up into the jet stream, getting spread around the earth and blocking out a huge portion of the sunlight.

TOM: It's all a singular event as a result of an incoming massive stone, which is what Apophis is.

SID: Yeah. Speaking of a massive stone, give me some of the facts about how large it'll be and some of the facts about Apophis.

TOM: Yeah, it was discovered at the Kitt Peak National Observatory, 2004 that's when NASA named it Apophis. It is 370 meters wide or 1200 foot wide or four NFL football fields wide. It weighs an estimated 20 million metric tons. It is traveling—

SID: 20 million?

TOM: 20 million. It's traveling at 28,000 miles per hour, and I'm telling you it's going to hit the earth. Here's what scientists say. If it does, and this is NASA’s experts, if it does hit the earth, mapping, by the way technology tells him, it'll probably come down somewhere around the border of Mexico and California. So a highly densely populated area. Another NASA scientists said, think of it this way, take every nuclear warhead that is on earth today. China, America, Russia, everybody put them in one place and let them go off all at one time. And that's what's going to happen when Apophis strikes the earth.

SID: My goodness. Well, why do you say it's a massive cover up?

TOM: Yeah. Well, so my friend at NASA, he was the one that put me on the trail. They don't want this information getting out any sooner than it's going to. By 2025 people will be able to look up in space and see this with their home telescopes, fairly sophisticated telescopes. Two years after that, they'll be able to look up in space and see it with the naked eye. By that time, there's going to be mass chaos and panic. So right now they're doing mitigation efforts in the background, which we can talk about this as part of Trump's space force, trying to figure out a way that they can stop this from impacting the earth.

SID: Now since this vision, since you've had astronauts and scientists describe what you saw, [how] you look at scripture is very different.

TOM: I really do.

SID: Tell me one scripture you look at.

TOM: Yeah. Like Luke 21:25-28 through 28 it says, and there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars, and that word is asteroid. There shall be signs in the asteroids and upon the earth, distress of nations. That's exactly what I saw, with perplexity they don't know what to do about it. But to finish the verse, the sea and the waves roaring, that's exactly what I saw. Men's hearts failing them for fear and looking after those things that are coming.

SID: And you said we will eventually be able to see it with our naked eye.

TOM: That's exactly right. But then it says this, but then shall they see the sign of the coming of the son of man. And when you see these things begin to come to pass, then lift up your eyes and look up, lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh.

SID: When I heard president Trump say announced that he was creating a new branch of service, the space force, how does this fit in or what makes you think that one of the agendas was this wormwood prophecy?

TOM: I have friends, you have friends, that are around the president, they are prophecy believers and they have been in his ear about this issue and about Wormwood. And so that's part and some of these are Christian scientists who are talking about that, so that's part of it. And by the way, it's a giant umbrella, it's already been funded. The new space force, that's the new branch of the US military. But if you look at the reasons behind it and its funding, it's almost all having to do with near earth objects, asteroids and the mitigation of those asteroids. This has come together very quickly, it got funded very quickly and it is because—

SID: I was wondering why it happened so fast.

TOM: And by the way, to add another element to this, at the national cathedral just last week, they just anointed and blessed a brand new King James version of the Bible and the order is that every commanding officer in the space force has to be sworn into duty using that Bible. So Donald Trump and his administration, they also recognize that there is a supernatural element around this issue.

SID: You believe that this could cause a worldwide turning to God?

TOM: Yes. What I saw was people everywhere on their faces begging God. You know the new Testament says some saved with fear, right? Hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Some people are not motivated until something catastrophic like this happens, but the church has also been asleep. Not everybody, but a lot, and this is going to be a wake up call for people everywhere who will be turning to God. Many of the people in the church. I imagine that your ministry, Sid, is going to use this as the greatest evangelism opportunity perhaps in the history of humankind. It's going to be a great opportunity to reach the greatest, largest number of people because at that time everybody is going to have this on their mind. They're all going to be talking about it, they're all going to be begging God to deliver them. It's going to be a great opportunity. It could literally be what instigates the next great awakening.

SID: Well, Tom, you say based on your study of the Bible that there is a sliver of hope. Why do you say that?

TOM: Well, there is a precedent in scripture, the great prophecy of Joel. You know the great armies of the locusts are going to come over the mountains, but then it ends with God saying, but if you will turn to me with all of your heart and body and soul and mind, rend your heart and not your garments, I will give you a blessing instead of a curse. There is a precedent in scripture. God sends Jonah to Nineveh to tell them in 40 days from now, you guys are all toast, but what did they do? From the King on down, they repented in sackcloth and ashes and God delayed the judgment. I want to say this, I didn't see this being delayed. In other words, I believe that it is possible God is God and not Tom Horn, thankfully, right? It is possible that if enough people, if the world were to repent basically and turn to God, it is possible that judgement could be delayed.

SID: Do you believe that's going to happen?

TOM: No. I believe with all certainty that I could have, that April, Friday the 13th, 2029 Apophis is going to fulfill the Wormwood prophecy of Revelation 8 and it is going to impact the earth.

SID: I know that heaven is real, I know that hell is real. And the descriptions of hell of people that have visited to come back to be witnesses of it's reality, that asteroid is nothing compared to eternity separated from the love of God. I want you to say a prayer and mean it to the best of your ability. Repeat after me out loud, dear God, I'm a sinner for which I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus, the precious blood of Jesus washes away my sins and in your sight I am clean. It's so good to be clean and now that I know I'm clean, I ask Jesus to be my Lord and savior, Jesus come inside of me. Amen.


"Australia on Fire! A 2017 Word of the Lord on the Fires in Australia"

Adam F. Thompson, Adelaide, South Australia

Word from 2017:

In 2017, I had a vision in which I saw the power and lightning of God released over Australia. I saw, as it were, the map of Australia from above, where fire was spread throughout the land. Initially, I thought I was seeing a metaphor for the nation burning under the fire of revival, but the Lord corrected me saying, "No, no! The time is coming in the future when you will see this happening, where the whole nation will literally be burning. When you see this take place, it will be a sign that I am sending the spirit of Elijah."

In 2017, I released this revelation at Field of Dreams Church in Adelaide, South Australia, and also on public media (image above), but it didn't attract much response at that time. However, the vision stayed with me while I was writing a new book titled "The Elijah Invitation." This book has taken two years to produce and bring to publication. My heart was for it to be published in 2019, however, the sheer resistance I've experienced has been of an intensity unparalleled with any of my previous books. Only now do I understand that God allowed that opposition.

Fast Forward to Now

A friend informed me that the Prophet Perry Stone had recently released a prophetic word about a perfect storm coming in 2020 with the spirit of Elijah. That prophecy is coming to pass. This convergence of great fire and the manifestation of the spirit of Elijah is not coincidental.

Please note that I am not saying that this terrible burning in Australia is the judgment of God, but I do believe it is a sign; a using of this natural occurrence to alert people to the supernatural. Through these trying times, I have observed reactions from the Australians involved in the fires. So many are publicly admitting to praying and turning to God during this time.

I watched an interview with a woman who said she had not prayed for years, but on finding herself stranded by an outbreak of fire in her region, she prayed passionately to the Lord.

2 Chronicles 7:14, "If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

I believe what is happening right now is significant for Australia and other Western nations. This is just the beginning. With the manifestation of the spirit of Elijah, the Church will take on a different appearance. It will not be "business as usual" and I don't believe it will look the same to how it is now.

I see the Body of Christ corporately moving in a higher level of supernatural power and authority, priming the hearts of unbelievers to see the truth of God's unconditional love. Through this, the spirit of Jezebel will be dismantled, and the curse of the land will lift (Malachi 4). I believe the floodgates will pour out upon the nations like never before, paving the way for a billion-soul harvest, as prophesied by Bob Jones.

The spirit of Elijah is coming.

Adam F. Thompson, Co-Author of The Divinity Code
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Adam F. Thompson has a remarkable grace to interpret dreams, move in the Word of knowledge and demonstrate the prophetic. Supernatural signs and manifestations regularly accompany his ministry as he desires to see Jesus "magnified" through the moving of the Holy Spirit. He also has spent the last fifteen years doing mission work throughout Pakistan, India, Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Philippines in crusades, feeding programs and conferences. Adam is the author of the "The Supernatural Man" and co-author of the best-selling book "The Divinity Code: To Understanding Your Dreams and Visions" and operates itinerantly through his ministry Voice of Fire.


Why Jesus Can’t Come Back in 2020—But the 2020s Will Begin The End

By Tim McHyde / December 31, 2019

Does Bible prophecy tell us what will happen in 2020? Can Jesus come back finally this year? Or does a prophetic event have to happen first before end-time prophecies can occur? Learn the comforting answer of Scripture from someone who has correctly helped others know what not to expect now thirteen years straight. Plus, find out what tells us we are safe until at least 2026 from the "beginning of sorrows" that Jesus said will lead up to his return...

"What's Prophesied For 2020?"

It happens early every January: a spike in visitors to my website. At the prospect of a new year, "many go to and fro" (i.e., searching "to increase knowledge") on the Internet (Dan 12:4) looking for predictions. With all the prophecy in the Bible, Christians wonder if some of them are about to be fulfilled. The perennial favorites among them are the Second Coming of Christ and the Rapture.

A large percentage of Christians continue to think every year that "this could be the year that Christ returns..." or "...that the Rapture happens." That's not just my opinion as someone who has run a prophecy website since 1999. An Ipsos poll asking how likely certain events were to happen in the coming year confirmed this. According to the poll, here's what percentage of different subgroups of Christians thought it was at least "somewhat likely that Jesus Christ would return to earth in the next year."

46% of white evangelical Christians

34% of Protestants

17% of Catholics

10% of the non-religious

(Note: The phrase "return to earth" used by the pollsters is an unfortunately vague term. It best fits the Second Coming, yet to those surveyed it could have been understood as the Rapture. Nevertheless, as the article will show, it does not matter which one is referred to.)

Why the Poll Results Blindsided Me

When I heard the results of that poll back in December 2006, I was surprised. I had not been expecting so many Christians to think it was still possible for Jesus to come in the next twelve months. Here are two reasons why it blindsided me back then thirteen years ago:

Even before 2006, there have been many years of failed expectations for Christ's coming ("Y2K"/2000 being the biggest one up till then). Pretty much every year since Christ left, people have been hoping or predicting he would return with no show. Why would anyone expect it imminently anymore after so many failed hopes?

Back in 2006, I assumed that more Christians were aware of some basics of prophecy as I had known since my teens. For example, Paul wrote that Jesus cannot return to gather us to him until the "man of sin" (Antichrist) takes over "first" (2Th 2:2-4). Certainly, I thought, most Christians know that this "Great Tribulation" of the Antichrist they heard of must arrive before the Second Coming? Not so...

In other words, I was a bit naive =). The poll helped to fix that by learning how blessed I was to be exposed to the history of rapture predictions and key NT verses about Christ's return. I had been in a bubble, in a way, as a person who has studied prophecy and helped those also interested in the topic away from the greater Christian audience who mostly never receive any teaching on prophecy. In fact, I would say most Christians have never even read Revelation because it frightens them. Finally, while I hear about every popular prophecy prediction each year from readers who ask my opinion on them, most Christians hear nothing of them except when they go up on billboards across America as Harold Camping did in 2011.

My Response to the Poll?

After better understanding this Christian blind spot on end-time prophecy, I wrote an article to help. It was the first version of this article called "Why Jesus Can't Come Back in 2007." The title was designed to get people to stop and pay attention. In it, I explained why it was impossible for Jesus to come back in 2007 based on what Bible prophecy literally says. I covered the many missing prophetic events that have to come before not just the Second Coming, but also the Rapture (see below for the list).

Most readers thanked me for shedding needed light on this confusing subject, but some were miffed. For example:

"Aren't you claiming to know the day or hour that Jesus said we can't?"

"How dare you claim to know such a thing, as if you're God?"

"You're a terrible person for saying this and dashing people's hopes." (People hate buzzkills!)

I learned from all that, too, something that I notice most of my readers have not picked up on about their church peers yet: not everyone delights in the truth. Paul explained this in his warning about why people get deceived by the Antichrist in the end time:

2 Thessalonians 2:9-11 — 9 The coming of the lawless one [Antichrist] will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, 10 and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11 For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie [that the Antichrist is God - 2Th 2:4].

In the past couple years, I've become convinced that "those who are perishing" refers to not just non-Christians but also Christians, "few" of whom are saved according to Jesus' warning  This happens because Satan deceives the whole world (Rev 12:9) including Christians (Mt 24:4-5), most of whom want to be left in their comforting reassurance of salvation rather than investigate Revelation's warning about deception (had they read it). If you burst someone's bubble, they may become very "unchristian-like" on you, just as Jesus warned about truth-telling (Mt 7:6).

If you have "received a love for the truth" that is above your desire for reassurance and acceptance (which truth-loving and -seeking will cost you), then read on to learn what most Christians are misunderstanding about end-time prophecy...

My Track Record of Proclaiming "The end is not yet" (Lk 21:9) and the Legal Requirements Behind That

Nothing prophetic happened in 2007 just as my article argued from Scripture. It was not much of a gamble to publish that claim. The numerous prerequisite events (listed below) could not have possibly been completed in such a short time. It was as safe as stating that the moon will not descend to earth. Just as it would take some major new force or event for the moon to descend, likewise Jesus is not descending here until certain unprecedented events happen. The requirements for both events were and are simply still not present.

As history consistently shows, the real gamble is stating when Jesus will come back or the year of the fulfillment of any other Biblical prophecy, for that matter—unless you have a prophetic revelation from God on that, like the Biblical prophets were known to receive. (When it's not speculation or Bible interpretation but the Word of God then it's not a gamble.)

After that year passed, I updated this article and went on record again for the next year, 2008. I knew that Christians would again expect or predict the Second Coming for that year. I also knew that just as with 2007, the requirements were not present and it would not and did not happen. Every year since then I have updated this article to let people know that the requirements for Jesus to come back that year are simply not present:










20 16...





That's thirteen years so far of going out on record that Jesus will not come back in the next year.

Why point this out? Am I just "tooting my own horn?" Wasn't I just lucky?

No. Really I point to my track record to help people who are looking for a different approach and answer in this area than is typical of prophecy researchers out there. The vast majority of prophecy experts either:

Make "invented prophecy" predictions that always fail (because they are invented, or read into one or more verses) whether they are specific or vague ("something big will happen")...

...or claim we don't have enough information to know if Jesus is coming in the next year or not. These views keep the church in alternatively fear and anxiety or confusion and ignorance.

In contrast, I have consistently gone on record that popular predictions won't happen and I have shown how we can at least rule out Jesus' coming in certain years, especially in the short term. For people trying to find someone worth listening to on prophecy, a distinction like this is very helpful to note.


Jesus predicted that he will tell many sincere believers to basically "get lost" instead of welcoming them into the Kingdom. So...who are they and what did they miss or do wrong? In this study, get those answers and the one requirement for salvation Jesus taught (that Christianity misses) so that you can make sure you don't hear these dreaded words yourself!

The Secret to My Good Track Record Helps You, Too

What's my secret? And how can knowing it help you avoid being confused or troubled by the invented prophecy predictions made every year about the Second Coming and other prophecies?

My secret




The vision by Lars Enarson in 2006

In November of 2006, I received a vision dealing with some of the things that Kjell Sjöberg had seen.
I was standing on a huge map of Europe. Suddenly, all of the Nordic Countries turned blood red. Then four streams began to flow from the same countries down over the map, through the European nations to Israel.  The streams became wider and wider until they finally covered all the nations of Europe. The Western stream went via Spain to Morocco and then followed the Mediterranean coast to Israel.
The streams were people who carried the gospel with them re-evangelizing Europe. The streams had the color of blood. The task will require the blood of martyrs on the way back to Jerusalem.







The prophecy by Lars Enarson in 1977 about revival

During a time of fasting and seeking the Lord in October of 1977, God spoke to me and said,
“I will send a revival that will be much greater than anything you have ever seen before in history. But it will only happen to the same extent that my people pray.”
He then showed me a revival breaking out in Scandinavia and spreading from there down over Europe.




 FALL OF BABYLON - a VISION by Darren Smith (1 Jun 09) 

The Lord kept me up most of the night bringing 
a word for me to share and to share now. Many times I wait until I have prayed over what I hear in my spirit, but I can't wait to send this word out.        Last night while praying before I went to bed, The Lord gave me a vision that really rattled me. In the vision I saw this land split into four parts with each one under its own flag. Each region had terrible destruction and many people were dead. As I looked over the destruction I was crying and the Lord asked me, "Why are you crying over the fall of Babylon? As a matter of fact, why have you been praying for the healing of Babylon?" In this vision I didn't have an answer and the Lord opened a scroll and started reading off the indictments against our country, but before each one he clearly called the USA Babylon.       

The list was long and to the point, with such points as the killing of several generations of unborn children. Beside this charge He added that these babies had been sacrificed to the god of self. The list also included greed, idolatry, pride, fornication, and many others, so many I could not even read them all.   

As I looked at the list of charges I was overwhelmed and broken by the fact that we live every day in a nation that is so far removed from God and in total opposition to the Kingdom of God, yet we are comfortable here. We have become just like Lot living in Sodom, the prosperity that the nation offers us has blinded us from the evil that rules this land. We complain about how bad it is but still stay attached to it with every ounce of strength we have.       

The Lord told me to look at the nation as He sees it, not through my eyes but through His. I could not look too long before I had to agree and repent of loving Babylon. Once I repented the Lord told me to prepare for the fall as time is running out. I must preach the Gospel of The Kingdom not the Gospel of America... Civil unrest will become common place in large cities first but will spill over into the rural areas as well... Natural disasters will stretch the resources of the nation to the breaking point and the government will use this to take freedom away...  In this vision there was a great wasteland that appeared to be in the center of the nation where everything was wiped out and I saw masses of people wandering without direction. They were dirty and ragged, almost dead and there was no relief in sight.  Most of you reading this think I'm crazy I'm sure, but I must be faithful to share what I'm given to share.       

The Lord told me to cry from the mountain tops to repent and seek the Lord now!! We don't have any more time to seek after the things of this world... We must stop living like we have all the time

 in the world. We must stop crying over the fall of Babylon and press into the Kingdom. 



"A Word for God's Prophets in a Ferocious Battle"

 Lana Vawser, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Lord spoke to me that many prophets have been in a private battle, especially recently. They have been "fighting for their lives" and for their "mantle" behind closed doors. These private battles have left many feeling beaten down and broken. The Lord spoke to me that this word is not a corporate word for every prophet in the Body of Christ; this is a word for those prophets who have been in a ferocious battle lately.

Divine Reset and Extended Vision in Your Life

The Lord showed me that there is a spirit of python that has been coming against many prophets to suck the life out of you, to suffocate you, to break you, to silence you and to completely take you out and hinder you from moving into what the Lord has destined for you just up ahead. There have been intense battles and opposition of the enemy against you to take you out, but the hand of the Lord is molding you and shaping you, preparing you for what you are about to release. You see, the Lord has been depositing things within you in the most broken place. You do not even realize that He has been doing this.

I saw in the place of brokenness and the place of being battle-weary, the Lord is decreeing a divine RESET. All that the enemy has caused – all the trauma, all the fear, all the terror, all the weariness – is about to fall off of you. All of the ailments are about to fall to the ground. All of the issues with your sight are about to be healed.

Any of the places where the vision that the Lord gave you has been stolen, tampered with and confused is going to be reset. The Lord is going to reset YOU INTO THE VISION. You are about to be concreted into His vision like never before. You have been knocked down and broken as you stepped into what He spoke to you, but now the Lord is reviving, restoring and resetting you into it, only this time you are going to notice something very different. In the darkness, in the battle, and in the wilderness place He has EXTENDED the vision.

I heard the Lord say: "NOW I am about to release the vision. NOW I am about to release the EXTENDED VISION – the vision with INCREASE!"

Broken and Stolen Places Completely Restored

I then had a vision and I saw Jesus walking over to each prophet and ministering to them. They wept as He ministered to them because their weariness was deep from the fire. He placed His hand under their chins and He spoke, "You have been found FAITHFUL!" As His word fell from His mouth, it came upon them like honey and oil together. As I watched the honey and the oil from His word pour over them, from the tops of their heads to the bottoms of their feet, I saw that NOTHING was left untouched.

I heard the word "RESTORED!" thundering around me. I heard the resounding promise of Jeremiah 30:17 for these prophets: "For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the LORD, because they have called you an outcast: 'It is Zion, for whom no one cares!'" (Photo via Unsplash)

Healing had happened. An increase of anointing had taken place. All of the broken and stolen places were completely restored.

This is Your Greatest New Beginning

God then spoke again: "Many of you have been in these fierce, private battles fighting for your lives, crying out to Me, 'Lord, this is the end.' But I am decreeing this is your greatest new beginning! Where you thought you had come to the end and could not go on, I have brought you to the place of promotion. For in these fierce battles, I have done things within you and placed things within you that you have not yet seen.

"You have remained faithful in the midst of the fire and I have broken down what needed to be broken down, even while the enemy was attempting to suffocate you, and now you are moving into the greatest promotion of your office and release of your voice upon the earth."

An Anointing like That of John the Baptist

The Lord showed me that this spirit of python has attempted to steal and suffocate the voice of these prophets. Those of you who have been in intense, private battles, you know that your voice has been stolen and hindered because you have been crying out to the Lord about this very thing.

I then heard the Lord say, "The enemy attempted to silence you but you are now moving into an increase of anointing like that of John the Baptist, to prepare the Body of Christ for the revealing of My glory and majesty!"

John the Baptist and Elijah prophets have been hit HARD lately, but that's because the Lord is about to release upon them the most significant, weighty, and anointed words that they have ever received to prepare the Body of Christ for the revealing of His majesty and glory.

Prophets of God, those of you who have been in these private battles: have hope, for your deliverance is nigh and the Lord is increasing the oil of His presence and anointing upon you. Fear and intimidation in the battle has attempted to stop you from moving forward or speaking, but I hear Zechariah 2:5 for you: "'For I,' declares the LORD, 'will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.'"

The fear and intimidation has been intense but the hand of the Lord is over you. There is an increase of angelic hosts surrounding you, and what the enemy has been whispering are lies and WILL NOT touch you or your family. You have been broken down by the battle but the Lord's hand in the brokenness has been forging and forming you. You are the clay and He is the Potter (Isaiah 64:8) and in the midst of the battle you have continued to cry out, "YOUR WILL BE DONE!" Pride, self-promotion, agenda, impurity of heart, judgments and bitterness have been broken out of you. The brokenness has been hard, but what the Lord is doing in the midst of it all is beautiful.

The private battle may have felt like it almost killed you, but the demonstration of His restoration will be seen publicly by all around.

Stewardship of the Heart

Take courage! For in the areas where there have been such an intense, private battle over your voice, breakthrough is upon you and this breakthrough will cause you to forerun and carry the NEW SOUND He is releasing. Unlike any other season before, I feel the weightiness of the fear of God over stewardship of the heart. The people who the Lord is raising up, carrying the new sound, are those who are walking with a purity of heart. They will come out of the woodwork carrying the new sound of the Lord. They have been forged in the fire and forged in the battle, and they walk with one agenda: to minister to Jesus and see His Kingdom established and His glory revealed upon the earth.

"Then the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all flesh will see it together; for the mouth of the LORD has spoken." (Isaiah 40:5) (Photo via Unsplash)

These ones will carry the new sound, releasing it into the earth. It has already begun but it is about to get LOUD. This is why the enemy has tried to "kill" these "John the Baptist" and "Elijah" prophets. They will not be positioned by the hand of man but by the hand of the Lord, and the favor of the Lord will follow them. Where stones of jealousy, injustice, backstabbing and curses have been thrown at them by others in the Body of Christ, the Lord has developed within them a "thick skin" and a "soft heart." They truly pray for those who curse them and bless those who hurt them (Luke 6:28). Where the words of other people have tried to tear them down, the pure Word of the Lord that they will carry will see the hand of the Lord position them in greater favor than before.

You Are Not Going to Die

These prophets will be EMPOWERED by the Spirit of God in ways we have never seen, with the miraculous and mighty demonstrations of His power accompanying the Word of the Lord and the new sound that is coming upon the earth. When these ones speak and decree, there will be a violent shaking in the spirit that will take place and will see almost instantaneous manifestations in the natural.

The enemy has tried so hard to knock these prophets out of the "divine alignment" of God in all that He has called them to walk in, but now they are being restored again, raised up stronger than ever, carrying the new sound and an earth-shaking, ground-breaking anointing for alignment. When they speak, the Spirit of God will move in power and mighty demonstrations, and the divine alignment of God will manifest in the natural.

Prophets of God, in the fiercest, private battles of your lives, you are not going to die. This is not the end. Jesus is with you. He is ministering to you and you have met your point of greatest promotion. You are being reset into your offices and anointings with increase, releasing the sound of His heart upon the earth to prepare the way for the greatest move of God we have ever seen.

The breaker is upon you, don't stop putting your hands to what God has called you to do and speak! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries

Lana Vawser is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and nations, and is featured regularly on The Elijah List and in Charisma Magazine. She is also an itinerant preacher and revivalist who is traveling regularly with her family, seeing powerful moves of God. Lana has a strong, prophetic voice and has a heart to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. She also has a heart to see people set free and walk in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day, awakened to His nature and who they are in Him. Lana is married to Kevin, and they live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with their family.



The dream by Fiorella Giordano on December 20, 2018

"I Saw an Angel Standing Over Dallas and This Is What He Said..."

Fiorella Giordano, Lindale, TX

Dream Over Dallas

On December 20th, 2018, I had a dream where I was driving to downtown Dallas. I was having trouble getting on the on ramp, as my car did not have enough horsepower to get on. I tried to find other avenues of entry but each posed a threat. Suddenly, a mighty angel began to descend from the heavens onto downtown Dallas. He had a fierce and war-like appearance. He was about 100 feet tall. As he descended he turned to look at me, I was facing downtown Dallas hovering over the skyline. He began to decree over me, and I had the strong impression that what he was speaking over me was being decreed over the city. I stood as a sign in this heavenly encounter.

He began to thunder over me and Dallas, and when he did this I was overwhelmed by the authority and the power in his voice. I knew he was a prince warring angel, carrying an impartation from the spirit of prophecy. He seemed to embody the prophecy of God. The more He decreed, the louder his thunder grew. He said, "Your commission has changed. There has been a change in the books and scrolls of Heaven and your commission has changed. And I will not stop until every layer is activated." When he said this I understood that there had been much warfare over the land – over territory in the natural and supernatural. I had this strong impression that even the layers within the earth (the tectonic plates) had to be brought into alignment with the will of God.

"The time for Dallas has come. There are many layers that have to come into awakening in the heart of God's people, in the earth, and in the heavens."

Within the angel's simple words there were also many other things said; I heard them as thoughts that flooded my mind as he was speaking. I understood that delay, on many levels, was going to be dealt with as God was going to be moving, which would override the delay. I understood that it was time for the hand of God to move and that it would move sovereignly. This angel was here because he was fully committed and completely focused in bringing this to pass. I also knew that there was much to what he was saying that I did not comprehend yet. He went on to speak about the American Airlines Arena in downtown Dallas, and how this would be a place of first fruits for a move that would spill into stadiums in the city of Dallas. He spoke of the dome of the American Airlines Center. As he shared about this occurrence, I could see the angelic host flying to and fro from this center. He also mentioned that this was an angelic hub and the covering of his territory.

Manifesting the Greater Works of God

God has marked the city of Dallas with new angelic assignment and new angelic hosts. He has changed the commission of the city of Dallas. Previously, in the spirit, it has been known to release death as we can see evident in Roe vs. Wade and also in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Both of these instances set the tone for the nation, and even the globe, establishing the city as a center where death proceeded from.

The change in commission is a change in its purpose. In the past the prophetic destiny of Dallas was to release life and its influence was governmental, meaning it affected the whole nation and ultimately the globe. Now, the change in commission isn't only to release life or to carry great authority to bring national and international change, its commission is to manifest the greater works of God. I believe this was not appointed for many more years to come, but there has been a precipitation in Heaven that has released Dallas into a new commissioning.

John 5:20 is the commission of the city of Dallas: "For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself is doing; and the Father will show Him greater works than these, so that you will marvel."

Deep Intimacy

The city of Dallas has been given the mandate to manifest the greater works of God. In essence this means deep intimacy. The outworking of that intimacy is great authority and great power, and the fruit of this is the wonder and marvel of God that will captivate the hearts of the nation and a generation with the depth and glory of the heart and hand of God.

I believe as God releases this angel, many who had not been able to move forward in their assignments will find their work empowered by the Spirit and Word of God in a fresh and supernatural way.

This movement in the city of Dallas will carry a grace for the prophetic and angelic realms to manifest in supernatural encounters that will reach the hearts of people in ways that have not been touched before. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

I believe the eagle, which is the symbol of American Airlines, speaks of this prophetic destiny: that Dallas is meant to go into the heights, into the supernatural, into revelation, into perspective, and into vision. Dallas has been commissioned to soar. Worship and the prophetic will spearhead a movement of mass-encounter evangelism.

After this dream I had a series of encounters and revelations for a period of two weeks. In this time, the Lord unpacked the message He sent through this angel.

Dream 2 – the Heart Of David and the Key of David

In another dream, the Lord began to speak to me about the heart of David. God showed me things called the heart lines and the fault lines and how He was bringing alignment in the hearts of His people to His heart. He showed me that the lines in the hearts of His people had to align with lines in His heart. These fault lines did not have a negative connotation. On the contrary, they spoke of facets of the heart – regions that needed to come into correct alignment – the heart on Earth as the heart that is in Heaven.

In the dream I could see David, and he was marked with this unique insight into everything that proceeded from the mouth of God. He didn't know just the words, He knew the depth of those words. There was no limit in his heart. The deepest and most outlandish words from God – things that God could not share with any other person – were like a second nature to David because He knew who spoke them. This was the very root of David's understanding into what we call the prophetic realms of God. It was his intimacy with God revealing itself in understanding. In the dream I knew what God meant when He said that He had found a man after His own heart. David was, first and foremost, a friend of God.

It is this posture of heart that will bring forth the will of God in the city of Dallas, in our nation, and in the earth. It is this posture of heart that will bring forth the greater works of God.

Acts 13:22 (emphasis mine), "After He had removed him, He raised up David to be their king, concerning whom He testified and said, 'I HAVE FOUND DAVID the son of Jesse, A MAN AFTER MY HEART, who will do all My will.'"

As I came out of this dream, the Lord told me to look up the prophecy that Ruth Ward Heflin gave over Dallas; one which I had read and prayed many times before. This prophecy is referred to by many as the EPICENTER PROPHECY because Dallas will be in the center of a move of God that will touch America.

"The change in commission is a change in its purpose."

"I was taken up in the Spirit and shown the end-time revival. One night in Jerusalem, I was carried away in the Spirit and saw the last-day revival. I saw a large platform. It was the deepest platform I had ever seen. I have stood on very broad platforms, but never one so deep. On the platform there were at least a hundred hospital stretchers filled with critically ill people. I knew that they were there because of the miracles that were taking place in the meetings. I saw television cameras and reporters from all of the major networks and knew that they were there recording the great revival. I saw America ablaze with God, and I knew that when the revival had fully been ignited across America, Dallas, Texas would be the center of it." Ruth Ward Heflin (Prophecy transcribed from

As I revisited this prophecy in light of the dream I had about the fault lines in the heart of David, I had the impression that the reference to the deep platform Ruth Heflin saw in her vision was actually the layers and depth that the angel spoke of in the first dream I was given. I also sensed that there was a connection to the tag-line "EPICENTER" and the language that the Holy Spirit chose to use in the dream about the heart of David and the alignment in the fault lines of the heart to His heart.

In prayer, I heard the Lord say that this prince warring angel had been released to bring forth the manifestation of the word Ruth Heflin had released many years ago. The time for Dallas has come. There are many layers that have to come into awakening in the heart of God's people, in the earth, and in the heavens.

Dream 3 – the Host of Heaven

In this third dream, I was taken into the realm of the host of Heaven, and I could see the expanse of the heavens filled with lights. As I watched this, the voice of God began to speak to me. He unpacked even further the revelation He had released in the first dream where the angel spoke to me. God began to speak and say, "The layers that the angel spoke of are the layers of authority in the heavens according to Ephesians 6:12, 'For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of the darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places.'"

What are these layers?
• Rulers
• Powers
• World forces
• Present darkness
• Spiritual forces
• Wickedness in heavenly places

God has released an angelic host to deal with these dimensions as God's people align with His heart, as they put on the whole armor of God, and as they walk according to the word they have been given. God simply requires of us to set our prayers and intercession towards Heaven for the release of the glory of the prophetic promises, to strike the ground with leaps of faith and acts filled with obedience. (Photo via Flickr)

We are not to go and pick fights with these dimensions, that is not wisdom, but rather our very stand in prayer according to the will of God, and our stand in obedience, and our devotion in worship will mobilize these angels to their greatest capacity in this hour.

Dream 4 – the Manifold Wisdom of God

In this forth dream, I saw a woman in the fullness of purity walking on a stage in the heavens. She was walking in a 7-fold light – in the light of the rainbow. As she moved forward, she would manifest this light and every hue in its spectrum. God began to speak to me about the DNA of this generation and the fresh fire that was going to fall upon them. He told me it was going to bring forth a new language for the miraculous because God was going to use the supernatural record of DNA of this generation to give expression to the wisdom of God in the heavens and in the earth according to Ephesians 3:9-10,
"...and to bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the Church to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places."

The woman in the dream symbolized the Bride of Christ in this generation and the light, the wisdom and the glory of God – in her ways, in her steps and in her actions. His light is clothing her whole existence. The 7-fold light also speaks of the 7 spheres of society, like Joseph who had a manifold colored coat that represented the favor over his life but also the influence that he would walk in. I believe that this fresh outpouring of God will awaken the depth of the record of God in the very DNA of a generation. This will bring forth the manifestation of the greater works of God not only in the heavens, but also on the earth; not only in the church, but in the secular spheres. Dallas is the epicenter for the glory of God that will bring transformation to a nation and touch the globe. It is time for this city to rise into its full commissioning. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit of God is saying.

Many of us will join in a 40-day fast March 16 - April 24th to bring our hearts into alignment with the heart of God in order to draw near to Him and to see His greater works filling the face of the city of Dallas unto the ends of the earth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Fiorella Giordano
8th Ocean - Sound & Love in Motion

Fiorella Giordano is a speaker, worship leader, poet, and creative. She functions as Seer, discerning the destiny of different spheres of society, especially Media, Music, Art, Technology, Science, and Government. She carries deep insight into times and seasons and their dispensations over this generation, movements, spheres, and nations. She had a season of angelic visitations in 2011 that marked her life with deep understanding concerning sound, the realms of eternity, creation, and abundant life. Her deepest desire is to see this earth transformed by the manifestation of the resurrection and life of Jesus, expressed in its renewed nature as a new creation. She currently resides in East Texas.


The Prophecy for Trump by Jeremiah Johnson on January 12, 2019



                                    PART 2- POLITICS AND THE WORLD
Donald Trump
God has visited me on numerous occasions in the last several weeks (January 2018) concerning Donald Trump and He continues to remind me of the prophecy I received concerning him in July of 2015 that was also published by Charisma Magazine and went viral around the world. The prophecy God spoke to me was this,
“Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days. Trump does not fear man nor will he allow deception and lies to go unnoticed. I am going to use him to expose darkness and perversion in America like never before, but you must understand that he is like a bull in a china closet. Many will want to throw him away because he will disturb their sense of peace and tranquility, but you must listen through the bantering to discover the truth that I will speak through him. I will use the wealth that I have given him to expose and launch investigations searching for the truth. Just as I raised up Cyrus to fulfill My purposes and plans, so have I raised up Trump to fulfill my purposes and plans prior to the 2016 election. You must listen to the trumpet very closely for he will sound the alarm and many will be blessed because of his compassion and mercy. Though many see the outward pride and arrogance, I have given him the tender heart of a father that wants to lend a helping hand to the poor and the needy, to the foreigner and the stranger.”
 The days and months following the release of this prophetic word in July of 2015 were full of bitter accusation and attack from thousands across the body of Christ. To this day, I still stand by this prophecy I received and gave. I truly believe God has and is using Trump as a type of trumpet in America, but he is like a bull in a china shop and his words must be sifted through in order to hear the truth He is speaking at times.
Then two days before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I received and published another prophetic dream in which a baby with the face of Donald Trump was brought to a church and given to an older woman who was a nursery worker at a church. The woman began to rock baby Donald and sing over him. This is what she sang, “Donald, you have a crooked way in you, but through the intercession of the Church, God is going to change you.” She sang this tune over Donald several times and then I woke up.
Having had a significant amount of time to pray through this dream, I have become convinced by the Spirit of God that there is a tremendous amount of weight and responsibility that now rests upon the Church as Donald Trump has been elected President. Per the dream, Donald has clearly been given by God as a gift to the Church and she must engage in intercession in order to drive out the crooked way that is inside of him. Donald Trump is not the savior of America, and the Church must not go back to business as usual now that he has been elected. In prayer, I heard the Spirit of God say, “The presidency of Donald Trump will be defined by one thing: his character. You must know that his character can be greatly shaped and forged through the faithful intercession and prayers of the Church.”
Pondering and praying through Trump’s presidency in 2018, I received a vision of his right hand that began to turn into an IRON FIST. God spoke to me and said, “Trump’s grip is going to tighten while the liberal agenda loses its grip.” I saw the liberal agenda in America gasping for breath as the Trump agenda (the iron fist) squeezes and suffocates its opponents. I saw desperation, wild accusation, and startling trepidation descend upon Washington. Then I began to see something that both surprised me and caused me to pause. The iron fist of Donald Trump was too much for the American people to bear. The pressure and strength of his grip while at first was reassuring, in the end, it brought great unnecessary destruction. I felt an alarm go off deep within my spirit. God said, “I have raised Donald Trump up for four years as a battering ram and trumpet in this nation, but without a serious sanctification and softening of his heart and words, there will be great trouble and danger that will mark his run for a second term. Even those who were once for him, will see the error of his ways and begin to cry out for his soul. Do not be deceived by the wealth and change that Donald has and will bring to America, for I am after far more than the gifts I have irrevocably given him, I must have his heart so that I can order His steps.”
 The following night after receiving this word, I had a prophetic dream where I saw Donald Trump crawling around on the White House lawn eating grass and acting like an animal. Immediately I cried out to the Lord in the dream and said, God, shall Donald Trump become like Nebuchadnezzar? Shall he become so consumed with his success that he begins to credit his accomplishments to his own strength and power? Will you remove sovereignty from his life?”
 God spoke to me and said, “Donald Trump is in great danger of becoming like Nebuchadnezzar in the years ahead. He will have great success, but the Church must pray for humility and the Daniel Company to arise. Just like Nebuchadnezzar, if Donald breaks away from his sins by doing righteously and showing mercy to the poor, I will prolong his prosperity.” (Dan 4:27)
I woke up from the prophetic dream with a tremendous burden upon my heart. To be honest, I could not believe what I just received. Could the prophetic narrative surrounding Donald Trump completely change without the prayers of the Church, the rise of the Daniel Company, and a repositioning of his own heart? Could Donald Trump have been raised up by God Himself like a Cyrus and bring necessary change to America, but through his own pride, arrogance, and forsaking of the poor end as a Nebuchadnezzar? The answer is: ABSOLUTELY. Saints, this man desperately needs our prayers! God is prophetically warning us now in 2018 before its too late.
While I have not been given permission by God to directly prophesy into Trump’s potential second term, I do sense strongly that there ispotential great danger and trouble ahead for America if he is re-elected. He has currently been granted the “iron grip” that will run its course and fulfill its purpose, but Donald Trump may very well be a type of pioneer or trailblazer that must recognize when His mission is complete and it now becomes necessary to turn the nation over to another that can capitalize on the momentum he helped to start, but do it in a much more wise and tactful way. We must keep praying for Donald Trump and for the purposes of God to be manifested through His life and presidency, but do not be surprised if Donald’s grip and force becomes too much in the days ahead for many to bear. The attacks, plots, and plans against him will become more and more bizarre in the days ahead. I believe God is releasing a very clear prophetic narrative with Donald Trump so that the intercessors, watchmen, and prophets know how to pray and act in the days ahead.
The Daniel Company
I’m convinced through prayer that Donald Trump desperately needs a Daniel Company to arise in the United States that will faithfully give him the word of the Lord and advise him with Godly counsel at strategic times during his Presidency. Donald Trump has and will even appoint some of those in the Daniel Company. God has revealed to me that Sarah Huckabee and Mike Pence are specifically carrying this anointing and have undoubtedly been placed around Trump for such a time as this. On Inauguration Day (January 20, 2017), I gave the following public prophecy in Merritt Island, FL: “Mike Pence will not bow down to Donald Trump, bur rather will stand up to him. I am giving Mike Pence a backbone like never before and he will faithfully deliver the truth to Donald Trump again and again” says the Lord. Then God said “I myself will stand up in the midst of the UN council. Those who oppose Israel, I will oppose. Those who defend Israel, I will defend” says God.
I believe God has also revealed to be that even Benjamin Netanyahu is part of the Daniel Company that is surrounding Donald Trump in an attempt to keep him from becoming a type of Nebuchadnezzar in the years ahead. On December 29, 2016, I gave the following prophecy that was recorded, God says, “Benjamin, though small in the eyes of many men, has gained great favor with Me. I will use him as a frontrunner in the nations of the earth to expose the plots and plans of the enemy. He will be a trusted adviser to Donald Trump and help him navigate through turbulent days ahead. Donald will be a friend to Israel and Israel will be a friend to Donald and America.”
The Daniel Company is also those in the body of Christ who will fast and pray for Donald Trump. They will walk in holiness and the fear of the Lord. They will contend against any pride or arrogance that will attempt to overtake Trump in the days ahead. God will give them clear prophetic dreams, visions, and strategy for the body of Christ on how to pray and what to pray for. They will be a tremendous catalyst and key in the hand of the Lord to turn America toward God like never before. Donald Trump is not the savior of America, but he has indeed been raised up by God for divine purposes and the enemy will attempt to thwart his destiny without the prayers and prophetic intelligence of the saints.

A Vision from the Courtroom of Heaven by Maurice Sklar on December 27, 2018

I had a vision/prophetic experience as I was eating lunch recently. Suddenly a portal opened in the spirit realm and my angel said to me, “You are summoned to come to the Courtroom of Heaven. You are to record the case being tried now, so that God’s people will know the lateness of the hour. You must warn them so that the Bride may awaken and take heed! The time is short!”

I was escorted by two angels to a seat on the left side, down front, of the Supreme Courtroom. There were many hundreds of angels and saints already seated before the Bench. I was surprised how much it looked like our Supreme courtroom in America, except it was much larger. It looked more like a giant arena with thousands of seats ascending up as far as I could see. There were five big leather “lawyer-like” chairs with wings on each side in the front row. They reminded me very much of the kind of chairs my father always sat in behind his desk at his law firm years ago. There were gold-embossed cards on them that said, “Recorder” on all five of these chairs. I must have been the first to arrive, and I was ushered into the one closest to the Bench. I sat down and sunk into this really comfortable chair and was handed a pen and a small scroll. I was curious as I looked at it, for it looked really old-fashioned. The pen was a feather quill with an old fashioned nib like a fountain pen at the bottom to write with. The “pad” was a scroll that was made out of parchment. It would open automatically as you wrote upon it when you got to the bottom of the page. It was kind of like an iPad that looked like a small Torah scroll at the same time. The angel showed me how it worked, it was extremely easy to hold and write on. When I would start to write, it would write whatever I thought of in perfect calligraphy script as fast as I thought it! The nib seemed to just fly over the parchment with ease in my hand. It would write whatever the angel put into my mind from what I saw and heard to record, and then would describe perfectly any other information the Holy Spirit deemed important in an instant as it happened. It was the easiest thing I ever written, it seemed to do all the work without my thinking or trying. I think this must be heaven’s way of court/legal stenography! Most amazing of all, I was writing in Hebrew, and I hardly know the language at all! But, somehow, I understood and thought in fluent Hebrew during this vision. I cannot offer any explanation for this at all.
The angel said, “You are one of five prophet Recorders that have been summoned from the earth to chronicle and witness this trial soon to begin. Just let the pen flow over the parchment and it will be a witness to the proceedings. Then, you will sign it when it is finished, and it will be added to the Eternal Ledger of Legal Proceedings.”
Soon, the other four recorders were seated and shown how to write as I was. I recognized one of them as a current prophet on earth. He was the only other from the Western world. I cannot speak of whom it was at this time and the other three of them were not known to me. We were all different races from different regions of the earth. One was a Chinese woman of great age, who just glowed with the wisdom and love of God. We were dressed in black robes, with red border sashes on the sides and the sleeves. The other prophet/recorder was a lady from Africa who had a headdress that wrapped around her head which flashed rays of light whenever she moved. She spoke and wrote in French, I believe. The fifth was a man from South America. I was given a yarmulka of golden color. It had twelve ruby stones around it. (God called me to wear a yarmulka whenever I minister on earth, so I wasn’t surprised that I had one to wear here). When the angel put it on my head I could feel the weight of it like it was made out of actual metal/gold, even though if felt soft to the touch - like silk.
Everyone finally assembled and a great and beautiful Angel who presided over the courtroom named “Justice” stood up. She seemed to tower over us and was about 20 feet tall! Then angels appeared with long trumpets on either side of the courtroom and sounded a fanfare that ended with a blast. The Angel Justice then shouted with a very loud, but soprano, Voice: “ALL RISE! The Honorable Ancient of Days, The Judge of all Creation, The King of the Ages, The Most High LORD Almighty is Present and PRESIDING!!”
We all stood up exactly at the same time in unison. Then the most awesome sound of praise and worship filled the atmosphere as we all began to praise His Glorious Majesty together. I have never experienced such a sense of awe as the Fear of the LORD filled the Court! It was only then that I could just make out who was seated behind the Holy Bar. There were not nine judges, but twelve. God the Father sat in the middle with six of the Supreme Court Judges on both sides of Him. I somehow knew He was the final deciding vote in every decision. After our praises finished, the Angel Justice , who I now saw was a Lady and not a male Angel, shouted: “Be Seated! The High Court is now is session. She was standing just in front of His Throne. She had a golden gavel and struck a giant crystalline base with it . There was a great thunderclap and lightning flashed out from the gavel base and flew across the room in all directions.
It was only then that I could see the Judges behind the bench. The only Person I could not see the Face of was the Father, but I could see the Throne He sat upon and the outline of His face. He seemed to be clothed in a white blinding light as well. He had a black robe on but had every color of the rainbow flashing out of it. If He moved even slightly, lightning bolts would fly all over the room out of His head, His hands and His feet.
The other Judges to the Father’s right hand were Enoch, Father Abraham , Moses the Lawgiver, David the King,Elijah the Prophet, and Daniel. On the Father’s left hand were John the Baptist, Peter, James, John, Andrew, and Paul the Apostle. I do not know whether these were the permanent Judges of the Supreme Court of Heaven or not, but these were the ones seated for this case. They all were also dressed in these black iridescent judge robes There were stunning crowns of glory on each of their heads, and they were holding gold scepters in their right hands. The Father in the middle on the Throne of Judgment held the biggest scepter and had many crowns suspended over His head that shot lightnings out of them in every direction. I could not look upon them or His face because it was so bright it was like looking into the noonday sun. I was given one glimpse at Him when He first came into the Courtroom. There was a rainbow that would appear that encircled Him above and below that I saw a few times during this vision. I could not endure looking at Him for more than a split second before I had to avert my eyes for the white blazing brightness was too intense. All the judges behind the Great Bar were emanating great light that was also nearly blinding. That is the closest I can describe them now.
Then the Case was read before all present by Lady Justice the Angel:
She spoke: This is (the summary) of the case brought before the Supreme Court of Heaven today:
“The Timing of the Final Judgments of the Day of the LORD must be decided. The Accuser satan is prosecuting, declaring that the time of Adam’s lease is over and he must be allowed to take ownership of the earth for a time, and times, and a half of time, as it is written in the Holy Scriptures.
“Representing the Holy Defense is the LORD Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah the Lamb of God.” At this, Yeshua Himself stood up at the Defense table as the Advocate General of the Bride of Messiah on earth, He was representing the Holy Saints of God still alive in their bodies on earth. When He stood up at the left table, everyone bowed and worshiped, accept those at the prosecution table to the right. There was a very handsome man who just sat stone-faced with several other princes at the prosecution table. They did not move. the head “man” sneered when they worshiped Yeshua.
“Representing the agenda of the fallen lucifer, now called satan, is himself, the Accuser, liar and deceiver, - Ha satan.” At this, the handsome prince with the evil smirk stood up. No one moved. There was silence in the courtroom for about a minute. Then, Lady Justice spoke again, “You may sit down now.” Finally, he did so, with another sneering grunt. I marveled that he seemed human and actually very attractive to look at, although there was no heavenly light in him or around him.
“The prosecution may proceed,” Lady Justice proclaimed.
At that, this ‘man’ stood up. He was robed in a black suit that had a long cape of crimson red that followed behind him. He had gold epaulets on his shoulders that were built into his cape. He was very articulate and extremely haughty. I got sick to my stomach, as he spoke. He walked back and forth in front of the court room in long strides with his nose in the air. It reminded me of a painting of what Napoleon looked like, except this ‘man’ was much taller than Napoleon. He began his long diatribe of accusation against fallen man. He seemed to know the Bible very well. Starting from Adam and Eve, he began accusing God of failing mankind in every generation. He started with the stipulation, “Adam was given exactly 6,000 years to rule the earth. He gave that lease to me and I own it. I have a right to rule over every man, woman, and child who are MINE by Adam’s free choice. The time is up. I now demand, to be given to me the government of Mankind through whom you call the Son of Perdition. I call him, My Son of Man. I have the scriptural right to take control of the earth for seven years. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!”
Then he sat down. Again, for about a minute or so, there was complete silence.
Lady Justice then spoke again, “the Defense may proceed.”
Yeshua then arose from the Defense table. He wore a white robe with blue trim and red sleeves with a bottom border and neck border of red. He wore a small diadem of solid diamonds as a crown. Once again, when he stood up, everyone bowed their heads before Him in worship, except those at the prosecution table.
He said, (in summary)“As the true Son of Man, I have taken the death penalty for every generation of fallen man, including those in this harvest generation. I also stripped satan of his authority over the Church of the Living God. His gates can no longer prevail against her. Through the intercession of My Holy Bride on earth, the overcoming Church of the Living God, there has been granted a pause by this Court to allow for the fullness of the harvest to come in, during the last hearing on this matter in 2015 - three years ago in earth’s time. For I spoke on earth, as it is written, ‘This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world , and then the end shall come.’ I, by the authority of the prayers and intercession of the Bride, documented here in this scroll…” He handed the scroll to the Father, and another copy of it to satan’s prosecution table… “I petition the Court for another measure of time for the end time church to finish and fulfill the promise to My people, as it is written, “that NONE should perish, but all, (who are truly Mine) have the opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel and to be saved from perdition.”
As he was speaking, satan - the handsome ‘man’ lawyer was busy reading the scroll feverishly to see if there truly was enough intercession to stop his immediate seizing of the earth and for the tribulation to begin. He was consulting his other diabolical “lawyers” about it . Foul language was coming out of his mouth along with hissing and, accusing his right hand “man”, saying, “You told me that we had destroyed the prayers of the church. The great awakening had been thwarted! !##***!@&*!!”
“Yeshua continued, “As you can see, my faithful Bridal remnant has kept the faith, enduring the evil, and continue to overcome. The blood of the martyrs has proven their faithfulness. Look at China. Look at the Middle East, look at Africa, look at Indonesia, look at South America, look at the islands of the sea, look at My persecuted Bride in all nations. Even America has held, though all of hell has been thrown against her. The facts speak for themselves. I have the authority to request for another extension of time. The Defense petitions the Court for another extension of time in the Grace that I purchased by My blood on the cross. Also, I petition the Court to look into the scrolls of the hidden counsels written before the foundations of the earth regarding the Mysteries of the Harvest of the end of days. These, satan has no knowledge of - as they were never shown to him. It is written there, as well as in the hidden revelation of scripture, that the Tribulation beginning the Kingdom Age must begin only after ALL of My Bride that are ordained to Eternal Life are saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. This information can also be found in the scroll given by My hands to the Court for eternal record. The evidence written in this scroll fully confirms and documents our Holy and Righteous claim.” Though millions shall come to me and be saved in the Tribulation to come, My Holy Bride must all be prepared now!
Then there came a time of silence. Nobody moved. the Judges on the bench were studying the scroll. Somehow it had multiplied into 13 scrolls. All of the Judges, (including the Father), read through the scroll. I got to get one glance at the writing. It was written in red! It was written in the blood of Yeshua! I was told that by the chronicling angel that was helping me to write .Amazingly, as I wrote about this, the ink coming out of my pen became blood red as well for the duration of the description of it. Then, it turned back to black ink again.
After some deliberation, there was a vote. Every judge voted in favor of the saints to extend another time period of grace. I cannot disclose how long it is at this time.
Finally, the Father, the Great Judge of all the earth, spoke. He said:
“On the basis of the evidence presented by the Defense, I decree that the prosecution has failed to bring a closing to the final days of Grace on earth. An extension of time has been granted to the saints of the overcoming Bridal remnant Church.
“Nevertheless, the birthing pains and judgments on the earth will not be stopped. Ha-satan has the authority to rule over the tares of the earth-the wicked in darkness, by their willing consent according to the tenets of free will given to Adam’s race at the beginning of creation. Both the tares and the wheat have grown up and are now ready to be harvested. Therefore, the birth pangs of judgment shall increase. Those that will abide with Me in the secret place, I will provide for and protect. Those that do not are in more and more peril with each passing day. Though I have granted this, the final Day of the LORD has indeed come, and the prosecution is correct. The time of Grace upon the earth is nearly over. Warn my children: This is the midnight hour! Watch and Pray that you can stand in the evil day and overcome! I am answering the prayers of My Kingdom coming to earth. It shall come first in the fire of My Holy judgments! But is shall also come in the Great Awakening that I have promised of revival and outpouring. The Time of My Wrath is soon to engulf the earth! But, in it I will remember Mercy. Many millions of souls shall be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth.”
Then the Angel, Lady Justice, came forward and was blindfolded. She raised a large, old fashioned scale in her hands above her head. Into one of the bowls a presiding angel poured a black sand-like powder from a brass urn. This tipped the scale to all the way at the bottom as far as it could descend. This represented the accumulated sin and rebellion of all of mankind, as well as the failures of the church in this generation. Into the other bowl, a presiding angel dressed in a golden robe poured a white sand-like powder from a porcelain white urn, that represented the prayers and intercession and obedience of the overcoming church in generations past as well as the Bridal company of our generation. (This is what allows for evil to be restrained.) I was really alarmed, because it looked so small at first compared to the amount of black powder in the other bowl. But, the angel kept pouring, and suddenly the Holy justice scale began to balance out. Then it was even. As we all watched, the scale suddenly shifted. The white bowl went down and the black bowl came up! Then there were mighty shouts of Praise and Victory in the Courtroom!
Then, the Father raised His golden scepter in His left hand, and slammed his Gavel down accompanied by thunderclaps and lightning flashing everywhere with bursts of rainbow colors shooting through the courtroom, and said, “The time of Grace shall be extended as petitioned by the Bride of Messiah for a little longer. ________ more (length of time) has been granted to finish the final harvest in the age of Grace.”
(Note: I have condensed what was spoken in the trial into this brief summary. I am forbidden to share any more…though much more was spoken. You can (eventually) go to the Library of Legal Proceedings in Heaven to access the entire transcript. Of course, you will probably have to wait for this access to when you arrive there, unless granted by the LORD through revelation by the Holy Spirit. Amen.)
Then, I was told to sign the recording scroll I had written. (The other four prophet recorders also signed their scrolls. I noticed that their scrolls were written in different earthly languages. The most visible was in Chinese.)
Then, the vision ended and I immediately went to my computer and typed what I saw and heard.
Dearly Beloved Bride of Messiah, we must labor now while it is light! Soon it will be night, where we cannot labor in the Harvest Fields of the earth any longer.
People get ready! Jesus is coming!!

Dr. Maurice H. Sklar


The Jesus Vision by Jeremiah Johnson in December 2018

Man Sees Jesus in Vision: 'Many Will Be Offended at My Return'

(Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash)

I have recently had a series of prophetic encounters that led to the Lord Jesus Christ appearing to me for the third time in my life, clothed in white garments with fire in His eyes. The holy fear, trembling, awe and pure wonder totally consumed me and was the same experience I had with Him in the two encounters before. His sheer beauty is terrifying, and His presence takes your breath away. The light that radiates from His being is so pure that you become more aware of your great need of Him than ever before.

I will never forget our conversation in that specific encounter, and I believe I'm supposed to share it now publicly for the first time. I do not take lightly or treat these encounters haphazardly. Anyone who claims to have actually seen and interacted with our risen Lord needs to carry a serious fear of who He really is and an undeniable mandate on their life to make Him known. This is not a joke. It's very weighty and does not involve vain imaginations.

As the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me, He said,

"Jeremiah, many know the Lamb who went to Calvary, but few know the Lion who is returning to devour His Father's enemies. The same wrath that was poured out on the cross will be the same wrath that will be poured out in judgment upon my return.

I am releasing apostolic and prophetic messengers who will trumpet my end-time judgments to the church and warn of the consequences of those who only know the Lamb of mercy and grace, but reject the Lion of judgment and wrath.

Many only know Me as the great intercessor, which I am, but I am also the coming King and judge. There is more than intercessory prayer. For I will teach My people in these last days how to pray kingly and judicial prayers. I will establish My government in the earth and make My enemies a footstool. I will rule and reign with an iron scepter.

Jeremiah, many will be offended at My return! They have created a god in their own likeness and image and will deny Me when I come with all My glory, power and splendor! You must warn the church of the scoffing spirit that will come, of the overemphasis of My goodness and never teaching on My severity, of never proclaiming and warning of My wrath and judgment that is here now and is yet to come."

The look in the Lord Jesus Christ's eyes as He said these words to me was so intense, yet so deeply grieved. He then asked me if He could entrust me with these words, and I said yes. When I did, He turned around and vanished from my bedroom.

I shook for days and have still never recovered. I pray that those who have read this sobering encounter for the first time publicly will pray and seek the Holy Spirit concerning your own view of who Jesus really is and prepare yourself for the days ahead.

Jeremiah Johnson planted and serves on the eldership team at Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, Florida. A gifted teacher, prophet and author of multiple books, Jeremiah travels and speaks extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker. Jeremiah is also the founder and director of Maranatha School of Ministry. MSM is a full-time fivefold ministry training center that equips and sends out end-time messengers. For more information, please visit or



The prophetic message by Sue on November 18, 2017


Posted on November 18, 2017 by

Child what you are about to face will take your breath away. You will thank Me over and over for the detailed training I have given you. Life as you know it will change drastically. You have been designed and created for this purpose since the beginning of time. Your entire life has molded you into the vessel I have now completed. My sons and daughters will rise up in these last days with a force the world has never known. Nothing can compare to the power of My Bride and I as we unite as One. I have protected you, hidden you, and taught you. Now I will bring you forth, and Satan will not even know you, for you will take him by surprise and ambush him with all the forces of heaven at your disposal. You had to die as I did, you had to submit to the will of the Father as I did, and you will be resurrected as I am. This power from on high dwells within you now, but when I flip the switch, My power will be released with such force upon you that it will not be contained. Darkness will flee before you as when the day dawns. Nothing will stop this mighty move, for I am about to break the neck of Satan by the very ones he has tried so hard to destroy.

Rise up My little ones, downtrodden ones, and forsaken ones; for the mantle of Moses, Samuel, Elijah, and David, cannot compare with the Power that will come “upon and through” My Bride as we unite as One. Shalom



The message by Eric Wilson in Spring 2018 in Israel

Before going to Israel ...God told me to take a Tallit and cut into twelve pieces, then sew them back together with red tread, wide enough so it was easy to see. When people asked about it, I was to respond “Thus says Yahweh, God, I ripped the twelve tribes from each other and from the land. I scattered them throughout the nations. By my Holy Spirit and Yeshua, my King Messiah, I will bring them back together, back to their promised lands. No longer will they forget their inheritance and their God. I will put a longing in their hearts and draw them back to me and their home land from which I scattered them.”

“Thus says Yahweh God, God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. ....Hear me this days, I declare the end of the exile of the Israelites, The time of their punishment is finished! It is over! Their wandering in the wilderness is done! No more will they wander. I will put a desire in their heart, a longing to return to me and to my lands.

Mark your calendar! For this day will be celebrated for generations to come. No longer will they say,

Yahweh brought us out of Egypt, but they will say Yahweh has brought us out of darkness, out of bondage, out of the nations and returned us to our promised lands.

Those who can hear and see, LOOK UP! I say, LOOK UP! Can you see the rains? Can you hear the lighting and thunder in the heavens. For I, Yahweh say to you that this day, this day, the drought end!

The harvest is at hand! The heavens shake and are alive with excitement for the harvest that comes!

You who are listening. Will you come along side of my servant and believe? Will you believe for these coming rains of my Holy Spirit? I tell you, the more you believe, the greater the rains, the greater the rain of my Holy Spirit, the greater the harvest for my Kingdom! Will you stand with my servant and believe!

Those who can see. Look again! Can you see the armies of Yahweh covering the mounts and the hills as far as the eye can see? They go before us to battle. Step out! Make war against our unseen enemies!

Elders, judge these words this day. If they be of me, I command you to proclaim it from Jerusalem and to the nations; “The end of the drought is NOW. The release of the rains has begun. The harvest is at hand! Let us put sickle in hand and build our barns for the harvest ripens””

A couple days later I received this vision... “The angels of the Lord are stirring the waters of the oceans. Those who enter will be healed. Many will enter and experience me. For great are the waters that are being stirred. The waters of my Holy Spirit.” It is just like the Pool of Bethesda that the angel would stir and the first one in got healed.

“Thus saith the Lord, By my spirit, I will blow upon the hearts of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. No longer will they be hardened of heart. No longer will they live in darkness and bondage. No longer. For my spirit will blow through the streets and communities and soften their hearts to me and my ways. No longer will they say “follow the Torah” and ignore their God. But they will say devote yourselves to Yahweh and submit to His will and ways. Let the Banner of Adonai be raised and seen for the all the world to come to see and experience Him.”

“I say to those who are in the church, who have hardened their hearts against me and my Sabbath commandment. I say to you, return to the laws of my commandments. Stop wandering in your wilderness of your darkness and soften your hearts to Me and My ways.”

“I say to you, I do not want my people separated. I want them unified. I do not want them fighting as in the days of Judah and Israel. Lay down your weapons against each other! Look upon each other as my people with the love of my heart.”

“Satan, the time has come to let My people go. No longer do you have the right to oppress them and keep them in bondage. No longer do you have the right to oppress them, steal from them the blessings that I have for them. No longer. They have served their time. Now is the time for me to pour out blessings upon them. To love them, to care for them, as I want. No longer are they under your thumb!

They are under my wing, my protection, under my tent. I will smoke you out, and burn your house, as you have done to my people. Long live the King, Long Live the King Yeshua, the Messiah!”

It was also made clear that though there will be a great harvest, there will also be a great war at the same time. There will be casualties. Some will refuse to bend their knee and harden their heart and refuse to let God rule. Many of them will be taken out.

“I want my harvest! For too long, I have longed for My harvest and it has continually be denied Me. I will not be denied this time. I will have it for Myself. I will reap it Myself so that no man can boast. Me and My faithful servants, who I will raise up from nothing. From dry bones without flesh and with no heart for Me. I will pour into them and give them life that they have not known. They will be My servants harvesting without working for the harvest, for I will give it to them.” He thundered “Give Me my harvest!” ... “I worked for her, for my My Bride!”

Isaiah 43:5-6,21 - "Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, `Give them up!' and to the south, `Do not hold them back.' Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth..."


VISION of the BODY OF CHRIST and the End-Time Ministries.
-Tommy Hicks.

My message begins July 25, about 2:30 in the morning at Winnipeg,
Canada. I had hardly fallen asleep when the vision and the  reve-
lation  that  God  gave  me came before me. The vision came three
times, exactly in detail, the morning of July 25, 1961. I was  so
stirred  and  so moved by the revelation that this has changed my
complete outlook upon the body of Christ, and upon  the  end-time

The greatest thing that the church of Jesus Christ has ever  been
given lies straight ahead. It is so hard to help men and women to
realize  and  understand the thing that God is trying to give his
people in the end times.

I received a letter several weeks ago  from  one  of  our  native
evangelists  down  in  Africa,  down in Nairobi. This man and his
wife were on their way to Tanganyika. They could neither read nor
could  they  write,  but we had been supporting them for over two
years. As they entered into the  territory  of  Tanganyika,  they
came  across  a  small village. The entire village was evacuating
because of a plague that had hit the village. He came across  na-
tives that were weeping, and he asked them what was wrong.

They  told  him of their mother and father who had suddenly died,
and they had been dead for three days. They had  to  leave.  They
were  afraid  to go in; they were leaving them in the cottage. He
turned and asked them where they were. They pointed  to  the  hut
and  he  asked  them  to go with him, but they refused. They were
afraid to go.

The native and his wife went to this little cottage  and  entered
in  where the man and woman had been dead for three days. He sim-
ply stretched forth his hand  in  the  name  of  the  Lord  Jesus
Christ,  and  spoke the man's name and the woman's name and said,
"In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I  command  life  to  come
back  to  your bodies."  Instantaneously these two heathen people
who had never known Jesus Christ as their Savior sat up and imme-
diately began to praise God. The spirit and the power of God came
into the life of those people.

To us that may seem strange and a phenomenon, but that is the be-
ginning  of  these  end-time ministries. God is going to take the
do-nothings, the nobodies, the unheard-of, the no-accounts. He is
going  to  take every man and every woman and he is going to give
to them this outpouring of the Spirit of God.

In the book of Acts we read that  "In the last days,"  God  said,
"I  will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh." I wonder if we real-
ized what he meant when God said, "I will pour out my Spirit upon
all flesh." I do not think I fully realized nor  could  I  under-
stand the fullness of it, and then I read from the book of  Joel:
"Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord  your
God: for he hath given you the former  rain  moderately,  and  he
will cause to come down for you the rain, the  former  rain,  and
the latter  rain -" (Joel 2:23). It is not only going to  be  the
rain, the former rain and the latter rain, but  he  is  going  to
give  to  his  people  in these last days a double portion of the
power of God!

As the vision appeared to me  after  I  was  asleep,  I  suddenly
found  myself  in  a  great  high distance. Where I was, I do not
know. But I was looking down upon the earth. Suddenly  the  whole
earth  came  into  my  view.  Every  nation, every kindred, every
tongue came before my sight from the east and the west, the north
and  the south. I recognized every country and many cities that I
had been in, and I was almost in fear and trembing  as  I  beheld
the great sight before me: and at that moment when the world came
into view, it began to lightning and thunder.

As the lightning flashed over the face  of  the  earth,  my  eyes
went  downward and I was facing the north. Suddenly I beheld what
looked like a great giant, and as I stared and looked  at  it,  I
was  almost  bewildered  by  the sight. It was so gigantic and so
great. His feet seemed to reach to the north pole and his head to
the  south.  Its arms were stretched from sea to sea. I could not
even begin to understand whether this be a mountain or this be  a
giant, but as I watched, I suddenly beheld a great giant. I could
see his head was struggling for life. He wanted to live, but  his
body was covered with debris from head to foot, and at times this
great giant would move his body and act as though it  would  even
raise up at times. And when it did, thousands of little creatures
seemed to run away. Hideous creatures would run  away  from  this
giant, and when he would become calm, they would come back.

All  of a sudden this great giant lifted his hand towards heaven,
and then it lifted its other hand, and when it  did  these  crea-
tures by the thousands seemed to flee away from this giant and go
into the darkness of the night.

Slowly this great giant began to rise and as he did, his head and
hands  went  into the clouds. As he rose to his feet he seemed to
have cleansed himself from the debris and  filth  that  was  upon
him,  and  he began to raise his hands into the heavens as though
praising the Lord, and as he raised his hands, they went even un-
to the clouds.

Suddenly,  every cloud became silver, the most beautiful silver I
have ever known. As I watched this phenomenon it was so  great  I
could  not  even  begin to understand what it all meant. I was so
stirred as I watched it, and I cried unto the Lord  and  I  said,
"Oh  Lord,  what  is the meaning of this." and I felt as if I was
actually in the Spirit and I could feel the presence of the  Lord
even as I was asleep.

And  from  those clouds suddenly there came great drops of liquid
light raining down upon this mighty giant,  and  slowly,  slowly,
this  giant began to melt, began to sink itself in the very earth
itself, and as he melted,  his whole form seemed to  have  melted
upon  the  face  of  the earth, and this great rain began to come
down. Liquid drops of light began to flood the very earth  itself
and  as I watched this giant that seemed to melt, suddenly it be-
came millions of people over the face of the earth. As  I  beheld
the sight before me, people stood up all  over  the  world!  They
were lifting their hands and they were praising the Lord.

At that very moment there came a great  thunder  that  seemed  to
roar  from  the  heavens. I turned my eyes toward the heavens and
suddenly I saw a figure in white, in glistening white - the  most
glorious thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. I did not
see the face, but somehow I knew it was the  Lord  Jesus  Christ,
and  he stretched forth his hand, and as he did, he would stretch
it forth to one, and to  another,  and  to  another.  And  as  he
stretched  forth  his hand upon the nations and the people of the
world - men and women - as he pointed toward  them,  this  liquid
light seemed to flow from his hands into them, and a  mighty  an-
ointing of God came upon them, and those people began to go forth
in the name of the Lord.

I  do not know how long I watched it. It seemed it went into days
and weeks and months. And I beheld this Christ as he continued to
stretch  forth his hand; but there was a tragedy. There were many
people as he stretched forth his hand that refused the  anointing
of God and the call of God. I saw men and women that I knew. Peo-
ple that I felt would certainly receive the call of God.  But  as
he  stretched forth his hand toward this one and toward that one,
they simply bowed their head and began to back away. And each  of
those that seemed to bow down and back away, seemed  to  go  into
darkness. Blackness seemed to swallow them everywhere.

I  was  bewildered  as I watched it, but these people that he had
anointed, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world,  in
Africa,  England, Russia, China, America, all over the world, the
anointing of God was upon these people as they  went  forward  in
the  name  of  the  Lord.  I saw these men and women as they went
forth. They were ditch diggers, they were washerwomen, they  were
rich  men,  they  were poor men. I saw people who were bound with
paralysis and sickness and blindness and deafness.  As  the  Lord
stretched  forth  to give them this anointing, they became  well,
they became healed, and they went forth!

And this is the miracle of it - this is the glorious  miracle  of
it  - those people would stretch forth their hands exactly as the
Lord did, and it seemed as if there was this same liquid fire  in
their  hands. As they stretched forth their hands they said, "Ac-
cording to my word, be thou made whole."

As these people continued in this  mighty  end-time  ministry,  I
did  not  fully realize what it was, and I looked to the Lord and
said, "What is the meaning of this?" And he said, "This  is  that
which  I  will  do  in the last days. I will restore all that the
cankerworm, the palmerworm, the caterpiller - I will restore  all
that  they have destroyed. This, my people, in the end times will
go forth. As a mighty army shall they sweep over the face of  the

As  I was at this great height, I could behold the whole world. I
watched these people as they were going to and fro over the  face
of  the earth. Suddenly there was a man in Africa and in a moment
he was transported by the Spirit of God, and perhaps  he  was  in
Russia,  or China or America or some other place, and vice versa.
All over the world these people went, and they came through fire,
and through pestilence, and through famine. Neither fire nor per-
secution, nothing seemed to stop them.

Angry mobs came to them with swords and with guns. And  like  Je-
sus,  they  passed through the multitudes and they could not find
them, but they went forth in the name of the Lord, and everywhere
they stretched forth their hands, the sick were healed, the blind
eyes were opened. There was not a long prayer, and  after  I  had
reviewed the vision many times in my mind, and I thought about it
many times, I realised that I never saw a church, and I never saw
or heard a denomination, but these people were going in the  name
of the Lord of Hosts. Hallelujah!

As  they  marched forth in everything they did as the ministry of
Christ in the end times, these people  were  ministering  to  the
multitudes  over  the  face of the earth. Tens of thousands, even
millions seemed to come to the Lord Jesus Christ as these  people
stood  forth  and  gave the message of the kingdom, of the coming
kingdom, in this last hour. It was so glorious, but it  seems  as
though there were those that rebelled, and they would become  an-
gry and they tried to  attack  those  workers  that  were  giving
the message.

God is going to give the world a demonstration in this last  hour
as the world has never known. These men  and  women  are  of  all
walks  of life, degrees will mean nothing. I saw these workers as
they were going over the face of the earth. When one would  stum-
ble  and  fall, another would come and pick him up. There were no
"big I" and "little you," but every mountain was brought low  and
every  valley  was  exalted, and they seemed to have one thing in
common - there was a divine love, a divine love  that  seemed  to
flow forth from these people as they worked together, and as they
lived together. It was the most glorious sight that I  have  ever
known.  Jesus  Christ was the theme of their life. They continued
and it seemed the days went by as I stood and beheld this  sight.
I  could  only  cry, and sometimes I laughed. It was so wonderful
as these people went throughout the  face  of  the  whole  earth,
bringing forth in this last end time.

As  I  watched from the very heaven itself, there were times when
great deluges of this liquid light seemed to fall upon great con-
gregations,  and  that congregation would lift up their hands and
seemingly praise God for hours and even days as the Spirit of God
came upon them. God said, "I will pour my Spirit upon all flesh,"
and that is exactly this thing. And to every man and every  woman
that  received this power, and the anointing of God, the miracles
of God, there was no ending to it.

We have talked about miracles. We have  talked  about  signs  and
wonders, but I could not help but weep as I read again this morn-
ing, at 4 o'clock this morning the letter from our  native  work-
ers.  This  is  only the evidence of the beginning for one man, a
"do-nothing, an unheard-of," who would go and stretch  forth  his
hand  and  say,  "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command
life to flow into your body." I dropped to my knees and began  to
pray  again,  and  I said, "Lord, I know that this time is coming

And  then again, as these people were going about the face of the
earth, a great persecution seemed to come from every angle.

Suddenly there was another great clap of thunder, that seemed  to
resound around the world, and I heard again the voice, the  voice
that  seemed to speak, "Now this is my people. This is my beloved
bride." And when the voice spoke, I looked upon the earth  and  I
could see the lakes and the mountains. The graves were opened and
people from all over the world, the saints of all ages, seemed to
be  rising.  And  as they rose from the grave, suddenly all these
people came from every direction. From the  east  and  the  west,
from the north and the south, and they seemed to be forming again
this gigantic body. As the dead in Christ  seemed  to  be  rising
first, I could hardly comprehend it. It was so marvellous. It was
so far beyond anything I could ever dream or think of.

But as this body suddenly began to form, and  take  shape  again,
it  took  shape  again in the form of this mighty giant, but this
time it was different. It was arrayed in the most beautiful  gor-
geous  white.  Its  garments  were without spot or wrinkle as its
body began to form, and the people of all ages seemed to be gath-
ered  into  this body, and slowly, slowly, as it began to form up
into the very heavens, suddenly from the heavens above, the  Lord
Jesus  came,  and  became  the  head, and I heard another clap of
thunder that said, "This is my beloved  bride  for  whom  I  have
waited. She will  come forth even tried by fire. This is she that
I have loved from the beginning of time."

As I watched, my eyes suddenly turned to the  far  north,  and  I
saw  seemingly  destruction:  men and women in anguish and crying
out, and buildings in destruction. Then I heard again, the fourth
voice that said, "Now is My wrath being poured out upon the  face
of the earth." From the ends of the whole world, the wrath of God
seemed to be poured out and it seemed that there were great vials
of God's wrath being poured out upon the face of the earth. I can
remember  it  as  though  it  happened  a moment ago. I shook and
trembled as I beheld the awful sight of seeing  the  cities,  and
whole nations going down into destruction.

I  could  hear  the weeping and wailing. I could hear people cry-
ing. They seemed to cry as they went into caves, but the caves in
the mountains opened up.

They  leaped  into  water,  but  the  water would not drown them.
There was nothing that could destroy them. They were  wanting  to
take their lives, but they could not.
Then  again  I  turned  my eyes to this glorious sight, this body
arrayed in beautiful white, shining garments. Slowly, slowly,  it
began  to  lift  from  the  earth, and as it did, I awoke. What a
sight I had beheld! I had seen the end-time ministries - the last
hour.  Again on July 27, at 2:30 in the morning, the same revela-
tion, the same vision came again exactly as it did before.

My life has been changed as I realised  that  we  are  living  in
that  end  time,  for all over the world God is anointing men and
women with this ministry. It will not be doctrine. It will not be
a  churchianity.  It  is going to be Jesus Christ. They will give
forth the word of the Lord, and are going to say, "I heard it  so
many  times  in  the  vision and according to my word it shall be


The dream by Christine Beadsworth on May 10, 2018

 “I will strike the head, that the heart may turn to Me.”

 May 12, 2018 2:05 AM By 4 Comments


In the third watch of the night (after midnight) on Thursday, 10th of May, I had a very upsetting dream in which I heard a man with an Israeli accent singing a lament over and over.

I don’t remember all the words he sang, but I saw him out of the corner of my eye, at the edge of my field of vision, rocking backward and forwards and grieving over his nation. Some of his words were, “Yisrael, O Yisrael, how the mighty have fallen; hear the mothers weeping, O Yisrael.”

He repeated the same theme over and over as I, along with others, watched a long line of plain brown wooden coffins file past us. As long as the scene lasted, that line of coffins did not end.

I woke at 5:55 am on Friday morning and began to pray fervently for Israel, for God to protect her from her enemies and that He would send confusion into the enemy’s camp. This was the day after Israel had bombarded Iranian bases in Syria, so I knew Iran was furious and there could be a counter-attack, but while I was crying out for angelic protection, I heard the Lord say, “I will protect Zion.”

Again I prayed and said, “Lord, these are Your people, who have been veiled that we Gentiles could be grafted in. Have mercy and don’t let this happen.”

He replied, “I will strike the head, that the heart may turn to Me.”

I wondered what He meant about the head and where this would happen? Then suddenly, I felt that Tel Aviv would be struck and the line of coffins was connected to that attack. I was reminded that the valleys of Jerusalem are in the shape of the chambers of the human heart and Mount Zion was situated there.

Then He began to speak to me of how His people had turned to idols and worshipped their own intellect and the works of their hands, so He would use their enemies to chastise them in measure and turn them back to Him, just as He did in the Old Testament, but I still did not understand how Tel Aviv was connected to ‘the head.’ Then the Spirit reminded me this was the place many nations chose to position their foreign missions and consulates, rather than acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. By allowing Tel Aviv to be struck, He would be chastening the nations who refused to acknowledge the Truth of His Word. Tel Aviv is also the financial and technological capital of Israel and therefore the pride of man’s wisdom and achievements is commonplace.

Ezekiel 3:15 connects the name Tel Aviv to a place of captivity in Babylon, which is fitting because this modern city is famous for its’ wild nightlife and ungodly lifestyle choices.

Again I felt the terrible grief of the wailing man and I remembered how Abraham had interceded for Sodom on the eve of its’ destruction and how, because of Abraham’s covenant with God, angels were sent to thrust Lot out of Sodom before it was destroyed. So I began to pray and remind the Lord of the remnant in Tel Aviv who, like Lot, are grieved daily in their souls over what goes on in their city, and I began to ask the Father to send angels to thrust His faithful servants out of the city before it was attacked. I reminded Him of the children and the grieving of the mothers. I prayed for mercy in the midst of the chastening, which He would bring to turn the heart of the nation toward Him again.

I then asked Him when this would be. He said that it would take place after the American and Guatemalan embassies were moved to Jerusalem, but He did not show me an exact time frame. These embassy moves occur on Monday May 14th and Wednesday, May 16th. So sometime after May 16, the enemies of Israel will be allowed to hit Tel Aviv.

We are all so used to God divinely protecting Israel, so this will come as a terrible shock to a large portion of those who pray for Israel. There will be confusion as to why God allowed this to happen. We must remember that the head is struck to turn the heart towards Him.

Another place which the Lord mentioned would be struck is Tel Dan, which is in the north. It is the place which housed one of the golden calves fashioned by King Jeroboam for people to worship. It was provided as an alternative venue other than Jerusalem and another way to worship. It was ‘instead of’ or ‘anti’ God’s prescribed place and order of worship:

Making the golden calves caused the people of God to fall into complete idolatry and they ended up worshiping Baal. The mention of the Lord that Tel Dan would be struck is an indication of His judgment falling on all idolatry amongst His people.

We must intercede as never before for the people of Israel, that Jesus would visit them in dreams and reveal Himself to them as their Messiah, that The righteous would be spared and warned and removed from danger and that His saints would be bold in sharing the Truth and the love of God; that the army of Israel would be protected and that those who live for themselves would be awakened to the lateness of the hour, turn from all idolatry and self-seeking and serve the Living God with all their heart.

A few days ago, I sent out a word called ‘Pearls Bring out the Swine’ and while receiving this current message about Israel, I was shown how precious this little nation is to God and how He is going to do exactly what He did with those pearls I saw cast to the ground – He is going to allow it to be trampled in order to unmask the swine amongst the crowd of nations; those that presently mingle and say all the right phrases. Yet, when this pearl of great price is cast down before their eyes, their true natures will be revealed and they will fall upon Israel and seek to devour her. I am not talking about those who presently openly oppose her and call for her destruction, but rather those who masquerade as benign nations who seek her good and yet within are ravenous wolves.

One of the reasons the Lord is allowing this strike to the ‘head’ is to expose the swine nations and their hidden agendas… that they may be judged by the light. Then He will again gather this precious nation to Himself, as she turns toward Him as her only protector. He has a burning passion for the city of the great King:

So in these unprecedented days in which we have been chosen to live, what is our responsibility about these things?

Beloved, we must have understanding of the times. Switch off your television sets. Lives are at stake. Get on your knees and cry out to the Father like never before. Cast aside idle pursuits. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to pray. Weep and intercede for the nation of Israel, which has built itself up so bravely in the face of so much continual hatred and opposition. Ask for mercy and for a mighty move of the Spirit of God; for the mercy of God to be poured out in the midst of chastening; for hearts to turn toward Him; for the children to be protected and for angels to be sent on assignment to bring forth God’s purposes and thwart the enemy’s plans.

Remember also that whenever something happens to natural Israel, it is a prophetic picture of what is going to happen in the Church of Jesus Christ. The enemy is ramping up his attack and God is allowing the head to be struck that the heart may turn to Him. All idolatry within His Body will be dealt with. Those who live for themselves and worship and serve mammon will be severely chastened. For those still living amongst Babylonian church circles, messengers will be sent to thrust you out, but you must not delay in being obedient. Your life depends on it. Let your hearts be fully His.


Author: Christine Beadsworth

Christine Beadsworth lives in Somerset West, South Africa. She is an artist, poet and speaker, also writing and publishing articles under the ‘Fresh Oil Releases’ banner. She has authored several books, which she offers for free on her blog, Fresh Oil Releases. In 2017, she started a new site for posting her podcasts, called Fresh Air Releases.



The prophecy by Krista West on May 12, 2018

 “Atlanta will be the first to fall, followed shortly by Houston.”

 May 12, 2018 3:15 AM By 11 Comments


Prior to this word, I had a vision of Atlanta, where I used to live for a while. I felt strongly the new stadium is going to be completely destroyed.

I received the following word on May 10:

Immediately afterwards, I saw an image of Houston and felt complete despair at the devastation that will occur there. More cities were included in the vision, but the Lord did not tell me to share them at this time.

Author: Krista West

Krista West currently lives in Hawaii and spends her time raising toddlers and working on a Master’s Degree. Krista was not raised in a Christian home, but she has had faith in Jesus since she was a small child. As a teenager and young adult she spent many years in a lukewarm state. God mercifully woke her up in September 2016 and she began seeking Him wholeheartedly, speaking in tongues and receiving prophetic words. The Lord has repeatedly revealed to her that her role in end time events is to take care of the children.



My interview in Russian REN TV

A Russian journalist Roman contacted me on March 6, 2018 after he had read this my English Prophecy site and asked, if he could make an interview with me about end time prophecies.

That interview was made on March 12, 2018 via Skype.

Programme was aired out last Saturday on April 28, 2018 on Russian REN TV Channel.

Here is the link to the programme: My interview is between 25:25 – 40.00.


The vision by Lana Vawser

“For those who linger, I will entrust the secrets of My heart”.

The Pioneers, the forerunners, the trailblazers. They are moving with the leading of the Holy Spirit to create His pathway and breakthrough in new ways. There is a great birthing these Pioneers are now walking into, they are exploring new lands, conquering new places and they are actively running, stewarding and releasing the new move of the Holy Spirit in these terrains that have not been forged and ploughed before.

Warning for the Pioneers, Don’t Rush Ahead

I saw there was a warning and invitation being released from the heart of God to the Pioneers to remain in the place of REST. The place of REST being the place of being led by His Spirit. I saw a tremendous temptation in the spirit in this season of acceleration and increase to “run ahead” of what God is doing, to attempt to build things before His timing, or to implement things before His unction, out of passion and excitement. The Lord loves the passion and excitement of His Pioneers, but He wants it to be coupled with surrender, yieldedness and sensitivity to His timing and leading.

For the impartation, the revelation and manifestation that is being released to the Pioneers in this season is on a greater scale than many have experienced or carried before, and the heart of the Lord is that the Pioneers steward the increase well, with humility, integrity and sensitivity to His leading.

In the encounters I have had with the Lord lately concerning the Pioneers amongst others, I have felt a weightiness in the spirit that I haven’t felt before, that which He is releasing now is so precious, it is so weighty, it is so valuable. The Lord is looking for the Pioneers who will steward it well and release it with integrity. The place of humility and yieldedness to Him and to His timing, His ways and His strategy is the key to “entering into” this deeper place of revelation of His heart and secrets.

The Library of Heaven

I had a powerful encounter with the Lord recently and in this encounter I saw Jesus and He was inviting the Pioneers into the most beautiful room in the library of heaven.

The interesting thing about this room in the library of heaven was the door was VERY SMALL. The door was tiny, so to “enter into this room” and to move into the invitation the Lord was releasing, there was a significant call to “lay down, and go low”. There was a deeper place of surrender, humility and yieldeness to the Lord that had to take place. It is not a place of “striving to be humble” but a recognition that He is Lord, and we are not. He is the One to whom we hand over the reigns, to lead us, guide us, and speak to us. We hand the reigns of timing over to Him. We hand the reigns of “the way” over to Him. We hand the reigns of how things are “built” over to Him.

It was a place of such deeper surrender to Jesus and trusting Him in His way and timing. The beautiful thing is I could feel so strongly in the invitation to continue to ‘lie down’ and ‘go low’, the plans, purposes and manifestation of what He is building is bigger than what is even being dreamt about by the Pioneers.

I watched as those Pioneers who were living in that place of surrender, humility and the secret place were entering in through this tiny door. The room they were invited into in this season was a room that had wall to wall bookshelves, as high as the eye could see. There were huge ladders up to the top shelves and SO many books everywhere.

Jesus stood in the middle of the room at a large golden table and He was smiling. Behind this huge golden table was a red chair and as the Pioneers who had accepted his invitation entered in, one by one, I heard the loudest declaration booming from His heart, so strongly, it could have crumbled a mountain in a moment.

The declaration was:

My heart was so moved by what I heard, so moved by what I was seeing take place. The invitation to the Pioneers in this season, those who have been living not for the praises of man, not to build their own ministry, not to self-promote, not in striving, but in rest and deep intimacy with Him, were being invited into a place of HEARING and SEEING His heart and secrets unlike ANYTHING they had experienced before. This place was precious, it was weighty, it was a place where the Lord was about to reveal things which had been confined and hidden and release greater clarity, wisdom, strategy and revelation of what He is doing, what He is dreaming about, what He is saying and what is to come.

This place was not entered into lightly, it was a place of seeing and hearing the depths of His heart, a most trusted place that the friends of God were accessing.

I saw Jesus pull down a large book from the shelf and engraved in gold on the front of this large brown leather bound book was Jeremiah 33:3. Jesus invited the Pioneers to come and “take their seat”.

Instantly, I felt His presence fall SO heavily, it almost made me tremble and I knew a deep shift was taking place in the spirit over the Pioneers who had entered in. Not just this invitation into the most precious place of all, the deeper place of receiving the revelations and secrets of His heart, but a greater awakening and manifestation of the power of the Pioneers taking their SEAT. There was such a great awakening of Ephesians 2:6:

Suddenly, the knowing surrounded me. The chair being red, representing the place Jesus purchased for us by His blood, to take our seat with Him in oneness, seated in heavenly places. In this season of encounter with Jesus, the Pioneers were receiving a greater awakening to their authority and their place, seated with Christ.

They took their seat and opened this huge book. The pages were FILLED with writing, which was written on the page, but as I looked at each line, it was as though I could not only see the words on the page, but each line had a depth that I could see down deep into what looked like rivers of pure, flowing, living water. There was such an incredible sense of drinking in the revelation He was releasing, and thirsting no more for anything else but Him. Each word almost shouted, “As you drink this water, you will never thirst again” (John 4:14), the fountain that will never run dry, yet each drink you take, you become thirstier and thirstier for Jesus, to know Him and to know His Word.

I noticed this scripture was engraved on every page:

There was a great unveiling of revelation taking place, a depth of revelation of the inmost parts of His heart and deepest mysteries, and it was ALL FOUNDED and FLOWING from Him – Jesus Christ and EVERY WORD deeply, rooted, grounded, founded, flowing and released from the Word of God.

Linger in the Library

For the last year or so I have been having profound encounters with the Lord regarding the Lord looking for those who will LINGER with Him. Over a year ago, the Lord came to me powerfully in a dream and for hours upon hours in my dream, He asked, “Where are those who will linger? Where are those who will linger? For those who linger, I will entrust the secrets of My heart”.

This has been a word I impacted me deeply, and I have been carrying ever since. 

He is looking for those who will linger with Him, His friends! Those who will sit with Him, to be with Him.

In this encounter, I heard the Lord say “LINGER IN THE LIBRARY”.

In this season of encounter in one of the library rooms of heaven, don’t rush to get out. For there is not just one book the Lord is opening, there are MANY. He has MANY things to show you. MANY things to reveal, and in the temptation to “rush” from this place, or be ‘distracted’ or ‘prioritize’ other things above this place of encounter, will hinder the revelation flow of what He wants to release.

So do whatever you have to do in this season to LINGER IN THE LIBRARY!!!!!

The Lord also asked me a question:

“Lana, in libraries in the natural, what is the atmosphere established?”

I replied, “Quietness, reflection, reading, meditation, absorbing.”

He replied, “Then how much more in a library room of heaven.”

The Lord was inviting His Pioneers into a deeper place of lingering, a deeper place of quietness before Him, being with Him, meditating upon what He is saying, delighting in His presence and hearing His heart. It was a place of encounter and conversing with Him, but I felt the focus the Lord was bringing was upon a “heart attitude” before Him, the position of rest and quietness to hear and receive.

The depth of intimacy being entered into in this place was a place that had not been encountered before, such a deep place that the Pioneers were even being left speechless by what He was speaking, releasing and revealing. Such beautiful, heavy, weighty, awe of God encounters.

I then felt Isaiah 30:15 all around me, a greater level of trust and strength was coming to the Pioneers:

The Wolves Have Been Prowling, but Stay Under the Canopy of My Word

He then spoke again:

Pioneers, there has been a great battle over many of you and what you carry and what the Lord has you forging, forerunning, releasing, the new land, the new places, the new assignments, but take heart, for the invitation upon you into the library room of heaven to access the secrets of His heart and revelation He is wanting to release, is profound. It’s a new place. It’s a new pathway of His heart. It’s a place where you will not only come alive in greater ways to what He has called you to do and release, but also release to others.

The encounters you will have with Jesus in this library room of heaven will release greater strength, refreshing and insight to you for this season and beyond. The word of the Lord to you in this place will break the confines that have held you down, and move you into a deeper place of carrying His heart. Take not this invitation lightly. Take not this season lightly. Take not this place of revelation lightly. For you are being invited into a place of receiving a greater increase in the greatest treasure of all, His heart. His heart for you, for people, for places, for cities, for nations. He doesn’t release the secrets of His heart cheaply. He’s looking for Pioneers who will steward His heart with integrity, purity, and not use His heart or the revelations He releases for personal gain or impure motives. He’s looking for His friends to come closer to Him.

What a precious and profound invitation being released to the Pioneers.

May ALL enter in through their surrender and yieldedness to Jesus! Humility is the key!

What awaits you in this room in the library of heaven will leave you forever changed, undone by the privilege of what He is inviting you into. May our prayer be, “Lord, help me to steward your heart well!”


Dwayne Powell’s Prophecy on April 13, 2018

It’s Time for Christian Europeans to Arise

Many Christians in Europe are awaiting this prophetic word to arise.  This is it.  It is time.  Please share this article to as many believers as you know in Europe.

The following is a prophetic word from Prophet Dwayne Powell for the European Christians to arise.

Dwayne Powell, Prophetic Minister.

[The word began as a vision of the Enemy attempting to destroy Europe, but the prayers of the Bride of Christ began pushing it back!]

I see Europe being pushed off a cliff.  It is only the prayers of the Saints, the remnant, that holds it back from a deep plunge into darkness and destruction.

They stand hand in hand like a great wall of light, resisting the Enemy.  They are filled with praise to God and deep, passionate prayers full of tears and the Father’s love for the lost.

The Enemy pushes from the East, yet from the West, the Bride pushes back with greater strength.  The Enemy strains, bent over, like a muscular hulk, pushing with all his strength and might, yet he cannot overcome the love of the Bride of Christ.

Hear the voice of the Lord of Hosts, all of my Bride, the remnant I have called! Go out now, two by two, forsaking your lives and your comforts. Go out now, two by two! Go forth from every nation in Europe where I have hidden you and held you in reserve until the right timing. I call you forth now to go out in My love and to do the miracles of My First Born.  Go out like Him.  Go now!

You have awaited my call in the North. It is time!

Hear Me, Norway, Sweden, and Finland!  It is time.  Go forth!  Have I not called those of you there to be the first and the examples for the others?  Head south now, spreading the Gospel of my Son, walking in His likeness, as He walked in Mine. Go forth Scandinavia!


Those I have hidden in Spain, arise!  It is time!

Arise with great song, you Celts and Anglos, and all the dwellers of the isles!  It is time!

Those hidden along the length and expanse of the Rhine, it is time! Go forth!

I call forth my hidden from every nation in Europe!  From the farthest boundaries of the West to the Farthest East.  Go forth from Romania!  Go forth from Moldova! Go forth from Hungary!  Come from Serbia and shine! Arise from the South, from Italy and Greece.  Arise from the Balkans!  Descend from the Alps!  It is time!

I give you authority over all the serpents of darkness and deception, over all manner of illness, over all rulers and powers and kingdoms of darkness on the Earth.  I give you authority over the weather of the sky, over the land, and even the sea; they will hearken to your voice as you go in My love.  Go out now two by two in my love and minister the Gospel of My Son.

Go now and fret not over evildoers or your lives of where you shall sleep, of what you shall wear, or what you shall eat.

Announce My invitation to My banquet in My love and the power it demonstrates; loving and healing and teaching exactly as my Son—exactly—in the streets, the markets, homes, and everywhere the flesh of the lost dwells.

You are to go to the Muslim first and are not to fear what they will do unto you.  Go to the Gypsies, for whom my heart breaks; go to the poor, the prisoners, all outcasts, and heal ALL the sick of their diseases—all of them; and deliver ALL from the oppression and possession of demons.  I have given you authority over them all.

I call forth my hidden from every nation in Europe.  It is time.  Go forth now and do not stop until I call you up.

Hear the voice of the Lord of Hosts! I am calling you out now and revealing you all.  It is now your time. Go forth in My love and power.”

We need to share this prophetic word to as many of our Brethren in Europe as possible!

DWAYNE’S BACKGROUND to the above Prophetic Word:

Sometime in 2012, I was in a lengthy and deep prayer session with my best friend Clinton Cochran.  During this time, I had a vision of God sending forth people two by two all through Europe.  These people came first from the Scandinavian countries and descending into Europe demonstrating great signs and miracles.  They just left everything and walked two by two, young and old.  They key thing was that they were like Christ.  They loved the lost like the Father and acted like Christ, not like some street preachers we see who go out with powerless and loveless shouts of repentance.  They demonstrated love and the power that came from that was amazing.  They sacrificed their lives to spread the kingdom.  Others began popping up all over Europe as well, but it started in the North, specifically in Norway, Sweden, and Scandinavia.


I was also told that they would minister to the Muslims that had flooded into Europe and that thousands upon thousands would turn from Islam and be saved.  I was told that the refugee and immigrant invasion of Islam in Europe was going to be used by God because He wanted them there during the Great revival coming to Europe.  They could not experience this in their countries and what the Enemy had planned to use for the destruction of the West, God would use to save many and turn the plans of the Enemy to great glory for God and salvation.  This was told to me about 5 years ago sometime in 2012.  I have not seen this happen yet, I knew that it would happen in God’s time.  I knew that He would send a signal to them all to arise.  The time is now.

Today, I began praying about myself and my own situation, but instead I got this vision and word.  It started as a vision of seeing Satan trying to destroy Europe and the love and prayers of the Bride for the lost holding it back.  Then God spoke the prophetic word to me on Friday, April 13th,  4:24 pm, est.

I was told that many in Europe were waiting for God to give the word and go ahead.  This is it.  It is time.  We have to get this word to as many believers as we can in Europe.  I have no idea why God has had me, a simple teacher in Kentucky, to be a trumpet call for this movement to begin, but he has.  I have to do it.  I need help getting this out.  I also know I will not be the only voice announcing this.  Please help get this to our European brothers and sisters as quickly as we can.  Spread it.  Let me know if I can do anything to help or personally speak on the matter.  Contact info is below.

Dwayne Powell is founder of Awaken Now Ministries. He has a MATS [Masters of Art in Theological Studies] and a Graduate Pastoral Counseling Certificate, both from Liberty University. This native from Berea, Kentucky, is a prophetic speaker who receives unusual assignments from the Lord. He is often used to encourage, minister and prophesy to God’s people. He is available for speaking engagements, please use the News2morrow Contact Page.



A vision by Byron Searle on April 11, 2018

“My Hand is moving the spoilers into position on the mountains of Israel.”

My son, I have finally gotten the attention of some of My People. You see, the only time some of them wake up is when they see My Hand move over certain areas. That is why when this nation starts experiencing My Hand of Judgment moving across the land, then those who wake up will be revived, and revivals will break out like little fires across this land.

My Hand is moving the spoilers into position on the mountains of Israel. I have shown you the rockets packed with poison leaving Damascus, heading toward My People Israel. Many will die in this attack, and Israel will avenge. Samson will be used against Damascus, and the city will be no more. The stage is set.


As soon as the Lord finished speaking to me, I was immediately caught up in a vision and found myself above the Earth looking down on the Middle East. At first, it appeared to me as a 3-dimensional topographical map. At that height, I only saw flags of nations that were moving towards Israel from the surrounding nations. I was able to tell what nations these were by the different flags. I saw the flags of Turkey, Syria, and Hezbollah moving down from the north with Russia, Iran and Isis along side of them. I saw Egypt, Libya, and another nation moving in up from the south.

I then saw 3 flags on the east side of Israel where Jordan is located. These three flags were the nations of the United States, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. It appeared as these three flags were sitting on the sidelines, like spectators who were watching this event take place.

I was then taken down for a closer view and I was able to see all of these great armies racing towards Israel. I could now see all of the soldiers, tanks, vehicles, armored carriers, helicopters, planes, and heavy equipment. The armies were so massive that it gave the appearance of ocean waves moving across the desert. It looked like the dessert itself was alive and breathing. It appeared like nothing could stop these massive armies, such military might, as if everything and everybody was at war. These nations were coming against Israel with everything they had, intending to take them out.

As the armies were moving in closer, I saw thousands of rockets begin to be shot off and fired towards Israel. There were so many of them heading towards Israel, but then it seemed as if all of the rockets started to go crazy and veer off course and fly in all directions. It was as if their guidance systems all malfunctioned. The rockets then began falling back on the armies instead of their intended targets in Israel.

My attention was then drawn to a huge red horse and rider that was standing on a mountain just north of Israel. The horse and rider were red and appeared to be radiating red waves like fire. He was swinging a massive curved sword and then slammed the sword down on the mountain with a thundering noise.

Right after that, there was an enormous bright, blinding flash and deafening boom that came out of nowhere. In an instant, everything stopped. I was taken up and was shown what looked like a 50-plus mile radius circling all the way around Israel where all of the armies were moving in, and all the soldiers were dead, all the equipment was stopped, all the planes and helicopters had crashed, and everything was on fire. The rest of the army that was outside of that area turned and retreated back in the directions they came from. I then saw the flag of Israel being flown over this expanded territory. End of vision.

Then the Father said, “My son, I have allowed you to see what will be very soon. Tell My People do not fear, but have faith, for I am coming soon, get ready!”

The Father

Scripture Reference:

4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords;

5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:

6 Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.

7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.

8 After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.

9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.

10 Thus saith the Lord God; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:

11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,

12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land. (Ezekiel 38:4-12)

Author: Byron Searle

Byron Searle was in the US Air Force Security Service and worked intercepting and copying electronic communications.. He has been married for over 40 years to a wonderful woman who was also in the USAF.  Byron gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1981, but lately the Lord has led him into a deeper walk and is now revealing secrets.





E. R. Lindsey, 1958

E. R. Lindsey, even as a child, was blessed with visions from God. At the age of 12, a

vision, in which he saw a boy in danger of drowning, was responsible for saving a

child’s life.

He was frequently visited by an angel of the Lord. When he was 16, he went

camping with three other boys. They pitched their tents in a dry stream bed under a

bridge. At midnight the boys were awakened by strange lights flooding the camp.

Though still a lad, he recognized it as "the Angel of the Lord" and told his

companions that they were being warned to move at once, for in the nearby

mountains a sudden cloudburst would soon transform the dry stream into a raging

torrent. A half-hour later, the bridge, which had sheltered them only moments

before, collapsed as an angry wave of churning water smashed into it.

After marrying and starting a family, he went to Hawaii as a missionary. On Nov. 15,

1941, while conducting a prayer meeting, a breeze filled the room even though the

windows and doors were closed and the lights grew dim until they went out. But a

brilliant light bathed the person of Dr. Lindsey.

Within moments, everything was back to normal. Dr. Lindsey revealed to the prayer

group that the Angel of the Lord had warned him to leave for the U.S. on the very

next ship, for in the first week of December, Japan would launch a surprise attack on

Pearl Harbor.

He immediately contacted the military authorities at Pearl Harbor, but their opinion

was that there was not a chance that Japan would attack, and that surely he must

have had a bad dream. He returned with his family to the U.S., and true to the

Angel’s timely warning, the surprise attack came right on schedule.

In 1947, a storm in southern Georgia completely destroyed a huge Gospel tent Dr.

Lindsey was using in his evangelistic work. He was critically injured when one of the

center poles knocked him off the platform. During a four-day hospitalization in which

physicians regarded him as well as dead, he experienced one of the strangest events

of his life. To all appearances he was lifeless, with no sign of pulse or breathing;

however, he remembers being aware of all that doctors said and did, although

unable to move even an eyelid.

During the second day, through closed eyes, he saw a beam of sparkling white light

Prophetic Warning to America - 1958 Page 2 E. R. Lindsey, 1958

streaming through the ceiling, which immediately lifted him out of his body. As he

looked back, he could see his physical form lying on the hospital bed, and he thought

that the end had come for him. However, he was aware of new freedom. All the pain

was gone. Peace flooded his soul. Thus began an amazing tour which took him into

the realms of the beyond, with an Angel of the Lord as his guide and teacher. He

beheld indescribable grandeur and beauty beyond mortal understanding.

From this vantage point, he could see the earth below and observed that in all of

God’s creation; it was the only planet out of tune with the melody of the Universe.

Among the many glorious truths revealed to him during his tour of the heavenlies,

he was shown the catastrophe soon to befall our beloved country and the entire


Simultaneously atomic explosions covered the earth. Intense heat swept the land,

destroying most of the civilized world as we know it today. But this atomic fire had a

cleansing effect upon the earth as well, purifying it of much that was harmful.

Only too soon it seemed, Dr. Lindsey’s unusual journey was over and he saw himself

returning to his physical form lying on that hospital bed, but now the injuries were

miraculously healed. He could see the doctors standing around amazed and

dumbfounded. Not a trace of his wounds remained.

In September of 1958, Dr. Lindsey was ministering to the Full Gospel Tabernacle in

Sacramento, California. He had been fasting and praying for several days. He

suddenly felt a flood of power saturate his body. His mind became clear as crystal

and his vision expanded until he beheld the planet earth spinning in space. Events of

the future unfolded before him.

That evening, God gave him a prophetic message specifying coming calamities,

earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and many scientific

and governmental events.

He indicated that a new day was dawning and "soon the kingdoms of this world shall

become the KINGDOMS OF OUR GOD AND HIS CHRIST." (See Rev. 11:15). But

before that glorious day is ushered in, many events are yet to take place. He then

quoted the prophecy of Jesus.

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall

be famine, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places."(Matt. Chapter 24)

He reminded the congregation that it is the function of the Holy Spirit to open our

understanding of not only the past and the present, but the future as well. "When

He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will teach you all things, and show you things to

come." (John 16:13)

He then detailed scores of specific events to be fulfilled from year to year for the

following ten years up through the year 1968. Many of these prophecies have been

literally fulfilled in precisely the year indicated. Verification of the fulfillment of these

prophecies has not yet been obtained, for in many cases they deal with scientific

discoveries which because of their nature, would be immediately classified "top

secret" in the interest of national security.

Prophetic Warning to America - 1958 Page 3 E. R. Lindsey, 1958

Beyond 1968, two major events are predicted; however, Dr. Lindsey was not given

to know just when they would occur. In previous ages God in His mercy warned

these who loved and served Him of coming disasters.

Surely the Lord God will do nothing except he revealeth his secret to his servants the

prophets. Amos 3:7

As in the day of Noah, God’s warning was heard, but the people refused to heed the

message. Likewise in this day God is warning his people through these visions and

revelations, the clearest warning of all will come exactly one year before the greatest

disaster of modern time’s strikes the earth.

This prophetic warning will come in the form of three signs. These three events will

occur in different parts of the world at the same time.

Australia will experience its greatest earthquake. A volcano will erupt in the

Mediterranean Sea, resulting in a huge tidal wave. A minor earthquake will occur in

California causing only negligible damage, but it will crack walls in both the city halls

of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

1. Australia and greatest earthquake.

2. Volcano erupting in the Mediterranean Sea

3. Minor earthquake in California – crack both walls in City Halls in Los Angeles

and San Francisco

Exactly one year from the simultaneous occurrence of these three events, a great

convulsion will shake the whole earth. In California, the San Andreas fault will split

and the land west of it will sink into the ocean. This will create 150 feet tidal waves

which will encircle the world, inundating most coastal cities of the earth. Huge cracks

will appear in the ground. Many volcanoes will erupt. The whole earth will shake.

Believing that the United States is helpless to defend herself, the Communist Block

will launch their atomic rockets upon the free world. The attack will last for threeand-

one-half days.

The combination of these terrifying events will annihilate a third part of the human

race, as well as a third part of all that grows.

In the aftermath of this calamity, out of Syria will come a man with a plan of peace,

which the whole world will accept and total peace will reign for three and one-half

years, with undreamed of progress being made in the greatest reconstruction

program ever undertaken by the human race.

A relatively small group of faithful followers of Jesus Christ have come through all

Prophetic Warning to America - 1958 Page 4 E. R. Lindsey, 1958

these calamities unharmed, for the protecting hand of Almighty God was upon them.

Now they are free to proclaim the message of the Kingdom with great power and

anointing with no interference.

At the conclusion of these three and one-half years, this man of Syria who is really

the "Man of Sin," the "Anti-Christ" will impose Martial Law upon all nations. The

identification mark, No. 666 will be required of every man before they will be

permitted to buy or trade.

This, of course, will bring into clear focus this small group of faithful servants of

Jesus Christ, numbering one gross thousand, who are proclaiming the message of

the Kingdom. They will refuse to take the mark of the Anti-Christ and therefore will

not be allowed to buy or sell.

But God will do with them as he did with the children of Israel in the desert.

Heavenly Manna will feed them. Eventually, all who refuse to accept the mark will be

persecuted. Many will die, others will flee to the wilderness and seek refuge with the

company of the True Church, where she has been established by obeying the

warnings and signs prior to the great disaster. Here she abides secure under the

shadow of the Almighty.

The Man of Sin, will declare all-out war upon these two groups, the Man-Child group

of the one gross thousand and the True Church in the Wilderness.

These two "witnesses" will be slain and left lying in the streets for three days, after

which time the Spirit of God will enter into their bodies, and raise them up into


Because of this resurrection miracle, millions will obey the message of the Kingdom.

At the conclusion of another three and one-half years, Jesus Christ will personally

return to this Earth to sit upon His rightful throne as King of Kings, and Lord of

Lords. The dead in Christ will be resurrected and those who are awaiting His coming

will be caught up to meet Christ in the sir.

The forces of Anti-Christ will be chained and helpless while God’s faithful witnesses

will help restore the Earth to its Eden-like paradise, as God originally intended it to




Vision from the Lord on January 22, 2018 by Garry Lovette

The Presence of God entered the room as I laid down for bed. I immediately sensed His overwhelming Presence and began to pray in the Spirit. I began to shake and these visions began to come and things that God showed me that will to come in the near future.

I saw Heaven open up so powerfully in certain places that people wouldn’t be able to stand because the Presence of God will be so strong.

The anointing will fall so heavily on different ones who have been in prayer and fasting. They will enter Wal-Mart, and the Presence of God will so surround them, that it will change the atmosphere in the entire store. People will be slain in the Spirit and some will lie prostrate on the floor as the Glory of God comes through the doors.

I saw people who had openly mocked God and hindered His work being violently removed. I saw great wealth being taken from the wicked, specifically George Soros, and given into the Kingdom.

The Lord has said that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will be filled with the Holy Ghost. They will not understand what has happened to them, but the American People will see it and be amazed. The world will be afraid of him because the Presence of God will go before him and surround Him.

A great sifting will happen in the halls of congress. Great exposure will happen in an unprecedented measure.

The Spirit that was on John Knox will settle on small children who have been seeing Angelic beings and speaking privately with the Lord. When these anointed child prophets enter a room, great conviction will fall, even on the hardest of hearts.

There will be a sound of music that will come from the Courts of Heaven that will be like nothing ever heard on this Earth before. It will permeate even the darkest places and bring the light of the Gospel to the most unreachable places on Earth.

Revival will sweep Europe. There will be open repentance by several World leaders, as they proclaim the name of Jesus before the eyes and ears of the World.

Highly acclaimed actors, actresses, sports figures, and politicians will be publicly humiliated and will be ostracized from their respective places. Some will be brought to justice for their crimes and will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

There will be whole cities comes to Christ in a single day, changing the entire atmosphere of the counties and parishes that they are in.

A very influential woman will be brought to her knees in repentance, and will begin to have a significant impact on ending abortion.

God will give the unjust a window to repent who have openly rejected and mocked Him. Then His swift judgment will remove them never to be heard from again. This will happen fairly soon.

I saw rain fall from an open sky. I saw rain fall from a cloudless sky. This will be a sign that God is in complete control, and is not limited by man’s limitations. Scientist will try to explain it away, but they will not be able to.

I once again saw a green wave, just as I did when I was 18 years old that was like a tsunami. It was coming up a great river. That wave has come now. It represents new life, greater life. The wave brings change. Those who stand in the way of change will be swept away. Those who ride the wave will be spared and greatly blessed.

Time has accelerated. Things that used to take weeks now only take seconds. The Gospel is now reaching places that presently were unreachable.

There will be an escalation of new churches planted. These are necessary as old dry, stale churches have hindered the work of the Kingdom, and will be abandoned and closed more and more. As sin doth abound, Grace does much more abound!

Millions will be swept into the Kingdom just in the United States alone.

God will begin to plant creative thoughts into the minds of those who hunger to do more for God. Ideas that you have never thought of before will suddenly be in your mind when you wake up. I encourage all of you to sleep with a pen and paper by your bedside, or a means to write down what Holy Spirit gives you. Some of you will get only one word….just one single word. Write it down. Keep it. God will show you in due season what it means.

Rejoice, for there will be a great return of prodigals to the House of God. Prayers that have been prayed for decades are being answered as we speak.

There will be creative miracles in the House of God. These and other miracles will become commonplace in many churches as God begins to move.

Churches that once were given up for dead will come to life in great fashion. Hungry people will once again fill their pews and chairs. Many churches will have to build or rent bigger places to accommodate the hungry worshippers.

God will supernaturally download ideas to city government leaders on how to save millions of dollars for their cities and municipalities. God will show them how to save their cities.

Great revival is sweeping rural America. Soon there will be an unprecedented move of God in several inner cities. So great will be these moves of God, that it will have an immediate impact on the crime rate.

Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta will experience great revival. It will start in each of these places in a way that no one saw coming.

Great cancellation of debt is coming to many. A spirit of Jubilee will come upon many creditors. For reasons that they don’t completely understand, they will begin to cancel many of the debts owed to them. This will cause their companies to grow so quickly that they will not be able to hire people quickly enough.

This was from God given to me as I lay in my bed on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018.

Garry Lovette


Prophecies by Byron Searle about the Middle East and North Korea wars

The Lord says:

My son, hear the word of the Lord and write this down, My churches are full of lying spirits. They speak in My name yet I know them not. The lying Jezebel has so infiltrated My body that sexual sins that were abhorred by My people are accepted and promoted. False doctrines abound that are not in My word, yet because My people are ignorant of My word they are being deceived.

My son, the judgments that My Watchmen and true Prophets speak are now in progress. All Eyes must watch Israel for that is My timepiece, and soon Israel will expand her boundaries. The world is now ready for war, the red horse has now stirred the hearts of evil men to be filled with lust and jealousy. My People Israel are now moved to defend their selves and all the world will gasp at the end result. Israel will be most hated of all Nations, and America will condemn harshly with words.

America with all her pride will with confidence attack North Korea after the Olympic Games. The victory will only infill the nation and King with more pride. My son, Pride goeth before the fall and this nation has great pride and will have a great fall.

My children hear My word, thus saith the Lord, prepare your heart for a time of great testing is upon you. Prepare your houses for great destruction is upon you. Prepare your store house for many of My children will perish by famine and pestilence.

Prepare to trust Me in all things, that will require great faith. If you cannot have faith in Me now during the good times, how will you walk in faith during the testing? My children you have not been taught faith, you have been taught greed by wolves in sheep’s clothing that have polluted the gospel and how to walk in faith. My son, time is now. The testing is coming. Keep my body in the word.



The prophecy by Charlie Shamp on December 25, 2017 for Finland and president Sauli Niinistö

The Lord spoke to me that the nation of Finland is on the brink of a suddenly outpouring. There is coming a release of Holy Spirit revival that the country has never experienced before in its history and it will come suddenly! I saw in the spirit this passage of scripture suspended over the nation like a cloud in the shape of a hand. “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” Acts 2:2-4 God is sending a new sound, a massive cloud, a downpour of revival that shakes the ground! I hear the Lord declaring over Finland, “

I will put a new song in my people’s mouths, a song of praise will rise from the deepest part of the nation’s heart. Many will see me face to face and will put their trust in this new found grace. I will open their lips so that their mouths will declare my praise, they will worship me as the Ancient of Days.”

I saw the Re-Election of President Sauli Niinistö as God has prophetically positioned him to lead the nation for a second term. There will come a strong encounter from the Lord during his second term in office that will set his heart ablaze for the things of the Lord. It will set the coarse for the nation to return to the Lord.

I heard the Lord say, “The birth of a child will herald the dawn of a new day in the country. I will expand and increase my governmental glory in the nation at the birth of the baby, it will be for a sign. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government will be upon his shoulder: and his name will be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this. For Finland will sing of my Son’s strength; yes, you will joyfully sing of His lovingkindness as the nation rises to my morning light. For Christ has been your stronghold and a refuge in the day of distress for the nation in years past. Listen to me Finland, I dwell on a high and holy place and also with the contrite and lowly of spirit in order to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite. I’m calling to you Finland, the deep is calling out to the deep. I will send out the light of my glory and truth of my word to draw you close to me. I will lead you to the holy hill and my dwelling place that I have reserved for you. The altar of prayer will be set ablaze and with a mighty shout the people will praise. You will remove the foreign gods and the idol from the house of the Lord, as well as all the false altars which have been built on the mountain of the house of the Lord and you will throw them down. You will set up the altar of prayer and praise for the coming generations to see. People will gather for days to lift up my name, yes night and day they will gather.

A revival, an outpouring that shakes the ground with salvations and wonders. Prepare yourself for heaven’s rain, a revival will come that will wipe away all your past pain. The power of the Lord will be on display as many testify to the glory falling like rain.”

Prophet Charlie Shamp

A comment by Jouko Piho:

President Sauli Niinistö got re-elected on January 28, 2018 and he and his wife got a baby boy on February 2, 2018.

Now we are waiting for this Holy Spirit awakening to come to Finland.


Prophetic Dream: U.S. Land Invasion by Chinese; Citizens Forced Out of Home and State

In a dream on September 14 2017, I saw my husband and I standing outside of our home.  Though it did not look like our area, I knew it was.  We were walking about, with a sense of knowing that we were somehow on our way out. As time passed, we slowly acknowledged that we were not going to be living there anymore, yet were perplexed and without direction.

As we walked around, not knowing exactly what was happening or where we were going, I suddenly noticed that Chinese people began appearing everywhere.  I did not recognize any Americans, only Chinese people.

I felt like we stood out because we were the only Americans I could see.  I looked around at them, as it seemed like they were all now living here.  We continued walking, and in doing so, the feeling of us not belonging there anymore was intensifying.  There was even a sense of feeling afraid that had me thinking, “Where are we going? What are we going to do?” We clung to one another like lost little children.

As we walked on a sidewalk, we soaked in the beauty of our surroundings where we lived. Suddenly, we knew we were getting a last look at our area we loved so much. Ahead of us was a small hill. At the top was what looked like a little building. I said to my husband Jon, “Hey look, before we leave, let’s go up there and get a bite to eat”. Then I realized we did not have enough money to spend on food as I stuck my hand in my pocket and pulled out only a small amount enough for coffee.

I said, “Jon, we do not have enough for food, but we can at least purchase a cup of coffee and rest a little while”.

We walked up to the building and went in.  It looked like some kind of lounge area.  I saw only Chinese people inside.  One man was reading a newspaper and drinking coffee, while another woman was on her laptop, and others were quietly talking.

I felt that we did not even belong there and though many were drinking coffee, there was nowhere for us, as Americans, to get coffee. We did not even bother sitting down because there was really no reason for us to be there.  It was as if we were not welcome there, and that as Americans, we were phased out.  The longer the dream went on, the more and more our knowledge increased that we were forced to leave – not because we wanted to.

At that moment, a Chinese woman walked in and introduced herself.  She was friendly, but we knew she was not there just to be considerate, but that she was sent to us.  She spoke to us in the same friendly manner, yet it was business.  I cannot remember her exact words, but it was clear that she was sent to “help us”. She was unmistakably sent as an escort to transition us out of our home and state.  She motioned to us that we had to leave the little building.

All three of us walked back down the hill to a small park near the ocean.  My husband and I sat at a picnic bench on one side, and the Chinese woman sat on the other.  She was letting us know there was no rush, to take our time before we had to go; so, we turned to look out to the ocean and watched surfers surfing and a few people walking on the seashore.

We both sat and took it all in, knowing we were looking at our sea for the very last time before we would be escorted out of our state.

It is clear this dream shows a land invasion; a Chinese take-over with us losing our rights as American citizens.  The fact that we had almost no money left (the total amount that would add to a cup of coffee), shows our financial demise and our phase out. It was clear what was on the horizon having seen all the Chinese people living where we once did, as well as being forced and escorted out of our home and state.

Conclusion by Brook Ardoin:
The takeover seemed to come suddenly and without warning as Joanie and Jon were “perplexed” and “without direction”. They had no inclination of where they were headed or how this was possible due to financial lack. Whether the United States was already in a bad place monetarily or the Chinese just did not allow them to take saved money along, we do not know. Will the citizens be allowed to choose their destination or will the Chinese specify relocation?

On March 8, 2016, AMTM posted an interview with Joanie Stahl titled, “The Gathering Global Storm and God’s Guidance” (Episode 027). I posted the link at end of this article. In this interview, Joanie discusses a dream she had in January 2016. It is a short, but a jam-packed dream of a Chinese takeover of the nation.

In May of 2016, Joanie had another dream concerning the Chinese takeover of the U.S., in even greater detail than this recent one. I added the link at the bottom of this post for all who would like to read it. Joanie also added a dream given to Sean H., AMTM contributing writer, in which he also speaks of events coming out of Asia.

I highly recommend both the show interview and the article, both found below to tie into this dream along with any other sources you may have heard who discuss a Chinese invasion upon our land. As I always say, do not take the word of just AMTM, but be willing to take the time and look into all three sources (this one included); take it all before the Lord in prayer and ask His direction and revelation of this material. No doubt the warnings/messages are ripe involving China – what will we do with the information is the question?

One noteworthy incident from the May 2016 dream, as compared to this latest one, is how the Chinese took everything from their home that Joanie deemed “of our American culture and lives”. They were then able to return to their homes later, only to find that nothing belonged to them any longer – the Chinese took complete ownership. In this recent dream, it is evident they would never be returning to their homes as the Chinese took over and began a process of “helping” them through it in order to remove them from their state. So, we see first a temporary removal from their home, and now a permanent removal and the uncertainty of where they will go/live.

In either case, the main point to take away from these dreams is that one of the greatest agendas of the Chinese is the complete takeover of real estate and land in the USA. Most of us are already aware, but for those who are not, the Chinese already own a huge portion of land and real estate in America. They have acquired more and more over the last several years. Many have reported they have done so as collateral against the US.

In this regard, once the Chinese invade the USA (as seen in dreams and visions of many prominent men and women of God), they will already have a solid position in owning much within the United States as far as large corporations (such as energy plants), National Parks, etc.

Once inside our borders, their focus will turn to forcing American citizens out of our homes and property. Will we first be allowed to return under their ownership for a brief time (as can be read about in full in below link to article), or will they immediately force us out? Will they play a role in FEMA camps? If so, what would happen to US citizens in these camps? These different scenarios are solely my own questions/thoughts in relation to the content of the dreams as real possibilities.

Regardless of what all will transpire, or if we are here when it does, all we must do as God’s children is remain faithful in prayer and communion with Him – in Him lies the fullness of our safety and protection. God always has a remnant, but we must do our part and continue to reside under the shadow of the Almighty. The victory belongs to the Lord!

Brook Ardoin

The Gathering Global Storm & God’s Guidance – Episode 027 (Chinese Takeover of America with Joanie S.)

Government Takeover and Chinese Communism – Prophetic Dream (article by Joanie S)

Author: Joanie Stahl

As a young Jewish girl, Joanie Sthal received Jesus as her Messiah and soon began receiving dreams and visions of world events. At first these gifts scared her, so she asked for them to cease. Instead, they increased and she surrendered her will to His. By spending much time alone with the Lord she learned how to be guided by Him and to wait on Him for interpretation
Today, Joanie is a wife and mother. She believes the time has come for the “Bride to make herself ready,” which is why she now feels released to share her dreams and visions received during the past 40 years as warnings of things that will soon take place. She is currently a cohost on A Minute to Midnite. You can visit her on the You Tube Channel, or at the website:



Warnings of Major Earthquake Coming to California

I received an email this week from Byron Searle sharing a prophetic warning he received recently regarding a major earthquake striking the west coast of the United States.

Byron is the same man who recently shared a word regarding four judgments coming upon the United States, which was shared anonymously using an alias name, Military Mike, which was given to him by Lyn Leahz when she interviewed him. Since then, he received permission from the Lord to go ahead and share the warnings using his real name.

His latest warning was so disturbing, I felt it needed to be presented within a larger context of other similar warnings to help us see how close we are to the fulfillment. So, below his testimony, I have included confirmations from several others including the late prophet Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, and several Z3 News contributors.

The good news is God is not only giving prophetic warnings, but also prophetic signs to watch for, which will let us know when the time is close. Even though He has been warning about this event for many years, and even though His warnings have been largely ignored by the Church, He is graciously providing more warnings, including the preceding signs.

Byron’s previous word revealed a sequence of events with a 12.2 west coast earthquake preceded by a 9.1, so the 12.2 is not the next thing coming.

In 2012, Z3 News contributing author Kevin Mirasi was shown a 9 or 10 magnitude earthquake would be preceded by a 5.7 magnitude followed by a 7.5. (see the complete post)

So, combining Byron’s and Kevin’s warnings reveals a series of progressively stronger earthquakes beginning with 5.7, then a 7.5, then a 9.1, and finally the big one, 12.2. A 5.7 earthquake struck off the coast of California on September 22, 2017.

This week, Byron received the following warning, revealing the 12.2 will follow the 9.1 within 24 hours.

Warnings from Bob Jones:

At a 2012 meeting at MorningStar Ministries, the late prophet Bob Jones shared the following warnings.

Caliente is located in southern California, 22 miles southeast of Bakersfield. Mexicali is located due west of San Diego, in Baja California, which is a state in northwest Mexico. Other parts of Baja CA have had major earthquakes in the past few years, including a 7.2 magnitude in Delta in 2010 and a 7.0 magnitude in San Luis in 2012, but I did not find any direct hits on either Caliente or Mexicali (Source:

Warnings from Rick Joyner:

Speaking at the same meeting with Bob Jones, MorningStar founder Rick Joyner shared the following warning.

These warnings were recorded in the following video.

Warnings from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:

For three days in a row in 2015, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj received warnings from God regarding a coming earthquake in the United States.

Sundar shares this testimony in the following 25-minute video, which was recorded in August 2015.

Warnings from Rachel Baxter:

Z3 News contributing author Rachel Baxter posted the following comment on August 26, 2016.

Santa Barbara is located on the California coast, just north of Los Angeles. On May 31 2016, Rachel Baxter posted the following comment.

Warnings from Elizabeth Marie:

On August 26 2016, Z3 News contributing author Elizabeth Marie posted the following comment.

Warning from Katie Troutman:

Earlier this year, Z3 News contributing author Katie Troutman received a dream regarding a disaster coming to California.


Putting all these warnings together, we should be watching for smaller earthquakes hitting in Caliente CA, Mexicali Mexico, and Santa Barbara CA. One of these could be the 7.5 magnitude seen by Kevin Mirasi. The 9.1 and 12.2 earthquakes would follow those events.

A 12.2 earthquake would split California, causing the western part of the state to fall into the sea. An event of that magnitude would kill millions of people because Los Angeles and other coastal areas would be completely destroyed, which explains why Byron was told, “Many people will perish this day and hell will be enlarged.”

Beyond the human tragedies, the United States economy would be destroyed because California is by far the largest state economically with over $2.6 trillion in annual GDP. To put it in perspective, California’s economy is larger than the combined total of 25 other states. (Source: Wikipedia) And since the U.S. is the world’s largest economy, it would also be devastating to the world’s economy.

God has provided other insights into future economic events, including a severe economic crash coming with a currency devaluation and banking holidays. Beyond that, God has revealed the U.S. dollar will eventually become worthless. As bad as those events would be, a 12.2 earthquake hitting the west coast would be far worse. The United States would be severely weakened, not just economically, but militarily, making us an easy target for foreign powers to invade. The global political and military landscape would be forever changed, setting the stage for the rise of a global government, ruled by the beast. (Revelation 13)

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.



Hannu Enbuska´s prophecy about Ingria

I have felt during last days (September 2017) that we should pray for Ingria (the area around Saint Petersburg). God wants to give Ingria back to Finnish people.

Jouko Piho´s comment:

I confirm. Ingria will get rid of Russia and it will be an autonomous area which will join into Finland as part of a Greater Finland.


The Prophetic Conference – the fifth video

This is the fifth video of the Prophetic Conference which was held on August 26, 2017 in Helsinki.

Tracey Taylor leads first into worship and then Theo Elsey is speaking. In the end of the meeting there are prayer and blessings.

Here is the link to the video: .


The Prophetic Conference - the fourth video

This is the fourth video of the Prophetic Conference held on August 26, 2017 in Helsinki. The speakers are Jouko Piho, Seppo Linnanlehto and Tracey Taylor. The meeting was longer than the maximum length of the video (1½h hours), so the end part of the meeting will be published later on.

The link to the video: .


The Prophetic Conference - the third video

The Prophetic Conference was held on August 26, 2017 in Helsinki. In this 3rd video Tracey Taylor is leading worship and after that Theo Elsey is speaking. The meeting was longer than planned, so unfortunately the video is incomplete, because the video file has a time limit of 1½ hours.

The link to the video is here: .


The Prophetic Conference – the second video

The Prophetic Conference was held in Helsinki on August 26, 2017. This is the second video of the conference. First there is a short speech by Jouko Piho, then worship by Tracey Taylor and finally the speech of Theo Elsey from Britain.

Here is the link: .


The message by Sister Katy

God spoke to me for 2 hours starting at 1 a.m. in 2003. Paul my husband and I had been Assembly of God Christian missionaries since 1999 at that point. Besides talking about the day that the electricity would not work, He told me of His anger about genetic engineering and the mistreatment of farm and work animals and that He has called us humans to a simple life like the way the Amish farm and live.


The first video of the Prophetic Conference

Here is the link to the first video of the Prophetic Conference. That video has Jouko Piho´s speech. I begin in Finnish, but soon I speak both in Finnish and English. The videos of other speakers will be published later on.

Here is the link to the Youtube-video:


The Prophetic Conference in Finland

The Prophetic Conference – The Future of Finland was held in Helsinki on Saturday 26 August 2017.

We were not so many, 17 people, gathered together, but in spite of that the conference was very strong in the Spirit and much giving.

Jouko Piho, the host of the conference, told what was the origin of the conference referring to email contacts with Theo Elsey and Nanou Mukolonga.

The message of Piho´s speech was that the future of Finland will be twosided: there will be both a spiritual and a national revival. Piho told also that this spiritual awakening does not come until the punishment comes first. This punishment comes because of the sins of Finnish people. The punishing whip will be the Russian army which will occupy an eastern and northern part of Finland for some time. At the same time there will be a shortage of food and the collapse of the economy which will put Finnish people on their knees to seek God and  to go to churches. And then the revival will break out.

This revival will be also national so that Finland will leave both euro and EU and return to the total independence again.

Finland will also get back those ceded territories, Petsamo and Karelia, which Finland lost to Soviet Union during the last war.

Jouko Piho told also about an American Christian woman, sister Katy, who got the prophecy about Karelia in 2010. God says to Russia: “Karelia, whom do you think that country belongs to? You Russia attacked a peaceful country and took Karelia. But I tell you that you must return Karelia back to the Finnish people.”

Finally Jouko Piho sang the song he made in 2010 about the returning of Karelia.

The second speaker was Theo Elsey from Britain who lives in Congleton near Manchester. Two years ago he and the prayer group felt that they should begin to pray for Finland. Then Theo found me via Google and emailed me in February 2016 telling that God is showing them that he has a really big plan for Finland.

They felt also that a conference together with Finnish believers should be arranged in Helsinki in 2017.

The idea about a conference was finally birthed in February 2017 after a French woman, Nanou Mukolonga, emailed me and told that she had seen me in her dream without knowing anything about me or Finland. I took that as a sign that I should begin to arrange that conference and after six months it was held. It was planned that Nanou would be one of the speakers, but unfortunately some hindrances came up so she could not come to Finland.

In his speech Theo Elsey spoke also strongly about the Jewish roots saying that Finnish people are the descendants of Issachar.

Theo told that God has spoken also to him about the return of Karelia back to Finland. That was amazing, because I had not talked at all with Theo about this topic.

Then Theo said that God has urged him to build in Finland. The time will tell what it is, but Theo has in his mind an idea about a peaceful retreat place by some beautiful lake which could be a rest and refuge place for people who have suffered from terrorism.

Another British guest, Tracey Taylor, led in her sensitive way the audience to song, praise and worship. The presence of God and the Holy Spirit was strong, impressive and thought provoking.

Tracey spoke about bad words through which Finnish people have been put down, but now God wants good for Finland and Finnish people should receive in faith this love of God towards the Finns.

In the beginning of the conference we had a glad miracle when God sent us a new translator, because the man who had promised to be a translator, could not come. But a man, Kimmo Tiira, came, because God had said to him that he should come to our conference. Kimmo was obedient and he turned out to be an experienced interpreter. It was a great help to us.

We had also an extra speaker, Seppo Linnanlehto from the Åland Isles, whom God also sent to our conference. Seppo told about many wonderful prophecies God has given to him.

In the end we prayed together the Aaronic Blessing for Finland, Britain and Israel. We had got great blessings at the conference and we believe that the rains of God´s blessing will be poured upon these three countries which are connected with each other by the will and purpose of God.


Sister Katy´s message for Jouko Piho 

August 21, 2017  9:10 A.M. Message from God for Pastor Piho.

Holy Spirit:  

My people must lead and not follow. Return Finland to Christ and then the world to Christ. America elected a man who was lied about who seeks the good. Be that man in Finland. Turn the swan of Tuonela to the cross. 
Every nation has its own angel.
The nations are like leaves on a tree. Without the leaves, the tree dies. When the nations  die, the planet dies.


Sister Katy´s message

August 4, 2017 Sunday

Dear Pastor Piho,
I have been asking God since your email if he had anything to say about Finland. I have asked several times and there was no response until today. Therefore God's message for Finland follows.

Sunday August 20, 2017 7:51 P.M. God said "You have asked me about Finland, daughter of Yahweh. For too long the people of Finland have forgotten who they are. The angel of Finland hangs her head and weeps for this nation. Finland is the mother of the north. Through Germany, the sons and daughters of Jacob and Leah and Rachel came, seeking more freedom and autonomy, settling western Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, northern Scotland and Ireland, all the way to Iceland.

You Finns had a seagoing empire across the north Atlantic, an empire of freedom, prosperity and hope. Much of your history has been erased, even archaelogical sites put to the axe and bulldozer. You have had your history stolen from you. Mother Finland, you have become stepchild Finland, your king and queen deposed, your nobility scattered.

Men of Finland, wake up and protect your heritage, your women and children. Send the Ishmaelites who hate you back to their own lands but build them safe places where they can live in peace if they desire peace.

If a man will not work, then he shall not eat. This is as true today as it was in the days of Apostle Paul.  Finland, you are like a burdened donkey whose back is nigh broken under a burden no nation can bear without failing.

Move for a while to higher ground, at least 100 feet above sea level. Water is coming. Judgment of the unrighteous is near, even at the door.

Let not Finland be among the unrighteous.

You must be raising your own food and treating your animals well.  They are yours to use, not to treat badly.  Do not use genetically engineered animals or plants for any purpose. They are an abomination in my sight.

Go to the highest mountains and hills and repent and seek My face. I shall heal your land when you cease disobeying My laws.

Covet not thy neighbor's wife nor yet anything which is thy neighbor's, not his land, or house or barn, or livestock. Grow your own food and build your own house. Return to me and to the land, the wilderness.

All those who would be My people must go to the wilderness. Return to simplicity and I will be by your side now and forever.

That is all.  This is my message to Finland and every nation that desires peace and prosperity.


The Prophetic Conference – The Future of Finland

Helsinki  August 26, 2017

Il Canto Hall, Svinhufvudintie 1


11.00 – 11.45 Opening (Jouko Piho)

11.45 – 12.15 Pause

12.15 – 12.30 Music and prayer (Tracey Taylor)

12.30 – 13.15 Speech (Theo Elsey)

13.15 – 14.30 Pause

14.30 -15.30 Music and prayer (Tracey Taylor, Theo Elsey)

15.30 – 16.00 Speech (Tracey Taylor)

16.00 – 17.00 Pause

17.00 – 18.30 Evening meeting (Jouko Piho, Theo Elsey, Tracey Taylor)


The prophetic message of Trace Taylor about repentance

You may watch and listen the prophetic message of Trace Taylor about repentance here: .


Trump is Bringing War – Time to Stop Blaming Deep State.

by Nathan Leal

By now, it should be obvious that it was all theater.

…A ruse.

…A performance.

…A dramatic production.

…A deception whose mission has been accomplished.

Ladies and gentlemen, Trump’s arrival in the White House was not a miracle of the people. He was chosen. He was selected. He was the means to their end. But many evangelicals did not see it. They believed the voices of the watchmen on the radio who told them that Trump was God’s man.

While war drums are beating the watchmen dropped the ball

But now the truth has come out. Trump is not God’s man to bring greatness. Instead, he is the man to bring war. If the watchman had been doing their job, they would have seen Trump’s true colors.

Why didn’t they?

Are these strong words? Yes they are. Because they failed to tell you the truth about Donald Trump. And worse, they failed to see it themselves. But are they admitting that they missed it? No. Many of them are now blaming Trump’s woes on Deep State.

This is absurd.

Deep State did not appoint Wilbur Ross the Rothschild alumnus to be on Trump’s cabinet….Trump did.

Deep State did not appoint the many Goldman Sachs members to be on Trump’s cabinet….Trump did.

….Nor did Deep State appoint CFR members, or Bilderberg members to be entwined in the Oval Office.

Deep State did not choose billionaires who took part in exporting thousands of American jobs overseas, it was Trump who chose them.

Trump chose Paul Manafort, the compromised Russian lobbyist.

Trump chose Michael Flynn, the compromised Russian lobbyist.

Trump chose Steve Bannon, the one who wanted to destroy everything. And bring America crashing down.

Trump chose Stephen Feinberg, the CEO of Cerberus Capital Management to be on his team and oversee Intelligence agencies. Which means Feinberg’s job will be to spy on the spies.

Cerberus is a hedge fund that owns the mercenary group Dyncorp, which has been involved in scandals involving trafficking of under aged children. Cerberus also loaned Trump the funds to build Trump Tower in Chicago. Stephen Feinberg’s appointment is Trump returning favors

Deep State did not force Donald Trump to borrow 312 million dollars from George Soros to build a tower…. Donald Trump made deal with Soros, all by himself, which proves that they are not enemies.

I could go on, but Deep State did not appoint these insiders to the Trump team or the Trump Universe.

Election 2016 – A Ruse

The biggest ruse in modern politics has taken place in the United States of America. Donald Trump was used to deceive evangelical Christians into thinking that he was going to make a difference and restore their beloved country to pseudo-greatness.

In truth, Donald Trump opened the exit door, and allowed the very elite who were once touted as being the enemy, to enter the Oval Office and begin making policies that will take America into a season of horrible darkness, calamity, and war. The Neocons never left folks. They are swimming in the Oval Office.

I know that many evangelicals feared that if Hillary got elected, war would come, so they denied her the presidency. But the globalist knew this was going to happen. So through the crafty use of the Hegelian Dialectic, they made Hillary the villain, and selected a false hero for the people. That man was Donald Trump. He was selected to be the alternative. And he was also promoted as an outsider and newcomer, who would bring glory to America.

Positive prophecies were made about him. Unfortunately, those prophecies were false. Let me say that again. The Mark Taylor prophecy about Donald Trump is a fallacy. And it has now been exposed to be a lie. The same goes for the prophecies of Lance Wallnau.

War is Coming

Mark Taylor’s prophecy said that Donald Trump would be a man of his word. In the past 100 days, Donald Trump has proven that he struggles telling the truth.

During his campaign, Donald Trump touted America First. He said that he did not support America’s efforts to police the world with war. But now, Trump has flip-flopped and is about to start World War III. And many people are going to die. Why? Because Trump was chosen to be the war president.

- The CFR knew it.

- The Neocons knew it.

- The Bankers knew it

- The Globalists knew it.

- Hillary Clinton knew it.

- His billionaire buddies knew it.

- Henry Kissinger knew it.

….And I knew it.

I have been warning about it since Trump began his campaign. I stated publicly that Trump was going to bring war. How did I know? Because the Lord revealed that war is coming years ago. America is under judgment folks. America’s judgment will be made up of four portions. I call it the four fold judgment. The four parts include; famine, pestilence, evil invasion, and the sword. The sword judgment consists of war. And it is on its way.

Ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump is going to bring war.

I repeat, Donald Trump is going to bring war, which means death is coming to America. War folks! And it’s going to be horrible.


Because America has an appointment. Her cup of iniquity is full. And God is going to pour it out over the land. When the liquid touches the ground, the earth will shake with a thunder. Mountains will quake. Trees will shudder. And men’s hearts will faint.

Missiles will fly. Harpoons of the enemy will breach the heavens, and a migration from the sky will arrive…

…which will bring one bad day to America.

It is coming ladies and gentlemen. And it’s not going to happen because of Deep State. It is coming because Donald J. Trump was chosen to bring fire and death to America and the world. He projected this during his inauguration. He told all of his what he was gonna do.

War Symbolism

During his inaugural speech, he sent a subtle message to those with the eyes to see. Do you remember it? A few minutes into his speech, ten military officers stood behind him and said nothing. They represented five branches of the military.

And Trump’s message was obvious…. Which was this – As president, he would have the US military standing behind him as he led the military to war!

It is coming my friends. Even now as I type these words, the US military is preparing for war on several fronts including: North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia and China.

The US government is also preparing for a false flag attack on American soil. Another 911 is coming folks! It may be a terrorist attack, an EMP, an attack through plague or epidemic, or something else. But it’s goal will be to bring America under martial law.

Shock and Awe

In conclusion, a great horror is approaching. It will bring shock and awe to the strongest among us. And it will destroy those who are the weakest.

I cannot say this enough folks. People are going to die. So it is up to you to make sure that your life has been submitted to God.

Get your houses in order. It is time to repent. It is time for all of God’s people to examine themselves and take spiritual inventory. Make sure that your relationship with Jesus is strong. Nourish it my friends.

I also want to encourage all of you to inventory your physical preparations. Make sure you have stored food, if you lost power for 3 to 7 days, would you make it? What if it happened for a month? Three months? These are things that must be examined and considered.

Don’t delay folks.

Fill your lamps with oil. Your hearts with God’s Word, and your storehouse with food.

To be continued…

In His service,

Nathan Leal

Watchman’s Cry

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The dream of SkyJo about the destruction of America

The current U.S./N.K. conflict will become nuclear.  People seem to be hoping and cheering for this war online here in America and they are unaware how drastically and suddenly things will change for them.  The results were shown to me as experiences, as though through my own eyes: not at all like a motion picture.  They upset me bad enough it's too difficult for me to structure them for you like a story, in a narrative.  The best I can do, sir, is pictures.  Images.

Here below is what I have seen.

The internet and all digital and electronic devices will cease to work after this conflict.

Technologically and socially, America will be reduced to what looked like 1965-1967.

There are drastically fewer people in America after the conflict.  Streets are emptier.  Cities are smaller and more quiet.  I saw white Americans fearful of minorities and each other, afraid of being "held responsible" and "blamed" universally for something.  Their faces looked very drawn and extremely worried and sad.  Births of white American babies seemed to have stopped.

There is no television and are no movies anymore.  Hollywood was shown recovering but its second coming was as a smaller town with weaker technology and fewer budgets.  The era of big bombastic movies with loud effects and soundtracks was depicted as gone forever.

There will be a VERY long and severe electrical outage affecting Los Angeles and all of California, but Los Angeles was shown as spared from atomic or other military attack.  San Diego, however, had a bad feeling over it and so did San Francisco, especially.  "Nobody goes up there."

Americans sad, heads and faces down, voices quieter.  A sense of great sorrow and shame.

Fewer cars on the road.  More people forced to uses buses and especially trains.  Carriages drawn by horses become an elite luxury, and those who own both admired, hated, stolen from.

Mexicans and other Latinos were shown having fled south to the Mexico/U.S. border in sudden sharp panic (I think because of the atomic attack).  Mexico militarizes their border.  Latinos are let through for the most part to safety.  Non-Latinos detained, questioned, held and driven back.

Millennials (people age 18-35 in the U.S.) committing suicide en masse in reaction at the loss of the technology they are used to.  The younger generation behind them commits robberies, rapes and homicides en masse, and may mass suicide as well.  Generation X (40-55), used to analog technology and secretly delighted the digital age is at an end, takes over.

Korea as a whole is wiped out. 

I sense a "hopefulness" in the air South Korea would be reunited with the North as a result of this but what I saw was both Koreas destroyed and disappearing together.  NK attacks SK as it, itself, is destroyed to make sure SK does not prevail and thus humiliate NK in the pages of history.  Many many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, die.

Chinese street signs dominate California and may also the rest of America.  The signs are dark blue and have Chinese pictograms in large fonts, then English underneath in much smaller letters. 

China was shown as having conquered America.  Completely.

Race relations "improve" after the conflict because China does not observe the same racism towards non-whites as white Americans do, and white Americans then become the class most often discriminated against.  Everyone of every race seems to now hate them and brand them "murderers" and "responsible".  I think this is because of the war.  Everyone seems to know who started it.  Everyone now has the social power to act on it.  White Americans suffer, work in homes as servants and maids, and are enslaved, renamed and humiliated by Asian masters.

Fallout will affect many.  At least three U.S. cities will disappear.

These cities seem to be, on basis of how often my nightmares named and showed them since about 1985, New York, Atlanta and an unknown one not named, near or on the West Coast.  Again LA is not shown harmed but its population will fall.  Many move away.

The generation younger than Millennials (Z?) were shown profiteering, surviving, even thriving by living in a kind of bazaar or flea market economy, selling black market items with no price tags and operating on cash or barter only.  They all seem to be wearing sea netting and slick, shiny, brightly colored hair (look up Seapunk online and this is what it looked like in the dreams; note that before these dreams I had never seen that look before AND IT DIDN'T YET EXIST.  NOW IT DOES AND I FIND THAT FRIGHTENING IN THE EXTREME).  The look was "Atlantis is now."

Deeds and laws no longer matter.  Want to live in that big deserted mansion whose owners have fled or died?  Well, if you have a big enough gun and you dare to do it, it's Yours.

And the dreams showed many people, including myself, doing that.

All stores and shopping malls gone.  Commerce dead.  Corporations and banks destroyed.  They will come back, but I saw that as more than a decade from now, after the conflict.

America's population falls from about 345 million to what appears to be less than 150 million.

So much sobbing, grieving, public mourning.  SO many corpses and pieces of corpses.  Men who make their living burning or burying bodies will never run out of work to do.  Most corpses I saw wound up incinerated because of radiation and disease.  America has never witnessed, seen or experienced a level of mass death like this that was shown.  It teaches us to end our aggression forever.  We'll never be as eager for war again.

Cause of the war is a U.S. invasion and air attack on North Korea.

Russia and China pretend to ally with us but then double back round and strike us from behind as we least expect it.  China invades from the West Coast.  In the dreams I saw Mongolian soldiers on horseback and wearing metal pointed helmets and blue cloaks riding from Marina del Rey and other coast towns through LA and directly west, to pierce across the mainland.  These came from inside of what looked like big Chinese destroyers and aircraft carriers.  They were just suddenly there: there were so many they filled the Pacific Ocean skyline as seen from MDR and Playa.

The Chinese landfall was shown occurring at exactly sunset during a warm part of the year.


The dream by JL in 2014

My guardian took me to a place that I felt was the middle east.  I was taken to a high rise and into the basement of the building.  There were many Muslim men standing forward in what I call a comatose state, and one Muslim woman dressed all in red.  The all stood there in a waist deep pool of blood of their enemy's (I believe it was Christian blood).  Not much else went on, but I remember the smell.  I could smell the blood and I put my hand up to my nose because it was so strong.  I ended up turning to my guardian saying I couldn't handle staying because it was so bad.  It made me sick.

My interpretation of the dream led me to sense that it symbolized death to Muslims, but I am not quite sure of the meaning.


The dream by JL in 1986

Pertaining to how I was treated by those who considered themselves Christians.  I was shunned out of the circle of devout Christians because I chose to walk the talk like Jesus did and talk with those who were lost.  You can't find non-Christians when you shelter yourself in a circle of those who thought they were righteous so as not to converse with anyone else.  These individuals called me a "Sinner."  I'm sure you will find the irony in this with John 3:16.  That evening, I was troubled by their behavior and got on my knees to pray asking, "Lord, Am I still your child?":

It was during the end times.  I was in a cave where those who who could get there had to scale the side of a mountain with a path so narrow you had your back to the mountain.  I was near the entrance in a cavern to the left, sitting on an army green wool blanket, a lantern to my right, and reading the Bible.  Most people were afraid and trailed deeper into the caverns.  As I read, a man in a white robe came into the cave saying, "I'm Jesus Christ, worship me." I looked up briefly as my thoughts immediately went to "God would never force us to drop to our knees because of our free will." People started coming forward from the depths of the cave dropping to their faces thinking Jesus had returned. I went back to my reading.  I could see in my peripheral that this man noticed I did not budge and came over to stand over me, saying the same thing. "I am Jesus Christ, worship me."  -I took a deep calming breath and closed my Bible, setting it aside and stood within an inch of the man's face and said, "No!"  I then proceed out to the opening of the cave and ended up on a pillar that shot out of the ground away from the mountain.  How I got on it, I do not remember, but I was on my knees with my back to the cave.  I turned around watching this man as he "paced like a lion."  I turned away and remembered the verse, "Blessed is he who has not seen but yet believes" and closed my eyes in prayer.  "Lord, I don't have to see you to believe.  I'll know it's you when you come."  When I opened my eyes, the clouds parted and Jesus and His angels descended out of the sky.


Maurice Sklar´s vision on 22 January, 2017

The Endtime Army of God and the Seven Mountains

I had a vision tonight. I saw the Overcoming Church standing in full battle array with bright armor on...every one was clothed head to toe with the armor of God with swords and other weapons in their hands. Yeshua was on a white horse in front of this vast army of believers and had his sword unsheathed and lifted over His head.

Then He cried, "The time has come for you to take the seven mountains and to control them so that the final harvest can be reaped in the earth! Go forth and take dominion...Go forth and posses the land that has been promised to you, oh Mighty Warriors!"

Then the Herald Angels came up flying above and in front of the army, and 120 of them fanned out in in a giant arc in precise formation. They had long silver trumpets and they lifted them to their lips as they flew. I noticed that there were seven giant angels in the center of the arc that had long golden trumpets. They all blew them together. As they did, there was bursting forth out of the bells of the trumpets - lightning flashes - and there were huge thunderclaps as they blew three long blasts. The last one was the longest and it was nearly deafening as it sounded louder and louder.

Then I saw this mighty army start marching forward in precise formation. Not one of the millions we're out of step. They divided into seven parts. In each of the seven divisions there were commanders of 10,000; commanders of 1,000; commanders of 100, and commanders of 10. I could see the leaders of each 10,000 in front of their divisions and by by their uniform and insignia, I could clearly see the other leaders as well in their different ranks. These were marching in the front line in the center of each smaller division. There seemed to be so many that I could not see the end of them. It stretched as far as my eyes could see. There was such precision as they all marched forward in formation. There was absolute silence and unity except for the sound of the marching legions in exact rhythmic footsteps. All the boots hit the ground at the same time - millions and millions of them! It was so awesome that I was overcome with wonder - I marveled at it greatly as each division moved as one Man - relentlessly forward with great solemnity and fierce resolve.

The angel next to me said, "This is the Conquering Bride going to war for the precious fruit of the earth. The Grand Finale has begun! The Glory of God shall now cover the earth as the waters cover the sea! All shall taste and see that the LORD is good and His Mercies endure forever!!"

Then I was suddenly in another place. I was looking above the army of the LORD high in the air - where the Heavenly Host were flying above the Saints in the same kind of ranks and military precision. There were more than could be counted. Multitudes and multitudes were flying above the saints as they marched into battle in perfect military formation.

As I looked ahead, there were seven huge mountains before us.

The army split up and and seven separate armies then marched steadily towards them. There was one ahead of the rest, and this army rapidly ascended the first mountain, until they climbed to the summit and put a big flag on the top of it. It had a Lion on this giant banner and it seemed to be on fire with white flames and lightning was shooting out of it in every direction. There were peals of thunder that seemed to shake the whole mountain. Finally, the original flag seemed to transform into the LORD Himself seated on a throne on top of this mountain in the form of a terrifying Lion.

Then I saw the name at the base of this mountain was "Political Power". The angel said, "This mountain must be taken first, as it has begun in America, and then in the nations. For seven years the ungodly shall not be able to stop the government of God in the earth. I will stand up defend Israel and America as a sign to the whole world that the Most High is Sovereign in the earth!. Then the end shall come when My wrath shall be poured out upon the ungodly nations that refuse to repent."

I trembled when the angel spoke this and fell on my face prostrate. After some time the angel that was helping me in the vision lifted me up and cried with a loud voice, "Behold!" My head seemed to clear and I got my strength back a little. Then as I seemed to zoom in closer on the Lion, I saw that he was now standing with His front right paw - it was huge - with great sharp claws - on top of a hideous looking demonic creature with shredded wings. It had a awful stench. It would change forms from a beautiful looking angel, into a hideous dragon-like reptilian creature, and then into a snake that writhed and slithered around in a frenzy. But, it could not escape the Lion of Judah Whose claws were tearing into the neck and head of that devil. Then the Lion roared so loudly that it shook me to my core!

That devil smelled so awful! It was gasping for breath and dying as the Lion was crushing its' neck and head under His giant paw. It was screaming and shrieking in agony as it was perishing. I saw the name on its' forehead was "Secular Humanism." It had once been a beautiful being and had appeared to men as an angel of light, but now its' true hideous form was being revealed. I don't know why I knew that, but I just did, as I saw it.  That is when the vision ended, and I was back in my room.

I was told to write down what I saw and to share it with you, beloved brothers and sisters.

Maurice Sklar

January 22, 2017, at 12:48am


Jouko Piho's New Year Speech


"An Encouragement For YOU to KEEP Praying For President-Elect Donald Trump"

by Lana Vawser, Brisbane, Australia

I am releasing this vision I had as an encouragement for those who have been praying for President-Elect Donald Trump. There is such a shaking happening in the USA right now – the division, the riots, the broken relationships, the mourning, grief, trauma, and the fear many are feeling have been weighing heavy on my heart. I feel such a deep cry of the heart of the Father for unity, love, and valuing relationship with an honor of "one another" above opinions.

Amidst this incredible shaking and division, many prophetic voices and seers have been releasing words on the urgency in the spirit to cover Donald Trump in prayer and to remain steadfast in intercession for the nation as the "battle is not over yet." The invitation from the heart of the Father to come deeper in intercession to see the nation healed. Many have felt an urgency to pray for the protection of Donald Trump and the plans of the enemy to be canceled in Jesus name, and many "calls to prayer" have been released to call the people of God to join together in prayer for him.

A Vision of Prayers Covering Donald Trump

That is where this encouragement comes in. I had a vision a few days ago where I saw Donald Trump and the atmosphere around him was so turbulent. It felt like WAR all around in the atmosphere. I watched as the people of God came around him, one after another, after another, after another, until there were THOUSANDS of people surrounding him. They all had their arms outstretched, and there were SO MANY covering him that I couldn't see him anymore. All I could see was a sea of people covering him and it looked like a HUGE DOME.

Instantly I was given "eyes to see" and I could see through the sea of people and I saw Donald Trump under all these hands. The more the people of God prayed, and the more the storm raged around, the lower and lower he got to the ground. He began crouching, and then crouching lower and lower, then kneeling and then lying down. The sense surrounded me that through this opposition around him and the prayers of God's people for him, the Lord was doing a deep work of humility and awakening him more and more to his dependence upon the Lord and that there was a pliability about him. Everything going on was pushing him further and further into the heart of God and his need for Jesus and the wisdom of God.

As the prayers of the saints continued and this deep work of the Holy Spirit was taking place, I saw the wind of the Spirit pick up in greater power and momentum and I saw FOUR words appear over him. The words were VELOCITY, UNSTOPPABLE, UNTOUCHABLE, and VICTORY! The more the saints prayed and remained in intercession, the more I saw these words being LIT ON FIRE.

I was then surrounded with this incredible sense of the "plans and purposes" of God too in using Trump, that in the USA, they were going to increase in VELOCITY, they would be UNSTOPPABLE, UNTOUCHABLE, and there would be a continual MOMENTUM of victory that would be established in the nation. I was also surrounded with the sense of "as God's people pray," the enemy was being blinded and couldn't "see" Trump, but there was just a wall of God's people standing before him saying, "BACK OFF in Jesus name!!!"

I saw specific wisdom being released to Trump by the Spirit of God and advisors around him, it was heavenly wisdom and prophetic insight that was like Elisha in 2 Kings 6:12, that the very plans of the enemy that are being "whispered" in secret, would be revealed and passed onto him, that would see the enemy's plans continually shut down before they could even "take ground."

I then heard the words, "Encourage My people; encourage the intercessors that their prayers are having GREAT EFFECT. Keep your eyes UP!!!"

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." James 5:16


I believe that the Lord is decreeing "VICTORY" over the United States of America. This IS your day of victory! As I have said MANY times before, it is not about Trump, it's about Jesus! It's about seeing His Kingdom extended, it's about seeing His goodness and love revealed in the nation, and MANY coming to know Him. Is God using Trump as part of His victory plan? I believe so! Will God use the Church and many others to bring victory to the USA? Definitely!

The enemy is fighting HARD right now to bring about division. There needs to be more prayer than ever now for unity and healing. The Lord highlighted James 5:16, and I want to encourage you, no matter who you voted for, if any thing in this traumatizing season for many in the USA has caused offense and broken relationships, I want to encourage you to repent of your offense. Value your relationships higher than your opinions. If there has been the sin of offense or relationships have been hurt and damaged over this, I want to encourage you to repent to one another and pray for each other.

Don't allow the enemy a foothold of division in your life over this. This is NOT the heart and intention of God. God moves in ways we don't expect, and His ways are higher than ours, and the way He moves may offend our minds at times, but we must value, honor and LOVE each other despite difference in beliefs. It's time to FIGHT for UNITY!

Your prayers for President-Elect Donald J. Trump are having effect, no matter what you see in the natural. This vision was an ENCOURAGEMENT that your prayers are POWERFUL. I felt like the Lord was releasing a "sneak peek" into what's going on in the spirit. I want to encourage you to KEEP PRAYING! Don't give up! It's NOT over as the battle still rages. Continue to pray and decree. Use this word as a weapon!

I decree the VICTORY of Jesus and His plans going forth UNSTOPPABLE and UNTOUCHABLE with great VELOCITY in the United States of America, in Jesus name. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser Ministries



Lana Vawser is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and nations, and is featured regularly on The Elijah List and in Charisma Magazine. She is also an itinerant preacher and revivalist who is traveling regularly with her family, seeing powerful moves of God. Lana has a strong, prophetic voice and has a heart to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. She also has a heart to see people set free and walk in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day, awakened to His nature and who they are in Him. Lana is married to Kevin, and they are living in Brisbane, Australia, with their two sons.


"A New Breed Of Generals Arising - Forged in Deep Fires" by Samantha Lee-Wiraatmaja, Singapore

The New Generals and Servant Leaders

"My beloved ones, I am raising up a new breed of leaders across the face of the earth. I am raising generals in this army that look completely opposite from what the world thinks great leaders look like. I am raising up an army of servant leaders. People who serve in authenticity, brokenness, and humility.

"The generals in My army will not be perfect, but they will have a childlike heart to hear Me and obey My voice even in weakness. They are marked by humility, vulnerability, and a broken offered-up life that will become a guiding post for all who look upon them. They will not serve out of their own strength or wisdom, but by walking in total dependence on My Holy Spirit.

"I am looking across the earth for those whose hearts will completely belong to Me. I am preparing those with hearts to serve. They will lead My people with the heart of a servant and serve them with the heart of a king. Not for glory, not for ambition, not even for spiritual conquests.

"No, I am searching for those who, like Jacob, would wrestle for an encounter that would leave them so dependent on Me. Like Jacob, they will be unable to walk without leaning on Me. And like Jacob, they will experience the heart-stopping goodness of God in their lives with grace to impart much to the next generation. Even now, many of them are growing strong. But the world doesn't know them yet. It has been a quiet work; deep heart work.

Forged in Deep Fires

"For such generals are as porcelain - they appear delicate/weak to the human eye, they have a transparency about them, but they possess a strength and tenacity that belies their appearance. This is because they've been forged in the deep fires and gone through the most intense flames. They've emerged tested and proven, and proven faithful.

"Many on the earth and in My Church are hungry for My new breed of generals to lead them in the battle. Many need these generals to lead them into battle. And I am about to launch them very, very soon. Keep watch and be ready. The time of suddenlies has come and is still coming in greater measure.

"My new breed of servant leaders understand hiddenness and have chosen voluntary weakness so they're sustained only by My grace. Because of this, they're not afraid to be honest about their journey, even when it's less than perfect, because they know that My people don't need another lofty unattainable standard of spirituality, but rather they need forerunners who've gone before them, fallen down a few times, and persisted in running the race. That is what will encourage and inspire My people that they can do it too.

"People like David, the man after My own heart, Moses, Abraham, even My prophet Samuel - they all made mistakes, and I purposefully chose not to conceal those mistakes in My everlasting Word. I wanted My children to have living stories, not blind guides, to lead them on the way. This is the very reason I sent My Son, so that mankind could learn from a Man what it means to be fully man as I designed in the Garden. I am calling out for such men and women to arise in this generation.

"Be strong and take courage, My generals-in-training. The heat has been painful and you've thought many times that you couldn't bear any more. I am so proud of you for enduring. I see your heart of obedience to Me even in weakness, and I am moved by it. I keep account of every quiet sacrifice, every time you've chosen My Kingdom over your comfort. I delight in you and I want you to know: You are storing up for yourselves everlasting treasures in Heaven that nothing and no one can ever take away from you.

"Take heart, My children. Position yourselves. Let My Spirit prepare your heart, even when that means tearing down and rebuilding. I am releasing My new breed of generals across the earth today and I will not stop working until that day comes."

"Jesus replied: 'Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by Himself; He can do only what He sees His Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows Him all He does. Yes, and He will show Him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.'" John 5:19-20

Samantha Lee-Wiraatmaja
Founder, Godly Womanhood Ministries


Samantha Lee-Wiraatmaja is the founder of Godly Womanhood Ministries, a global prophetic movement that is wooing women across the nations to fall deeper in love with God. The various arms under this ministry include: Prayer & intercession ministry, Teaching & equipping events, Bookstore of resources, Prophetic coaching and counseling. Together with her husband Alex, they lead a Prophetic Equipping community that serves and equips those who are hungry to grow in the prophetic and intimacy with God, as well as CreateCollective, a global platform that inspires people to tap into Heaven's blueprints to create earthly solutions with God in all spheres of society. Samantha is first and foremost an intercessor, and then a prophetic apostolic voice to the media. She and her husband believe passionately in the 7 mountains mandate & mentoring God's generation of prophetic youth army. Her heart is to see the broken restored. She has written Journey To Wholeness, a 40-day prophetic book designed to help women on the path to wholeness in Christ.


The prophecy by Terry Bennett in June 2011

The angel then pointed his finger on Russia and declared, “The Soviet Union WILL RISE Again! It will attempt to re-gather many of the former nations by using threats and lures. The government will become extremely aggressive.”


The Coming Civil War

A Warning from the Wall

By Nathan Leal on July 16, 2016 

Brethren,  please take these matters to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to bear witness with the contents of this warning. If He does, please prepare accordingly. Do not delay. Act now. Because the coming unrest may cause portions of the country to enter a lock down where the public is unable to leave their homes to gather food and supplies.

Ladies and gentlemen, Civil War is coming to America. The embers have already been lit. The fires have started. But we are only at the beginning stages. There is much more on its way. There are elements of evil in the United States who are stoking the fires of rage and violence, and they are not going to stop until they reach their desired goal of burning cities and martial law.

This coming calamity will begin as a race war, but it also involve a terrorist attack that will be gargantuan. which will fracture into other categories of war and violence.

When will this happen?

It will not all happen at once. But it’s going to play out in incremental stages of cultivation before reaching its apex of terrorism, war and revolution. This means the events will play out over time. But the embers have already been lit.

Whoever ends up in the Oval office, whether it is “he,” “she,” or a combination of “several,” they will be doing things that average citizens never thought was possible, including suspension of portions of the Constitution. This happens during martial law, which is the endgame of the coming events.

Again ladies and gentlemen, I do not have an exact date and I wanted this to be clear. But it appears that the groundwork for civil war and revolution is now before us.

Revolution and Civil War – Several Visions

Over the past few years, I have had several prophetic glimpses of the coming revolution and civil war. I have not published all of them. But I have talked about several of them in my audio messages. I want to use this warning to share several of these prophetic glimpses.

May 2016 – The Burning Reichstag Building

In this vision, I was in Washington, DC. It was very late at night. A large government building was engulfed in a violent fire. The structure was going to be a total loss.

As the flames danced over the building, the word – Reichstag appeared above the smoke. When the word appeared, I heard a voice from the sky say – “Reichstag.”

The dream was over – I awakened, sought God and contemplated.

What does it mean? I believe this one speaks for itself. During Hitler’s reign, history tells us that his party set fire to the German Parliament building called the Reichstag. Hitler blamed it on the opposing party and used the event as an excuse to change the structure of the German government which allowed him to obtain dictatorial powers.

This prophetic warning represents that a false flag event of epic proportions is coming to America. It will have a huge political impact. When it happens, like Hitler, the event will result in restructuring the constitutional protocol of America which will sacrifice freedoms for security.

Liberty Will Be Decapitated

Years ago in 2009, I had a prophetic glimpse about the Statue of Liberty being decapitated. In that vision I saw the Statue of Liberty’s head get chopped off.

But the sword of destruction was a giant sword from Heaven. In other words, God allowed it to happen. Why? Because America was under judgment.

This has not changed. America’s condition is even worse now, than when I had this vision. Today she is much worse.

Back then, God had me warn as many as I could that Liberty would be decapitated, because an event was coming that would result in changes to American Freedom. God also said that the attack would involve children, so the warning included an admonition to pray for the safety of your children.

Ladies and gentlemen, this warning is still valid. And that event is still coming.

Just like the Reichstag event is comingbut they will take place as several terrorists attacks! And the outcome will be Liberty decapitated.

When these events happen, most Americans are going to believe the official story of the attack. For the wise ones, it will require discernment to see through the deception. Unfortunately, most people are going to believe a fabricated lie. Those who don’t believe it will be mistreated, mocked, and persecuted.

Here’s something to also think about. If a false flag event like this occurred under Hillary, most conservatives and Christians would not believe it. But if a false flag were to occur during the administration of President Trump, most evangelicals and Christians will believe his rendition, and will also cooperate with the outcome.

Which unfortunately, will tighten the noose on freedom in America. A false flag event under Trump will get much more mileage for tyranny, than under Hillary. To all Trump supporters out there, I know that this is not what you want to hear, but we have history to look back on. After 911, the general public swallowed the official story of 911, and Bush’s poll numbers went through the roof. If Trump becomes President, the same thing will happen under him. The country will rally behind him and support his call to arms.

And they will also support his new security measures which will include an Orwellian expansion of Homeland Security…


The message by Terry Bennett on October 2, 2013

 25 Points of National Events & Judgements

  1. The Lambs Eternal Reign upon this earth is the cause of this.
  2. The USA Government WILL fall.
  3. Obama will be indicted with impeachment process. He will use the racial card to ignite widespread protests in many cities. It will NOT end well.
  4. There will be a governmental takeover from within!
  5. Chaos, anarchy and lawlessness will ensue.
  6. The government will deteriorate and then disintegrate.
  7. This will be a judgement from God! A massive upheaval in D.C, including a major earthquake.
  8. There will be a fractionalized government in the USA.
  9. Great Civil unrest and conflict will rage, millions will be lost.
  10. The Nations will watch as this nation implodes upon itself.
  11. The U.N. will seek to help/intervene.
  12. Russian troops will come, for a time, fighting will erupt.
  13. Some states will stand together against invasion.
  14. The believers will be targeted and for a specified time many thousands will die.
  15. A Russian withdrawal will become necessary.
  16. Many temporal redemptive judgments will occur during this time.
  17. The economy of the nation will be greatly reduced. Food shortages will be normal. Hunger will be great. Disease will become of plague type proportions in some areas.
  18. the Glory of The Lord will arise on His Bride!
  19. The Media that remains will report the exploits if The Burning Ones.
  20. The Cloud of witnesses will become visible to many, not just believers.
  21. Angelic leaders will openly reveal their presence and work.
  22. The Nation will have a rebirth and the greatest great awakening will occur.
  23. From the Nation will arise a fearless, dedicated Bridal army of young and old.
  24. The Nation’s capital will be relocated to a different region.
  25. The Lord will appear over many areas of the nation as Lamb, Lion and King!



The dream by a Norwegian man in April 2016

Normally I never wake up after frightening dreams wet from sweat. A night 3-4 weeks ago, in April 2016, I woke up after I saw three Russian war planes flying along the Norwegian coast west of our island at the southwestern coast of Norway. The planes were flying towards Belgium or Holland. They used nuclear bombs. We could see the smoke all the way up to Norway. Then I saw that Russia invaded North of Norway. 


Patricia Green’s prophecy about the destruction of USA

Patricia Green got a prophecy in 2008 during the campaign between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that Obama will win the nomination of democrats and that Obama will be elected to the president of United States of America.

God said to Patricia Green: “Your country has been pushing for abortions and homosexuality. So, I'm giving you a president who will promote abortions and homosexuality. But rest assured. My hand of judgment will come against your nation while he is president."

Dr Patricia Green shared her visions and dreams which is related to end times on BlogTalkRadio, Tribulation Now on June 14, 2015. Dr Green had a dream about tsunami was coming to the east coast. God warns us to get out of east coast of USA because huge tsunami is coming. She said it was 100 ft. There will be famine, drought, martial law, epidemic diseases, electric power cuts, dam breaks, earthquakes, huge hurricane and economic hardship in USA. Russia will invade and there will be nuclear bomb explosions in USA.

In the middle of all judgments because of the many evil sins of America God will take care of his children and provide them safe shelter and food.

Here is the link of the radio program:




Ten days ago – while standing on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – the Lord spoke to myself and a small group of pastors from San Francisco to do a simple prophetic act: To pour a bottle of water into the Pacific, which would represent the rivers of Living Water which is about to be poured out on the Pacific Ring of Fire, triggering one of the greatest revivals the earth has ever seen. In the midst of great earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and unexpected events ringing across the world, do not look at the physical shakings, but be flexible like a leaf being blown in the wind. God will use you mightily in the days ahead to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and do mighty exploits around the globe. Do not be moved or affected by great attacks or opposition, but expect a miracle in every dire situation as you focus upon the harvest, and not your own personal safety or agenda. Lose yourself in the great Milky Way Galaxy of God's goodness and grace, and as you lose yourself, you will find the Kingdom of God, and bring many of God's stars unto righteousness.


The prophecy about Finland by a Bristish prayer group led by Theo Elsey

I gather with a small group of Christians from various churches mid week to pray over issues that we feel passionate about. We are based in a small town called Congleton in Cheshire U.K., about 20 miles south of Manchester. There has been a reoccurring theme in our meetings that has placed Finland very much in our prayers, we believe God is showing us that He has a really big plan for your country, although as yet He has not revealed His plan.

I would love to say I have a prophetic word for Finland but this has not happened so far. However, we have received through visions and dreams the knowledge that we will be involved with the church in Finland in a shared hosting of a Conference in Helsinki in 2017. The Holy Spirit is leading and calling us in this direction.

I have read from your website and elsewhere of words given in prophecy for Finland from around the years 2000 to 2013 that I would label as "warning prophecy" - that unless our nations turn away from our sinful ways the Lord will outpour His full wrath. The general tone of what we have been hearing from the Lord for Finland is in beautiful contrast and far more optimistic. I believe Finland has every good thing to hope for in Christ, and this should be a time of repentance and moving on to be prepared for the Lord's full calling and blessing when it comes.



The visions by a Norwegian Christian man Örn Pedersen Myhren about Eiffel tower and Finland

"I have had two visions lately, one is regarding the Eiffel tower, the other is regarding the country of Finland. I looked at a picture of the Eiffel tower and when I looked at it, I knew it wasnt anymore. It was gone, something had happened to it. I dont know what, I dont know when or how. I dont know if the Eiffel tower is supposed to represent something else, or if it is to be taken litteraly.

The other one happened when I looked at a map over Europe. When I looked at Finland I knew that Finland wasnt anymore, it had become occupied. I dont know who occupied it, I dont know how or when. But I also knew that when this happens, Finland will fight but loose. They will not get reinforcments from the other nations of the world. The other nations will choose to allow the occupation to happen because the alternative is worse.I didnt see which nation would occupy Finland.

When these visions happened it was so strange. It felt like I knew something had happened, some of the details around it, and then suddenly I had to remind myself that this has not happened yet. So I was shown something that could happen in the future.

When it comes to the Eiffel tower I felt a deep sadness, like something tragic had happened to it. But at the same time a sense of honouring those who had been affected by it. I knew how the small Eiffel tower statues became symbols to remember what had happened.

So I feel its important to pray for Finland, France and especially the Eiffel tower.

I also have the feeling something is about to happen in and around the White sea. It feels like the Spirit is saying: "Look to the White sea and behold what it about to take place in the days to come. For there I will show My power again says the Lord."


The prophecy by Matt Smith on December 23, 2015

On December 23 2015, He showed me what is coming to America in 2016 and beyond. Then He led me to put it in the form of a poem.

At the very end of 2015,
And the year of ten plus six,
That wicked old Satan,
Will be up to evil tricks.

December through February,
Winter finds itself here,
A sudden event will strike,
And many will be in fear.

Know then My judgment,
Has come upon this land,
God reigns supreme,
And deals with a heavy hand.

From March until June,
The spring season shall arrive,
There will be many people,
Found not to be alive.

During this same season,
Another checkpoint will originate,
Then another crushing blow,
Will seal this nation’s fate.

During these two seasons,
The economy will decline,
Look to Me My people,
I say, ‘Your souls are mine.’

For war will be inevitable,
It will not go away,
I implore My holy people,
Stay on your knees and pray.

The dog days of summer,
Will follow and draw nigh,
Protests will fill the streets,
With a far more violent cry.

At the end of the summer,
As the season reaches a climax,
JADE HELM will come to life again,
Surely it will be brought back.

The fall season will bring,
another election year,
But by this time our nation,
Will be firmly gripped in fear.

Barack Hussein Obama,
will stay seated in his chair,
No Democrat nor Republican,
will find themselves his heir.

Martial law is coming,
It will soon grip our land,
I plead with all the saints of God,
To take a righteous stand.

2017 will follow next,
When it comes rolling around,
The changes will be different,
They will surely be profound.

America will have seen,
Destruction and devastation,
I will hold nothing back,
I will show no hesitation.

Disease and pestilence,
Will surely grip this land,
But My people do not worry,
It’s all part of My plan.

Watch the hand of Islam,
They will shout a battle cry,
A day of terror is coming,
And many will surely die.

Now look upon the map,
And look upon it well,
You will see trouble landed,
Where American cities fell.

Now woe unto you cities,
And you states shown below,
You have angered God in Heaven,
And made yourself His foe.

Woe unto the city,
Of the Bears, Cubs, and Bulls.
Woe to San Fransisco,
You dare mock me, you fools!

I will destroy both of you,
In the hour of My fury,
You have been found guilty,
Yes, by my Heavenly Jury.

Woe unto Las Vegas,
Seattle, and the Big D,
Plagues, famine, and destruction
Are coming soon, you’ll see.

Woe unto New Orleans,
And even Florida too,
When I shoot arrows of destruction,
You shall surely be through.

Woe unto the city,
Known for the Liberty Bell,
I will take away your freedoms,
And you will see much hell.

Woe unto Baltimore,
Woe to Washington DC,
Woe to you wicked leaders,
For you must answer to Me.

I will destroy these cities,
With one single attack,
I will shoot arrows of destruction,
And I will hold nothing back.

Woe unto Boston, New York City,
And even California too,
You do not worship Me,
You say, “I answer to who?”

You say you only answer,
To gold, silver, and sex,
But I will put something on you,
Far worse than any vex.

Half of California,
Shall be thrown into the sea,
And New York City,
The same fate it will be.

Oh Boston, Oh Boston,
Your arrogance will be no more,
I shall wipe you off the map,
You big arrogant.

Get prepared for slavery,
It is coming to this nation,
Like Egypt in the days of Moses,
It will not be a good sensation.

An asteroid will strike,
In the Caribbean sea,
All around the world,
Tsunamis must be.

Earthquakes will come,
And will divide this land,
That we might not forget,
God deals with a heavy hand.

You shall look to the east,
And see Russians coming here,
You shall look to the west,
And see China causing fear.

They shall invade this land,
And take over this place,
America once a golden cup,
Has become an utter disgrace.

Many think they can still sin,
And waltz right into Heaven,
But that’s like foolishly believing,
Two plus three equals seven.

There are many who come to Me,
On spiritual section eight,
They are in moral poverty,
And will not enter My pearly gate.

Moral bankruptcy,
They have truly filed,
They do not know Me,
For they are not My child.

You who refuse to teach,
My people the ways of the Lord,
Soon you will find,
You can not escape my sword.

Promising My people,
Nothing but houses and cars,
But these will not get you,
Not get you very far.

Tell the people to stop,
To halt all of their sins,
Tell them to live holy,
So they can enter in.

It is time for the saints,
To be truly tried,
Stand firm upon My word,
And in Me truly abide.

If you deny my son Jesus,
In front of any man,
You will sink faster,
Than standing in quick sand.

So know these things,
They surely will take place,
Come live your life for Jesus,
And receive My mercy and grace.


The prophetic message by Jouko Piho to Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of Israel on October 18, 2015

Delivered to Benjamin Netanyahu on October 21, 2015.

Prime minister of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu

A prophetic message to You from God of Israel by Jouko Piho

The big war is coming. It will be hard, but do not be afraid, because I, the God of Israel, will be with you and your people.

Israel will be victorious in the end with the help of Adonai and will get much more land areas, even on the east side of Jordan river and Golan.

Annex these new land areas as well as the West Bank officially to Israel. Do not care about the opinion and opposition of the international community.

“For I will defend this city, to save it, for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake.” 2 Kings 19:34.


Visions by Catherine Broen on June 23, 2007

Catherine Brown:


"I will wait for the Lord, who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob. I will put my trust in Him." Isaiah 8:17

The prophet Habbakuk instructs us with regard to revelation that it "awaits an appointed time" (Habbakuk 2:3). On July 31, 2006, I was in prayer enquiring of Messiah regarding Israel, and at that time I received a number of prophetic images and Holy Spirit utterances. I have prayed about these, sought counsel from a trusted apostolic leader in Israel, and now almost one year later, and I believe it is the "appointed time" to release what I was shown.

The imagery is complex. I ask you, therefore, to read and pray for Israel as the Spirit of wisdom bears witness with your spirit. Apostle Paul exhorts us, "if a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith" (Romans 12:6). May we be a people of faith, of purity of heart, and sincere love towards our brothers and sisters in Israel.


In the initial part of the prophetic encounter, I was shown three successive images as follows:

First: the word "Jireh"
The Lord spoke to my spirit and said, "Jireh is My word to Israel, for I am her Provider."
Second: the word "Torah"
Third: the number 5 (which means grace)
The Holy Spirit said, "Israel is entering 'The Days of Grace.'"

The imagery points to a period of divine provision of grace for Israel. As I have pondered the multi-faceted interpretation of grace for Israel, today I received a report which seems most poignant and profoundly relevant in regard to Israel's role in compassion as outlined in the Torah.

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann proposed Tuesday that Israel accept refugees from Darfur, stating that Israel must adhere to the principles of "Biblical compassion."

"Israel must hold talks with Europe over how many refugees they are willing to accept and how many we are willing to take," Friedmann said.

Speaking at a convention of the Israel Bar Association in Eilat, Friedmann said that "this is a question that is currently before the state of Israel, and there is a direct line with what occurred 3,000 years ago and more, at the time of the Exodus from Egypt."

According to Friedmann, "There are instructions in the Torah which teach about compassion, and in dimensions which we do not see in the law of other peoples. The emphasis is on why there is a need for compassion, the source of this Biblical compassion." "The question that Israel must ask itself is, to what extent is it within that pathway of compassion?" (Ref 1).

God is providing grace to Israel to be a light to the nations in respect of His compassion. He has chosen Israel to be an instrument of His love towards the alien.

"And you are to love those who are aliens, for you yourselves were aliens in Egypt." Deuteronomy 10:19


The Spirit continued to bring revelation to me and said, "There will be five major military strikes against Israel, but she will survive as a nation under God." I received a strong impression that this survival as a nation was conditional to Israel's repentance before the Lord. On the fifth strike, God said that He will release His glory and "at the midnight hour, the God of the armies of Israel will arise."

Pesach (Passover) and Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) seem linked to the release of the Lord's glory in this vision. Pray for a spirit of repentance to be released in Israel and for multitudes to be saved.


The Lord then revealed through a visionary experience a multitude of angels walking with hand-held lanterns throughout Israel. They approached many individuals, and as they held the light up, the people received an immediate revelation of Yeshua as Messiah. I looked up and saw a clock on a high tower which was approaching the midnight hour. Suddenly, a burst of glory filled the air. Simultaneous to this, the glory released a wave of massive repentance and the salvations and healings increased exponentially.

During my first trip to Israel in April this year, I stood in line waiting to pray at the Western Wall. I looked up at the clock tower to my right and noted it was just before the 12th hour. I was immediately reminded of the Lord's word that He would arise as the God of the armies of Israel. I also recalled the vision of angels revealing the Light of Yeshua to the multitudes in Israel. The grace for exponential increase of salvations, signs, healing, and wonders is here and now for Israel.

We need only turn to Acts 2:17-21 to see the paradox of blessing and bloodshed being poured out at the same time, "blood, fire, and billows of smoke...And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."


I saw the hand of God come down on the land of Israel, and each finger had a word attached to it:

The thumb said "UN"
the first finger said "Syria"
the middle said "Lebanon"
the fourth finger said "Russia"
And the fifth finger "China"

The Lord impressed on my heart that these five would bring much opposition to Israel, and that France would also rise up as a loud voice against Israel. (This is not to say these are the only places that will oppose Israel, however, these are the ones I was shown). Pray that nations will become allies and not the enemy of Israel.

The recently elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy is considered by many to be a strong friend to Israel and sympathetic toward the Jewish fight against terror and anti-Semitism (Ref 2). Pray that he will be used as an instrument of blessing to Israel.

I am deeply saddened to report that Britain has recently entered into an onslaught of boycotts and sanctions against Israel. On April 16th, the British National Union of Journalists voted in favor of a boycott of Israeli goods (Ref 3). On April 23rd, more than 130 UK doctors called for a boycott of the Israeli Medical Association (Ref 4). Last week the University and College Union (UCU) voted to consider a debate to boycott all Israeli academic institutions (Ref 5). The Higher Education Minister, Mr Bill Rammell said he was "very disappointed" with the vote. Mr Tony Blair has publicly spoken out against the boycott (Ref 6). On May 31st, the largest British labor union threatened to declare a boycott of Israeli products (Ref 7). Pray for mercy in the heart of Britain towards Israel. May God forgive us.


The Lord spoke further and said, "Israel is the home front."

On May 31, 2007, the Jerusalem Post carried the following article under the heading:

"Israel to ready public for all out war"

With Iran racing toward nuclear power and IDF preparations for the possibility of a conflict with Syria and Hizbullah in high gear, the Home Front Command plans to launch a publicity campaign to prepare the public for war.

Within a few weeks it intends to inform the public about what people need to do in the event of attack.

The campaign was not connected to a specific event or threat but was meant to brace the public for war in general, senior IDF officers said.

"Our job is to prepare for an all-out war," Col. Hilik Sofer, head of the Home Front Command Population Division, told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday. "We prepare for a wide range of possibilities since it doesn't make a difference where the threat comes from."

Several weeks ago, the Home Front Command distributed pamphlets in Netivot and Ashkelon explaining how to behave during a Kassam attack. Both cities are within 15 kilometers of the Gaza Strip.

The IDF has deployed early warning systems outside Netivot and Ashkelon. They have not been activated, pending government approval.

Next week, Sofer will meet with heads of government offices and local councils to discuss ways to improve service to the public at a time of emergency.

"We know that the Palestinians have Kassams that can reach 12-kilometer distances and even farther," Sofer said. "And even though Kassams have yet to fall there, we'd best be prepared."

In March, the Home Front Command, the Israel Police, Magen David Adom, the Fire and Rescue Services and other emergency services held a two-day exercise throughout the country that dealt with extreme scenarios, including mega-terrorist attacks and non-conventional missile attacks.

The drill was the country's largest ever and implemented lessons from the Second Lebanon War last summer (Ref 8).

"Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident" (Psalm 27:3).

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


I saw another hand with five further messages:

Under the thumb (UN): I saw anti-Semitism (click here for relevant article)
on the second finger (Syria): I saw the rise of a new neo-Nazi movement
on the third finger (Lebanon): I saw the words "Global Pandemic of Islam"
on the fourth (Russia): I saw "new age, occult/satanic opposition"
On the fifth (China): were written the words, "other eastern religions."

The countless anti-Israel resolutions and related debates consume an astonishing proportion of the UN community's precious resources. This year, during the 61th Session of the General Assembly (2006-2007), the time spent by ambassadors on enacting the 22nd anti-Israel resolution of the year was time not spent on passing a single resolution on Sudan's genocide in Darfur. Diplomats at foreign ministries or UN missions have a limited amount of time to devote to any particular UN session. Because every proposed UN resolution is subjected to intensive review by various levels and branches of government, a direct result of the anti-Israel texts is a crippling of the UN's ability to tackle the world's ills (REF 9).

Pray for an unmasking and annulling of every evil alliance, enemy plot and strategy on the earth against Israel. Pray for the victory of Christ to be released in the earth for Israel at this time.


The Lord said that during the days of grace, when Israel will experience five major military strikes, he will release five major prophetic revelations. I saw another hand, and each finger had a message--a promise of deliverance from the hand of God for Israel:

On the thumb "strategy and counter strategy"

the 2nd finger "military might"

the third "military intelligence"

the fourth "enemy exposure"

and the fifth "pro-Israel powerful allies"

Israel Defense Forces continue to carry out aerial operations and targeted attacks against Gaza terrorist munitions enclaves, terrorist chiefs and PA-run television and radio stations which encourage Islamist violence against Israel. The hope is the source of Qassam rocket and other terrorist attacks against Israel's Negev cities will be dealt with at the core, with the least amount of civilian casualties, and not require a full-scale IDF ground operation into the area. On another front, Israeli military officials are greatly concerned by the possibility of war with Syria and its Lebanese arm, Hizbullah, this summer and have resisted the idea of diverting IDF forces for an invasion of the Gaza Strip. A senior army officer said a major ground operation against the Gaza-based terrorist infrastructure would severely erode Israel's capacity to handle a reoccurrence of last summer's violence in the north. From the army's perspective, Syria is the biggest threat and the Palestinian front is secondary. (Source: Haaretz Correspondents/IHC)

Pray for God to give divinely inspired strategy and strategic intelligence (as He did in 2 Kings 6) and to release might to the armies of Israel (1 Samuel 17:26). Pray for exposure of the enemy and for God's pro-Israel allies to arise in the earth. Pray especially for a protection of all innocents.

May God show mercy to Israel at this time. May Israel turn in the spirit of Elijah and be reconciled to the Father. May we, the body of Christ, pray unceasingly and love unconditionally until our Lord returns for His Bride, one New Man in Yeshua.

Catherine Brown
Founder, Gatekeepers Global Ministries

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Revelation by Brother Bob on 13 August 2013 

I called him about 2 PM. These were his exact words. What the Father has shown is an area that I'm not familiar with. We know about the real estate bubble. With regard to housing... over the past few days the Farther keeps bringing to my attention these oversized high rise office buildings that I see every now and then when I go into a city. And many of them are over ½ to 3/4ths vacant. And the Lord said, 'This is going to be the next big real estate bubble that's going to burst.' It will be high rise office buildings, hi-rise apts, and high rise condos.

Now, Brother if that takes place that's going to bring down some of what would be known to the layman as the super banks; because they have made the loans to the businesses such as the contractors to build these buildings. However, when they can't pay back [the loans to] these super banks that's going to put them in jeopardy of foreclosure. They will turn around and demand payments not only from the contractors, but the subcontractors involved; and anyone who is contractually involved with that construction. That in turn will bring down a good portion of the construction industry. Because they can't build anything more because they cannot pay off what they already owe.

So what will then happen is... Look at all of the resources involved. You're looking at your large earth moving equipment to dig foundations, machines to pile drive pilings down to bedrock; cement contractors and more. Now you're looking at the equipment industry. Everything from perhaps... and I'm not an expert on the equipment industry; so I'm using names I am familiar with over the years. We're looking at Caterpillar, Kubota, some of these Chinese and Japanese contractors, crane companies, etc. Now you're looking at concrete, wiring, rebar for the steel, drywall; and look at all the individuals involved to those that do the finish work. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and carpet layers.. All of these industries will begin to have to lay people off, begin to pare down, pare off; and it'll lay off not thousands, but hundreds of thousands, of workers. That'll stress the economy because they'll not have the wherewithal to pay their facilities and their utilities, and their mortgages. Now that's a ripple effect in the real estate industry that'll literally blow the bottom out from the housing industry again.

That'll also completely wipe out some of the automotive local companies that sell autos, SUVs, pickup trucks... Because these people who buy them and those who have bought them they'll go into repossession. Now, many of these people have begun to cycle out of the former [bubble burst] cycle, of the housing industry bubble which burst, getting back on their feet, taking on credit card debt, to rebuild their live. They'll not be able to repay their credit card debt.

Now here come the collection agencies, the lawyers. These people will go into bankruptcy and when they were able to come out of the former bubble-burst, the same thing will drag them twice as deep this time. What we're looking at is a potential economic catastrophe. And the emptying out of the cities that had these high rise, office complexes, and apartments; some of them of looked like they had like a vertical mall and on different floors they had different shops. Brother, they'll be emptied out. It'll become something of a ghost town no man's land. And that in turn will spike, number one, crime, number two, homesteaders, number three squatters because where are these people gonna go? The federal, state, and local govts will not have the wherewithal to rescue these construction bankruptcies because they've already taxed the people to the point where the people are spending as much as 40 to 60 percent of every dollar they make to federal and local taxes anyway.

And you cut anymore of that out.. what we're looking at ..----- This is what the father showed. He said. 'Places like Home Depot, Lowes, and COSTCO and Wal-Mart, and Target... some of these major chains that target the middle class for their major income will virtually wiped out; because even people who shop at Wal-Mart will not have the money for these items at [even] their prices'. They're the world's biggest retailer, as I understand. Now let's just look at America for a moment... If that happens the banks are going to look to foreign countries where there are foreign contractors building very similar buildings. They'll call in part of their debt ... but because the buildings are not yet complete, these contractors will not be able to pay the vendors to acquire more materials the building stops and now the building goes into foreclosure.

There will be a ripple effect globally. When the American economy, in the second real estate bubble bursts it will be like a tsunami globally. It will start on the east coast and Brother it'll spread across America like a prairie fire. And when it does it'll reach the isles like Hawaii where there's a lot of construction going on. But because the price points there are so expensive it'll virtually wipe that out. The people will have to live like the islanders did 40 or 50 years ago and not in these high rise expensive complexes. That will spread across the Pacific, once it reaches Japan the Japanese economy will collapse. When that happens so will South Korea's collapse, and that'll spill over into China; and China will then have to... and this part of what the Father was showing.. I said 'Oh my God', and I say that with great reverence. China finds themselves in a financial meltdown.. They really have only one option. And that's go to war to keep their economy afloat, and to draw in the resources they'd normally have to pay for, they'll just come and confiscate. When that happens it'll put Russia on edge. Now there's gonna be that conflict of two major powers vying for the resources of Asia, and Europe. That'll spark conflict between the two. In the meantime N. Korea will slide into virtual oblivion. And there's only one that man [Kim Jung On] can do; to save his own family and that's attack! Launch-- do whatever it takes to try to survive and when they attack South Korea that triggers allied agreements. And China will not stand for it. That will sweep across into Europe, and Europe will struggle just to survive. All because of the greed of building high rises; be they businesses, be they residential, be they shopping, or be they be just for pride. And that's gonna effect some of the Arab countries who have gone into these super contractual agreements for who is going to have the biggest and the best high rises.

Now that brings us to another point the Father has been showing. This is all dealing with economics.. what has been shared is..... And it basically puts the world into a position where they're gonna barely survive or they're gonna have to go to war to survive. Either of those is scary. Because if we move into the arena of just surviving, take all the technologies that are out there..... If people cannot buy them and use them, the electronics industry withers; and so does advancement in the technologies.

Now, something has been bothering me for months that the Father keeps saying.. 'There's going to be a major war in the Middle East'. And I say, 'Father that's always been since Israel became a nation on 14 May 1948.' He said, 'And then you've got the democracy and the theocracy.' He said. 'These are going to clash. And boil over into a major conflict that will embroil Israel, Europe, England, America, and Canada'. Further, he said. 'What's going to happen is a proxy war is going to be fought between Europe, America, and Russia in the Middle East.' He said, 'It's going to come out of the Syrian conflict; and the camps are already being created between the Sunni and the Shiite, between theocracy and democracy and the different political factions each vying for their place of political power at the table, when it is all settled to the point where negotiations take place beyond conflict'. And he said, I'm telling you that Russia has already launched her surface and her subsurface fleets, and if they're not already in the Atlantic and off the coasts of the Middle East they're clandestinely preparing to make their move. And he said, They'll challenge the sea power of America. I said, 'What?' He said, 'Wait, watch and see'. He said, 'Not thousands, but tens of thousands of lives are going to be lost in that conflict; and out of that conflict is going to be the decision whether Israel survives as a nation ---- or thrives as a nation!' And he said, 'I'm telling you right now, if America doesn't support Israel the people with whom I'm in covenant with .. He stated, 'Remember now, this is not between man and man; this is between God, a nation, and a people that go back thousands of years that I've not ever abandoned'; if America does not support Israel; I'll bring America to her knees and destroy her'. He said, 'I'm already in the process, they'll not pay attention to me, they'll not repent of their murders, they'll not repent of their drugs, they'll not repent of the sins that are drawing this nation down. Further, he said, -- this is not me -- 'From the White House to the outhouse!' -- Now that gets pretty down to the earth! He said, 'If they don't repent, -- in what you're seeing now in what meteorologists are calling weather gone wild, will look very mild in the next couple of years... compared to today. (13 August 2013). I told you years ago it will be wet where it's supposed to be dry and dry when it's supposed to be wet. And he said "Now I've unleashed the fire storms. I did it against... I'm trying to think now .. Sodom and Gomorrah .. He released a fire storm there. Good. And he said I'm doing the same thing now. He said look where the fire storms are. He said I'm burning that sin out of the land of the people. He said, the innocent are suffering as well as the guilty. And that breaks my heart. But did I not say that the rain falls on the just and on the unjust?


And here's something.. I kept saying, 'Father why do you keep bringing to my mind. Look into fresh water?' I have fished all of my life since I was a child and you know one of the things I dearly love is to fish; especially fly fishing'. He said, 'Look into the water.' He said, 'South where you were fishin'. -- 'You mean near that bridge that was in brackish water? And where we were able to travel miles out to the salt water of the Chesapeake Bay? He said,' Yes'. What happened to you when you were fishing at that bridge?' I said, 'Father, my buddy almost turned sheet white! He never does that. He's never afraid on the water. 'He said,' What did your buddy say?' -- 'Bob, there's a fin behind you!' When I turned around whatever was there was not there; maybe gone underneath the boat. And he was so frightened that he stopped fishing and kept watching the water. He said,' You fish, I'll watch.' I knew, because he was so afraid, that, this man is a fisherman, a hunter, he is neigh unto fearless. But that day he turned white. And I kept thinking the months and years since, what was that...??? The Father said, this week I want to show you something, I want you to understand how I spared your life and that of your fishing buddy. 'I researched it. The Bull Shark is built so that it can absorb salt or excrete salt through a special gland; just as if it were urinating. The Bull Shark has begun to traverse into fresh waters over the years; and become acclimated. It can retain salt and go up into fresh water. Now the Bull Shark is even spawning and thriving in freshwater. And it's attacking human beings. Been studying it Bother, I've found that the Bull Shark has been found up the Mississippi River; half way up that river'. 'It has been found 2200 miles up into the Amazon freshwater. And it's beginning to stalk and attack humans for their flesh. He said, did I not tell you years ago that the day would come when you would have to withdraw from fishing like you do now and fish only sporadically because there would be danger in the water? He said, there it is. Did I not tell you that wildlife, land and sea and fresh water would one day turn against mankind? He said, It's happening!' So I began to study more.

He said, 'I want you to look over here. Study the leopard'. 'O' kkkkay!'; I come to find out that leopards and panthers are now beginning to thrive in our suburbs. Unknown to the populace... not in many areas yet. But there are photos and films when people put out their security cameras and have them running and they see these large leopards or panthers and that's beginning to answer the question, Where are the dogs going? Where are the cats going? [ABC: Another place they disappear is into witch covens for satanic animal sacrifices!] I'm saying Father, .. '[Wait] Did not I say in my word that the day is coming when the wild beasts.. Yes, just like there was fear thousands of years ago... when that even when the Psalms and Proverbs were being written, that a man would not go out into the street at night for fear of being taken by a wild beast. He said, 'That's beginning in America!' I said well, 'That's deadly'.

He said, 'Yes, but now I want you to look down south, and what types of meat do people really like, especially in different places of the world?' 'Well, maybe wild boar, it's a different type ham.' He said, 'Look south. What's beginning to rampage through fields of crops; feral pigs'? 'That's right, feral hogs; and they'll also attack humans!' He said, 'That's going to begin to devastate the agriculture in the southern states. And that will mean higher food prices. But because of organizations like PETA; they're not going to permit these wild hogs to be hunted. They'll want them protected.' So as the father began to show, I said, Father what you're saying is you're literally permitting creation that you created that mankind once had dominion over -- That's right! --- beginning to take dominion over mankind. He said, 'It's the exact opposite of what I'd planned; and I'm putting fear into the spirits of men, women, boys, and girls, and what does my word say?' I said, 'Your word says that men's hearts will fear.. we often think about nuclear biological or chemicals attacks, but what if nature turns against us?' [Well, we got stink bugs eating up 40 percent of the peach crop here.] Yes, and that's why peaches are so expensive! [Here in Virginia, 50 dollars a bushel, the guy told me at the fruit stand.]

Now I'm going to share something that the Father gave.. we'll have to wait and see. This is one of those ... I'm going to adopt [a] wait and see because Father you're starting to use names. He said, 'Yes I know... I'm telling you now before it happens so people can begin to pray!' 'I'm telling you, Number one, President Barak Hussein Obama is going to lead America into a catastrophic war in the Middle East; and thousands of Americans are going to be lost. He said,'It was never intended to be that way, but that is what's going to happen unless the people pray to change the mind of this man'. He said, 'Number two, if you now look at what's now taking place in all of the negotiating-- it all favors, not Israel, not Isaac; it favors Islam and Ishmael .' He said, 'This will not stand. [Amen!] He said, 'I'm telling you now.. I know the heart of that man, I know the spirit of that man, I know the teachings of Islam, I know the teaching of the Koran, and I know the spirit of the Koran; and I know the spirit in Islam and I'm telling you this man's spirit is that of a Muslim. And he's dragging America down. If you'll look at every other nation that has an Islamic leader, they're in turmoil.' And he said, 'Unless this changes there's gonna be a horrific backlash inside of America. That will result in two factors!' I said, 'Father, please!!' He said, 'I'm telling you.. Even your grandfather told you this.. in part. And that was decades ago and if this continues there's going to be a horrific backlash; and there's going to be both a religious and a race war.' 'This war will shatter and shred democracy in America. And it'll divide the people; because America is a melting pot of people, and religions, and unless this thing is addressed America is going to fall like every other empire before it'. I said, 'Father what can we do?' He said, 'The only thing that you as a nation at this point in time is pray! Because unless this thing turns around it's gonna be a blood bath. If you will just look at events look who is hoarding ammunition, look at who is hoarding firearms... it's not the people, it's the leadership who are no leaders at all!' Further, he said, 'Remember he who thinks he standeth is on the verge of falling. And when you have a nation with leadership that is not Godly -- the people come under a very heavy hand and a curse. Eventually those people will wake up and rise up; and when they do that it's revolution.. I don't want that for America. Unless things change the people are on the verge of taking matters into their own hands and the leadership is either oblivious; or because they're ready to come down with a heavy hand.'

Another point he brought out: 'I'm telling you .. you watch, in the very near future, Christians are going to be labeled as provocateurs, as the problem makers, as the instigators, as the intolerants, and Christians are going to come under severe persecution. Their businesses are going to be firebombed, their homes will be firebombed, their vehicles firebombed; Christian schools will be fire-bombed.. and what do you think is going to happen when a rather large local Christian school, K through 12 is firebombed, and hundreds of children are killed or injured?' I said, 'Father the people are going to rise up'. He said, That's right at the beginning of revolt.' And he said, 'You watch, Islam will begin to come to the forefront of being those who are tolerant, of being those who have the answers to the problems; where [in fact] they are the real problem!' Well Brother, when he gets that specific things become very detailed. And I have not called you. I didn't even want to talk to you because I knew if I did what was going to come out; and the Father said, 'When it's time he'll call' . And then you just did it. You called!!! He continued, 'And the people will be warned. If they heed it, America may be spared, but that's not a given guarantee.' I said. 'Why?' ' Because revolt and revolution have already bubbled to the surface; and it's just a matter of time. If Hillary Rodham Clinton is voted in as President, America as a democratic nation will be lost.' [We know that's not going to happen already. The Lord told us earlier, She has a medical defect she knows nothing about.] Ahh yes, I remember.

My Brother, America's in the greatest danger since the time of Lincoln, when America slipped into the abyss of civil war. He's already shown if that happens all those that are here [now] with personnel and material will be unleashed against the American people. [Bob's referring to the foreign cops/troops and infrastructure.] And we will become a police state. And if that happens there's going to be a bloody awful revolt, revolution and war which will rend this nation. And every country that wants a piece of us will be involved. I would to God I had none of this to share with you. [I got it now..] You do with it whatever. There's more but I'm gonna keep it for now. Just remember that 17 page prophetic document [of March 2007], well, it's about to percolate to the surface.

One of the areas that Christians are not aware of is that their pastors have been approached to be giving the membership rolls and their finances to whatever or department of the federal Government. That way they know who these people are, where they live, and what their habits are. And every single person that has a smart phone is a walking target. [Then they know where to get them on Sunday morning too.] Uhhh huh... That's coming my brother, sooner rather than latter.. As one of the ancient writers said, 'Beware the Ides of March'. Well beware of the Ides of the end of 2013. America is on the cusps(s), plural, that she isn't even aware of, that will cause her to have her Constitution, her Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers; all of it annulled. And those people in Washington know it! And they are so scared to say anything that they are like those in Nazi Germany who refused to say anything for fear that they, and their families, might be hear the knock on the door at night. Oh, there was another factor. I said, 'Father all this is coming at once!' He said, 'I'm trying to warn the people.'

Now this will have to be watched. What the Father showed is that there is a very special highly trained... an elite group within an elite group within an elite group .. It's three layers deep. Even those of the elite are not aware of who they are. But they have been trained and been given the most highly sophisticated, high tech sniper rifles with hyper-range ballistic rounds that can reach out well over 1500 yards and hit a tiny target; day or night, all weather. And they're trained for killing shots against those who are considered to be terrorists and/or against the government. Even if they just speak out. I said, 'Father that's not America!' And what happened over the weekend? There was a clown who put on an Obama mask-- and I don't know what he said or did in a rodeo but as of yesterday he has been banned as a clown from the rodeo circuit for the rest of his life. Because he spoke out against Obama or because he made fun of him. This is not America, that is North Korea. End of transcript. It took four hours to transcribe this from tape to a Word document. Al Cuppett Aug 24, 2013.



Prophecy From Rev. Jonathan Hansen on March 23, 2003 for Australia and New Zealand

On March 23, 2003, I received the followed warning from God for Australia and New Zealand:

"To Australia and New Zealand cousin nations: You are a proud, independent, self- righteous people in love with yourselves and the things of this world.

You think you have escaped the cruelties of the world by leaving and migrating to their countries. But, I the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose name is Jesus will bring the cruelties of life to you.

Your humanism and arrogance has reached the heavens. Your stench is repulsive to my nose.

My holiness cannot turn its back on your sins, your outright rebellion of my laws any longer.

Even most of your churches are filled with dead men's bones with only the appearance of serving God.

Immorality is commonplace and accepted. Homosexuality is accepted. The gods that cursed my people Israel are accepted.

You have leaders that are damned as those who called for the Tower of Babel.

All religions, creeds and customs striving to become their own gods in their own united created One World Government.

You are cursed Australia and New Zealand. You are cursed with your own words and lifestyles that reject my son Jesus Christ in all you say and do.

Now get ready for my anger; my arm will smite you with plagues; with residue of crisis and residue of war.

Nuclear fallout will drop on you as the dew falls on the ground and you will cry out in anguish, only your cries will yet not be toward me. So I will continue in my love allow crisis and plagues and fallout to touch you.

Fallout of other nations' judgments will drift over you and again effect your environment, health and lives.

You are an arrogant, stubborn people but as a loving father, I will continue to pursue you regardless of your current deception, defiance, cursing and bemoaning.

I will bring you to your knees if I have to break the very source of life that gives your nations' sustenance.

Look to me all who are called by my Son Jesus Christ!

Look to me and repent of your sins that His (my sons') blood can cover and protect from my wrath, which is shortly to come upon the nations and upon you."

© 2003 World Ministries International


The prophetic message by Tom Hess in his book Let my people go!

The appointed time has come to the Western world! As God shook and unraveled the Former Soviet Union to bring the Jews home to Israel, He is now beginning to unravel and shake Europe, USA next and the other Western nations.

The appointed time has come for Aliyah to Israel from USA and Western world.

Rabbi Riminov Rebbe said in March 2015 to the Jews in Florida: ”Leave while you still can. The situation will get worse. Also US will be a place of danger in the war. Many parts will be destroyed and poisoned, even civil war will break out in USA. Eretz Israel will be the safest place to survive the war, although there will also be terrible difficulties there.”


The message by a Christian woman

1.  Time is short.

2. Settle quickly.

3. Money does not matter.


The vision by Kevin Basconi, Moravian Falls, NC
An Appointed Time for Scandinavia

Doors Are Actively Opening!

Recently while I was ministering in Sweden and in Finland, I experienced an amazing vision based upon Revelation chapter 4:

After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in Heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, "Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this."

John said, "Behold, and I saw a door opening in Heaven." There was a door actively opening. You see, God is a God of times and seasons; they are called moeds in the Scripture. In Genesis 1, the Bible says God set the sun and the moon into the skies for times and seasons (verse 14); moeds. God had appointed times.

The Book of Revelation says there was a door actively opening in Heaven. It's the type of door that moves one way then the other. Some doors only open one direction. Some doors open and close in both directions. That's how the windows of Heaven work. At God-ordained times the windows and doors of Heaven are actively opening! I believe that there is a door that is actively opening for revival in Scandinavia right now! (Photo by Robert Bartow "The Open Door" via

The Book of Malachi declares that God will open up the windows of Heaven (3:10). You see, these eternal windows are actively opening now in Scandinavia. Sometimes in heavenly places there are doors and windows that are "opening." Until the doors and windows of Heaven open, God will not release the fullness of His blessing upon a people or geographical region.

In Deuteronomy 28:12 God says, "I will give to you My good treasure of the heavens." God opens up the heavens to pour out rain in season to bless a land, to bless the Kingdom, to bless a nation. It's the same principle we see in Revelation 4:1: "I saw a door opening in Heaven."

There are seasons when God opens doors, and there are seasons when God closes the doors. God can also release blessings to you as He opens the heavens over your life. So God releases His blessings in places where the heavens are open. He pours out His blessing when the doors and windows of Heaven are open over a person, a people group, a region, or even a nation at appointed times.

You see, when the doors and windows of Heaven open over an individual or open over a ministry, or the doors and windows open over a nation, there is a season released when God pours out His grace and His blessings upon those places at the appointed time.

A Vision of Heaven Opening... Over Scandinavia

In 2001 I was in Botwood in Newfoundland, Canada, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said, "Kevin, I want you to read from Revelation chapter 4."

So I read, "I looked, and behold, a door standing open in Heaven" (verse 1). I'm lying on a bed of these people's home, and the Holy Spirit said, "Kevin, say the words out loud: 'Behold, I looked, and I saw a door standing open in Heaven.'" And I read the Scripture. The Holy Spirit said, "Say it again." He said it seven times. On the seventh time, I said, "Behold, I looked..." and all of a sudden I heard the sound of a mighty rushing wind!

And I looked up and the ceiling of the room disappeared. I could see Heaven. The sound of a mighty rushing wind intensified, becoming extreme loud! As I looked I saw a fireball streaking from Heaven directly at me. It was about eighteen inches in circumference and was moving at the speed of sound. Suddenly the fireball came through the roof and exploded into my solar plexus (the pit of the stomach). (Photo by Jennifer Page "Brush of Angels Wings" via

Instantly I was taken up through a window of Heaven. I was launched out of my body. I continued to rise higher and higher until I could see the lights of Newfoundland far below me. Then I could see the lights of Canada far below. I ascended higher and higher until I could see the curvature of the earth. And I saw the sun begin to arise in the east.

I saw the sun rise over Scandinavia. That was fourteen years ago. I saw the sun rising over the nations of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Baltics. Back in 2001 in this supernatural vision, I saw the glory of God pouring out upon Scandinavia. I saw the glory of God begin to pour out on Norway. I saw the glory of God begin to pour out on Finland and across the whole region. And I knew that a mighty revival was coming to Scandinavia.

I declare that Sweden is at a moed. Sweden is at a God-ordained crossroads. Sweden is at a hinge of history, what you might call an eternal crossroad! As I was praying in Stockholm on August 12, 2015, I had a vision of Heaven. I saw God the Father speaking. He was speaking from His throne of mercy and grace. He was speaking over Scandinavia.

I saw the earth shake and tremble. I saw Scandinavia shake and tremble. I saw Sweden shake and tremble. I saw Stockholm shake and tremble. I saw the glory of God being poured out again like I had witnessed in 2001, just like I saw in the vision fourteen years ago.

I saw the glory of God being poured out on Scandinavia. I witnessed what appeared to be a mighty supernatural tornado of fire; a mighty fiery tornado of revival. It covered all of Scandinavia. And the very tip of the fire, the very tip of revival touched down (just like an earthly tornado) in several regions starting fires of revival! (Photo via Wikimedia)

Some places received it, and the fire of God was poured out and the glory of God manifested! In other places the heavenly fire tried to set down, but it was not received. When this happened it lifted and moved to hover over other cities and regions. I saw it move over to Norway; and then on to Finland; and on to another part of Sweden. It went to the Baltic's. It went to Latvia, and then to Estonia, and then it set down on Moscow. There a great army covered with the Blood of Jesus arose! It was a new Red Army!

Are You Ready to Receive It?

My question for you is: if God is ready to pour out revival in Scandinavia and beyond, who is ready to receive it? Who is ready to honor it? There are things that God has preordained for Scandinavia. There are things that God has preordained for each nation there to walk in. God loves the nation of Sweden. There is a destiny upon Sweden and all of Scandinavia.

These can be some of the most prosperous, some of the most powerful, and some of the most fruitful times of Scandinavia; some of the most fruitful times for the Church in this region. And I believe that the Spirit of the Lord is looking for those who will receive the moed, who will receive the appointed time, who will position themselves to receive this approaching move of God. (Photo via Wikipedia)

I believe this revival can manifest at any time between now and 2018; it's that time. And someone needs to pray; someone needs to receive it; someone needs to birth it in intercession; someone needs to count the cost; someone needs to cry out for revival in Scandinavia!

Kevin Basconi
King of Glory Ministries International


Kevin and Kathy Basconi are ordinary people who love an extraordinary God. They co-founded King of Glory Ministries International and have a heart to share the Gospel with the poor, and the Love of the Father to widows and orphans. They have visited 36 nations preaching the Gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in churches, conferences, and crusade meetings. The ministry is punctuated by many miracles, healings, and signs & wonders that confirm the Word of God. Kevin & Kathy recently established the new International Ministry Apostolic Equipping Center (iMAEC) and the Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning in the very heart of Moravian Falls, North Carolina to empower, and equip the Body of Christ to do the greater works of Jesus Christ! They live in the mountains of North Carolina where they pursue a lifestyle of intimacy and communion with Jesus. Kevin is an internationally published author of the books "The Sword of the Lord" and the new Seer Trilogy "Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing #1, #,2 & #3". 


Mena Lee Grebin's revelations

The coming storm

Mena Lee Grebin’s Revelations – provide us with a fuller understanding of what is about to transpire. Mena is a black woman who grew up in Chicago. In 1987 at the age of seven, she had a vivid vision in which she was told, “A president will come out of Chicago who will destroy the freedom of this nation.” In the vision she saw herself as an adult in the apartment she was growing up in in Chicago. She was ironing a shirt and getting ready for work. On the TV there was chaos – scenes of riots, war, murder, and famine all over the news. She went out on the street and saw that the wind was blowing and tearing up and carrying away flyers that were piled up on three newsstands. She went over and saw that on the first stand the flyers had a picture of George Washington on the front. On the second, there was a picture of Abraham Lincoln, and on the third, a picture of Martin Luther King. Next to those was an actual newspaper whose headline read, “American Freedom Has Been Stripped.” People were running past her and crying, “The end is near. Run for your lives.”

This was a very frightening first supernatural vision for a seven year old and neither she nor her mother, who was also a prophet, fully understood it. In 2012, the Lord brought this vision back to her and told her that all the three men she had seen in the flyers referenced key events of freedom in this nation. At that time, the Lord told her that our current president would be the last president and lead our nation into the Tribulation.

In 2008 at the time of the president’s first election, she saw ride out in a vision the red horse and rider of Revelations 6, the second of the four horseman of the apocalypse. As we read in Revelations, “Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other” (Rev 6:4 NIV). In that vision, she saw people in our nation and around the world cheering the president’s victory, and especially many Muslims cheering and shooting off guns...

At the end of 2013, Mena began to see a great increase in the dreams and visions she was receiving. She began to see that Russia would become a growing threat and that ISIS would arise and she was shown the spirit behind it. In the spring of 2014, the Lord began to speak to her in the 3rd and 4th watches of the night (12:00-3:00 AM and 3:00-6:00 AM). During that time she heard “death to finances” and saw the black horse and the third horseman of the apocalypse ride out. This is the one that brings famine (Rev 6:5-6). She was told that a recession within a recession was coming to America. The stock market would crash, small businesses would fail and those that depend on food stamps, welfare, section 8 and other government benefits would see them dry up. She was shown a calendar with the months of September through December highlighted, meaning that this was when this vision would come to pass.  At that time the Lord told her, “Those who are in me will be sustained, but not everyone who says they belong to me, belongs to me.”

Beginning in January of 2015, the Lord began to say repeatedly to her that the September thru December onset of the crises she was shown will take place in 2015. She was told to begin to stock up on food for her family, ministry and others so that she could share what she had stored up during the coming time of need. She was also told that these preparations must be completed by the end of the summer. In mid-February the Lord gave her a weighty word to warn His people. He told her that she was to say, “Thus sayeth the Lord,” to make it clear that these were His words and not her words. Here is the message:

What is coming upon the nation will affect many who claim to follow me. This is because not everyone, who is a part of the church, I call my bride. Many believe that they will be shielded from the judgment when in fact they will go through it. Not everyone who calls upon My name will enter into My kingdom. For every ten people who pray to me and claim me as their Lord, I only know one. Thus sayeth the Lord God, I have sent My prophets to warn you of your disobedience and your pride, and you have rejected them. You have chosen to follow those who only speak smooth words and deception and I have not sent them. They are not my prophets. Therefore when I pass judgment on this nation, you will feel it. Repent says the Lord of hosts. Turn to me and seek My face, for the day of the Lord is at hand and know that even in my judgement, I am merciful.

The Perfect Storm – At the beginning of April of 2015, an angel came to her and said, “The countdown has begun.” She saw a digital clock showing 30 seconds before midnight. In a separate vision her mother heard the same words and saw a similar clock counting down from 30 seconds before midnight. Three times her mother heard this phrase, “Tell my children that time is running out.” In her mother’s vision she was flying over the United States and saw a massive earthquake registering 8.4 hit California leaving nothing but massive rubble. She saw lights rising up from the rubble and angels catching them. She was told that many would die in the earthquake and these were the souls of Christians who had perished in the quake. The earthquake was so strong that it was felt in Arizona, Nevada and parts of Mexico.

This info is from the book, 'The Coming Storm and the Rising Ecclesia' by Scott Flanagan.


Message From the Next World Comes to Israeli Mystical Rabbi, Warns of Imminent War



David Skelly's email to me

I saw the end part of a Youtube with David Wilkerson's words spoken.

From about the 33rd minute David Wilkerson said the following
"In this vision I saw five terrible calamities coming to America and the world.  First of all a worldwide recession caused by economic confusion.
......It is going to start in Germany spread to Japan and finally to the United States.
.....Number two.....I saw worldwide famine especially in China, India and Russia.  I saw the world's food supply completely dwindled and millions starving"

I heard David Wilkerson's voice at the end of the youtube.  He said that economic confusion was going to start in Germany.  Germany is in economic trouble. 

He also saw a worldwide famine especially in China, India and Russia.  This ties into what God revealed to you about the proud Russian president Vladimir Putin eating horse meat.  You said that a great famine is coming to Russia.  Vladimir Putin will be humbled. 

Yours in Christ
David Skelly


THE COMMANDO ARMY - a prophecy
by Ron McKenzie

In December 1977, Ron McKenzie of Dunedin, NZ, received the
following prophecy. It was finally made public in July 1982 by
David Pawson in Auckland, New Zealand. David had received his
own word from God for New Zealand, concerning an economic
crash that would precede a spiritual return to God, a Revival. He
then prayed for confirmation, and received it in the form of this prophecy. 


    We are nearing a time of great spiritual battle. At
    present God is preparing a Commando Army which can
    fight and win under tough conditions with few
    resources. Then He will drop a bomb which will almost
    destroy the enemy army and will shatter the
    conventional forces in God's army.

    He will then send in the Commando Army which
    because of it's training has been unharmed by the
    bomb. It will defeat the shattered enemy army. It will
    treat the injured, and reorganise, re-equip and rejuvinate
    the shattered forces of God's conventional army. The result
    will be a mighty victory for God.
    The Commando Army is a small group in the church
    which God is calling into strict discipleship. They will
    reject the things of the world and live solely on what
    God provides. Their joy in poverty will be a witness to
    the world. They will be MIGHTY WARRIORS IN PRAYER. They
    will experience the POWER OF GOD, being able to minister
    to all people in all situations. Their sole motivation
    will be the love of Christ.

    When this Army is ready God will drop the bomb on
    New Zealand. It will be an economic depression on a
    scale which New Zealand has not seen before. It will
    make the depression of the 1930's look mild. God will
    shake the nation. It will have two effects.
    Firstly - it will shatter the church. The church has
    become a peacetime army unaware that an intense battle
    is raging. The people have been blinded by wealth and
    have become so satiated that they have sunk into
    apathy. They have taken a wordly attitude into the
    church and run it like a business, paying their fees and
    letting the minister do the work. They have become so
    wordly that they no longer provide a witness to the
    world. Under economic depression these people will be
    totally shattered. They found their security in wealth
    and now they will have none. They found their
    happiness in material goods and now they will have
    none. They run the church with money so it will grind
    to a halt. It will be a judgement on the church. The
    world forces will also be shattered. Satan has used the
    lure of money and material wealth to hold the people
    outside the church captive and the crash will mean that
    his hold is broken. Thus, we will have a situation where
    the church is ready for renewal and the nation is ready
    for revival.
    At this point God will send in His Commando Army.
    Because it's members have learned to live without the
    things of the world they will not be touched by the
    depression. They will minister to the church and preach
    to the nation. The people of the church will be
    shattered out of their complacency. They will see that
    their old lives lacked meaning and purpose. They will
    be looking desperately for something else which is
    meaningful and fulfilling and the lifestyle of God's
    special forces will be an attractive alternative. There
    will be a great renewal in the church, as people repent
    and turn back to God. Many will be ministered to and
    discover a wonderful new life in the Spirit through
    Christ. Thus God's glory will return to the church.
    At the same time the Commando Army will go throughout
    the nation preaching the gospel. The people will be
    looking for a new meaning to life and will be ready to
    receive the gospel. Thus as a result of a great move of
    the Spirit many people will be added to the church.
    The depression will not come for a short while. There
    are a number of reasons for this:
    1. God has only just begun to prepare His Commando
    Army. They still have a lot of training to do.
    2. These events will come when people are not
    expecting them. At the moment everyone is talking
    about depression. But things will improve, giving people
    a new hope, then just when the trouble appears to be
    past the crash will come.
    3. These events will be a judgement on both the church
    and the nation, and when God judges He always warns
    first. And before the crash can come, God must warn
    the church and the nation.
    Although these events are a little way away they are
    inevitable. At present God is calling up His Commando
    Army, but He is only calling for volunteers. Thus it is
    a time of decision. If we join it will be costly but it
    will save much heartbreak later. If we choose to join we
    must become WARRIORS OF GOD. We must become POWERFUL IN
    we must lay aside all the things of the world which would
    encumber us. We must learn to live solely for the LOVE OF
    GOD. It will be costly, but Oh.. how great is the prize...
                A Nation brought back to God..!


The dream by Mary in 2014

I am a humble servant of the Lord God Almighty. I was given the same dream three times last year. I was told to write this dream down and tell people that this will happen as a warning. This is to show that this came from God.

It is very early on a Sunday morning and we are still in bed and awaken to the sound of an earthquake. My daughter comes into our bedroom and I run to get my son and bring him back to our bedroom. I know right away that this is a very big earthquake. I say out loud “This is a 10.0”. Our house is located in the hills of East Ventura, California with a complete ocean view from Camarillo to Ventura. We start to see a large tsunami come in from the ocean. It completely covers Ventura, Oxnard and heads toward Camarillo. We are looking at complete devastation. The epicenter of the earthquake is in Ventura, but will cause a cascading effect throughout all the fault lines in California from San Diego up to the Cascadia Subduction zone in the Northwest.

The Lord has also shown me that this will happen on Sunday early in the morning on September 13, 2015, the last day of Shemitah Year and preceding the Feast of Trumpets on Monday, the 14th which is the start of the 10 Days of Repentance, ending on September 23, 2015.

The Lord has shown me that even though this will be devastating, this will be the start of a revival for all of the lost souls in America. This revival will start in California and go across the United States if we are prepared to help save souls for the Kingdom.

Everyone needs to remember that Israel and America are the only two countries in the world that have ever been founded on God. That is why America has been so blessed even though we have been in disobedience with the Lord he will never remove the blessings we received when we were founded as a nation. God does the same for Israel and will never remove their blessings. This earthquake will bring an opportunity to turn toward the Lord and be ready when he does return. This earthquake is about revival, the Lord is not coming on this date, no one knows the date, but the Father, but he is sending a message to wake up and be ready, and share the word with everyone. As believers we need to be the light on the hill for everyone to see, especially in dark times.

One last note is everyone should study the Feasts of the Lord, there are very few churches in America that even discuss the feasts and how relevant they are to the Lord. When you understand their importance it is pretty obvious the Lord will return during these Feasts that have not been fulfilled. I am not saying the Lord is coming on September 13, 2015, I saw an earthquake and tsunami to start the ten days of repentance and a revival that will change America.


The vision by Maurice Sklar on August 17.2015 

On this past Monday evening, I was listening to Rick Taylor preaching at the Healing Rooms.  Suddenly, I had a vision.  I saw us all pressing in with all our might in the Spirit in spiritual warfare.  We had our full armor on. Our shields of faith were flush together over our heads like a regiment of roman soldiers in formation. They were together so tight that it looked like one massive shield in front of us and over our heads like a wall of fire. Our swords were drawn and out in front of us. We were not many, but we were mighty before the enemy. We were gaining ground inch by inch. Satan was hitting us with all he had. His greatest principalities were hitting us. Arrows with flaming heads were raining down upon us like rain. I could not even see the air or sky...just what looked like millions of arrows. The closest thing I could relate it to was the siege of Minas Tirith in Tolkien's Return of the King movie.  The LORD spoke to me saying, for the past three weeks, there has been an all out attack against the leaders here, as well as all of those in the earth who are contending for the great end time revival/awakening that is coming.

The LORD said, "LOOK UP!!" So I looked up. Then, it seemed like I zoomed outward and I saw a band of darkness around the earth. Under it, looked like "all hell" was breaking loose, literally. Demonic assaults were raining down on all nations. But, I noticed that some nations had less oppression than others. Some looked like black holes, there were so dark. Others had points of light and fires shooting upwards. Then, I watched as I seemed to zoom in again to our ministry here in California. A column of what looked like liquid fire just shot up from us above where we were battling on the earth. This fire hit the band of darkness over the earth and began to bore its' way through it like a plasma laser! We were right at the edge! On the other side of that dark band was light that was so bright that I could hardly see for a time. Then, my eyes seemed to adjust, and I saw the LORD seated on His white horse. Behind Him were the armies of angels as far as I could see. Then, I saw the Heavenly Saints behind them on horses and chariots of Fire. They were all waiting for the moment when the columns of the Fire of God would break through that dark band around the earth.


He opened my eyes and I saw millions of praying saints in many places praying together in unity and love throughout the earth. There were these same columns of white-hot fire ascending over them. Many hundreds had reached the band of darkness. About ten were already more than halfway bored through already. I saw that those prayer warriors that had hit the dark band were attacked so badly, that many were reeling back and some had fallen, because of the fierceness of the demonic attack. BUT, THEY WERE NOT RETREATING!! 



Then, the vision ended.


Maurice Sklar


The prophecy by Patricia Green on July 29, 2015.

September 23rd is the day Obama makes a pact with the devil. It was not by chance that the Pope and Obama are meeting on the Day of Atonement. (September 23, 2015) They will make a pact that will seal the fate of the United States of America. My vengeance will be poured out from this point forward. (September 23rd) There is no turning back.

Tell My people to draw close to Me in these last days. Tell them to purify their hearts by the washing of the water of My Word. Tell them to ask My Spirit to expose any wickedness within themselves, so they can repent and be clean.

I am returning for My Bride without spot or wrinkle. I am coming for a pure Bride. Only those who are purified by My Spirit and My Word are My Bride. There will be no pretending when I return. Many will say, “LORD, LORD, did I not prophesy in Your Name, heal the sick, cast out demons, and bring people into Your kingdom?” And I will say to those who had impure hearts, “Get from Me, I never knew you.”

This is the time for self-reflection. If you judge yourself in this season and repent of your hidden sin, your sin will not be exposed to your shame.

Now is the time to purify your own hearts. Now is the time before My vengeance is poured out.”



"The LORD says:

The American dollar is about to lose 30% more of its present value. This will be the second drop since the previous 2008 drop of 20%. The dollar will then be worth half of what it was before September 2008. This drop will cause great economic distress upon our nation. The church will be shaken and many will wake up spiritually and cry out to ME. There will be also looting, rioting, and terrorism in our land.

There is an even greater financial disaster that is falling upon Europe that will collapse the Euro, cause panic and chaos there. Germany will refuse to prop up the euro any more. Basic needs in the poorer European nations will be threatened. Many will lose their money overnight as the stage is set for the financial takeover of the Antichrist system. This is imminent, and the dollar will also follow, although it will survive for a season more.

The great revival will also begin. God has hidden His Holy Apostles and Prophets for this present hour. There will be great outpourings of supernatural provision, miracles, and healing in various places. These areas will become cities of refuge and places of refuge for God's people.

There is coming an all out war in the Middle East as the neighboring Arab nations will come against Israel with a sudden missile attack starting from the north with Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria. Other Arab nations will join. Israel will be hit from all sides at once and there will be deaths and partial destruction of settlements, smaller cities to the north, and some damage to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well. Israel will respond with great force, and limited nuclear weapons will release devastation upon the neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon, Damascus, which will be destroyed completely, and the rest of Syria as well as military strikes into Iran, Gaza, and even northern Egypt/Sinai region.

The resulting shaking of the West will then release a tremendous movement of Jews making aliyah back to Israel. There will no longer be security or stability as it has been up to now in America and Europe. Israel will emerge victorious from this war, but hurt. However, the devastation inflicted upon the attackers will be one hundred times worse! The spoils of this war will include much territory and will force the west to recognize the Holy God of Israel. It will emerge as the only stable country in the region. Many, even millions of Arabs will be killed. Islam will receive a mortal wounding by the Holy God of Israel.

Prepare your hearts, the LORD is at the door to appear for His Bride, the overcoming church in this midnight hour

Pray for those that are trapped in darkness that God will reach them in time.

In our Messiah,

Maurice Sklar


Visions from on High by Annie Schisler on January 1, 2001 


The Days Ahead

Uruguay, South America

(visions beginning in 1989)


Introduction  Part 1

The Lord has been directing me lately to group the visions I have been given in the last 13 years into categories according to subject matter and relevancy of important and strategic end-time events soon to occur in the world.

I never ask the Lord to grant me heavenly revelations. Jesus has determined according to His infinite wisdom and for the purpose of guiding and encouraging His Church to give me visions relating to His plans and purposes pertaining to world events and Kingdom realities since the day He saved me. As for my part, I live with an insatiable desire to seek His face and walk in blessed communion with Him. As I come before Him and seek His wonderful face, He carries me away into His place of revelation and opens my eyes to see the things that are on His heart and mind.

The days ahead are going to unfold many mysterious events for which our heavenly Father wants to prepare us. The things I will share through this series of experiences will be for the purpose of revealing His plans, and instructing His precious ones. Those who will heed His instruction can be fully prepared for the things that lay just ahead of us.

The Days Ahead

I went into my quiet place to be alone with Him whom I love with an ever-increasing and passionate love.  As I was pouring out my love to Him He came and took me away into that place of His special covering. I know when He takes me to this special place that I am going to see things that are difficult to see. I would not be able to bear even the smallest detail of such revelations except that He covers me with His grace, and love which makes me feel safe, and protected in His care. Once I am covered with this powerful shelter, nothing I see, even those things that are the most alarming and terrible can harm me, for I am completely secure and protected by His side.

Once I was completely protected by His love, He opened my eyes and I beheld the great evil that is coming upon the whole earth. I saw vast armies of evil spirits released upon the earth in an unprecedented way. Anything and anyone not truly submitted to God, would become imprisoned by this increasing and powerful wickedness. The enemy was overtaking all that was not clearly defined for God. I was given to see this same spiritual dynamic in many different countries, confirming the original vision.

 In the midst of this evolving darkness God was watching out for His own ones. In careful and definitive ways the Father poured out into His own ones ever-increasing grace that enabled them to abound in such authority and spiritual capacities as to overturn and overcome the enemy. In this vision, Jesus told me that He was showing me the manifestation of the outer operation, which reflected the inner operation He revealed to me in a previous vision. (A vision not listed here.)

He allowed me to view the sphere of God’s operation, especially in relationship to this higher level of authority that would operate through His own who had been purified and were surrendered to Christ. These surrendered ones were powerfully used on the earth as they were invested with the glorious, reigning, power of Jesus. As these high and reigning vessels of Christ would take dominion over these evil powers, these spirits would retreat from their greater places of dominion to a lesser place.

Even as these reigning ones would take ground from these evil spirits, greater enemies would in turn attack Christ’s reigning ones. This was necessary, as these chosen vessels would then manifest a more glorious power. This power was given to spearhead paths through enemy territories. This power, which was par excellence would penetrate, open, and defeat, the enemy absorbing the impacts energy in its target.

As His own ones moved forward in this operation of God, it would bring an immense harvest of souls, the Spirit moving with singular grace and power. In the midst of this tremendous conflict, there was found in His surrender ones a burning desire to run toward the provision of grace made available by the Lord.

Jesus urged me to share and bring to light these banns with promise to His own, as well as proclaiming it in the invisible world.

These two spheres are both serviced by the prophetic anointing. One stream of the prophetic anointing is directed toward His own ones who have been prepared to receive it. The second stream of the prophetic anointing is directed to the armies of the invisible world.

Holland, 1989

It was during a conference in Holland in 1989 that I was alone and in the presence of God. Again, He carried me away to this special place that he has preserved for me and in which He sustains me when He wants to show me things that are terrible to behold. Once I was put in this special shelter, Jesus began to show me natural and spiritual changes that would happen in Europe and in the Middle East. He revealed to me how the geopolitical map of the European continent would change in a drastic way, particularly with the fall of communism. At the moment it seemed inconceivable that such changes could possibly occur.

Nevertheless in obedience to the Lord, I declared the vision in the conference on July 9th, 1989. Some days later in a Church in England, I again shared the vision, however this time with more details. Within six months the vision I am about to share began to unfold in the natural.

The Four Fierce Angels

As I sat and worshipped my living Lord, He came and once again took me away into His place of revelation. As He comforted me and covered me, I looked and beheld four incredible beings. They were sent to stand on the four corners of the European Continent. These being were huge and impressive in the magnitude of their power and authority.

As they stood just above the continent, these evil, angelic beings began to show a reigning and dominate nature. Their appearance was fierce. They were given the power to shake everything. Soon it would be time for these forces to take action.

They would first operate and dominate in Europe then extend their influence to the rest of the world gaining their control little by little eventually surrounding and controlling everything. The importance of what would happen remained marked in my heart, since it will prove to be vital and crucial to the entire human race.

These huge, fierce, reigning angels of fearsome power were sent to change the development of the future, beginning now. They will shake every order both spiritual and political, known up to this point in time.  Jesus gave me understanding that it was now time for the previous spiritual rulers to be replaced by these dominant powers of darkness. They were now staged to bring upon the earth a more subtle and powerful darkness than the earth has ever known.

In this vision I saw how the spirit of communism was devoured and substituted by these new forces. This new government would facilitate new and greater wars and much bloodshed as in past centuries. These four new powers of darkness now reigning over Europe would affect the whole world even more than the World War II. God is letting this occur to pave the way for the great and final king of darkness.

The Government of these Forces

The spiritual government being exercised through these dark forces was connected to the government of men. The political world and the government of men are intricately interrelated. I could see that it is like a spider web. When the web is touched it sends pulsating movement throughout the whole web. In this same way these forces will use their power to shake and change everything.  In a pulsating fashion touching this system then that until their purpose has been realized.  As a result, the activity of the whole world would enter into to a time of great transition and alterations. This would be particularly realized in the control of the individual and in the control of the economy.

Jesus showed me that at the beginning these powers, through present political movements had a benign and beneficial appearance. It would begin to look as though this new way was bringing great solutions and answers that people applauded. Then I saw a new alliances begin to form by human alliance. However, this bond was only a disguise to hide the implementation of an evil work that would come to light in a short time.

Power of the Middle East

The vision continued to develop and the Lord showed me that in addition to Europe, the Middle East was also released to new and higher powers of darkness. These powers would work great destruction, and by means of war, attempt to impose their control upon all other nations. The spirit of violence accompanying these global powers was so tremendous that they brought commotion and changes in the whole world especially the United States.

Such things as I saw this time though from the shelter of His love and the safety of His protection, made a deep impact upon me.

World leaders will be weakened bringing unimaginable shock and chaos. Due to the influences of the reigning powers leaders will make a lot of mistakes, many wrong decisions that would contribute to aggravating their problems even more.

All these things put together dramatically affected the United States in connection to its power and influence in the world. The reign of these spirits also entered the material sphere; gaining control in the economic world and provoked a progressive and severe financial collapse. As the vision progressed, I saw that the United States was about to be involved in another war, which would further weaken its political and economic arenas.

The European Bloc

The European Continent will be strengthened and united to other powers. World alliances will be formed creating a great economic, political and commercial bloc – globalizing everything. This will bring about a matrix of enormous world influence preparing the way for the coming anti-Christ.

As these powers unite and take control, everything will seem to unify and function remarkably well in the natural world – for a time. Then I saw the strength of individual governments being shaken. There will be a state of international insecurity further weakening the world financial institutions, leaving them without backing or reliability.

Devastating uncertainty will abound further incited by a great evil force called “spirit of fright and horror.” This cloud of evil will further weaken humanity preparing them for the coming anti-Christ.

The Work of the Ruling Spirits

I looked and saw a great cloak of darkness that hid tremendous evil. This controlling force enslaved and oppressed society. People who were under its control would lose all traces of goodness, purity, honesty, and morality, becoming inwardly empty. It reminded me of a trunk of a tree that had been devoured on the inside by termites leaving only a hollow shell of bark when the feast was finished. This state of emptiness brought on by their rejection of God, caused these people to become propitious toward the mandates of the evil one.  Entire generations will live in this condition of internal emptiness, contamination and evil – totally impervious to God.

As I watched this time of evil unfold Jesus spoke to me saying: “This is a time of definition for the sons of God, as well as for all mankind.”

The Reigning Spirit, “Control”

This reigning force called “Control” is unimaginably powerful. As I watched it maneuver in the midst of great human need, I saw that his treacherous ways were subtle and barely discernable; but to those who were locked in the cloud of increasing darkness and fear, he seemed as an angel of light. He seemed to offer solutions in the midst of impending doom.

However, his solutions were nothing less than a predetermined path leading to the ultimate prison.

As I continued to watch this horror unfold before me I could see, not only the actions of this ruling spirit, but also his covert intentions. What initially seemed like benevolent solutions would in the end become a means of obtaining his goal of complete tyranny over mankind. His ruthless kingdom built on the foundation of hate and greed will become apparent only when he has a sure confidence that his throne is well secured among unsuspecting men. He will gradually bring the world into his new system, creating laws that will justify his global control. By this means he will acquire complete dominance over all men, preparing the way for the emergence of the anti-Christ and his new world order.

The Purpose of the Visions

These visions with their great insight into the uncertain future were given by our benevolent Father to encourage us. It is out of His abundant mercy that He is drawing His own ones to His side, that He might spare us from the intentions of the evil one.

The Father mercifully dispenses judgments to separate all who belong to Him from all that do not. Those who desire Him will be greatly touched and influenced by His justice, and will be preserved and kept for Christ Himself. Out of the love flowing from a pure heart His precious ones will run to His side, and be hidden under the shadow of His wings. There in this secret place He will reveal His tender love, care and supernatural provision for all who love Him.

He comforted me as He spoke: “My sons -- those who will come to Me, will increase their dependence upon Me and their knowledge of My person. They will no longer depend upon their own resources and thoughts. For I have prepared for them a supernatural revival.”

Further, Jesus gave me understanding regarding the proclamation of the visions saying: “The prophetic word must be declared first in the spiritual realm, as that is where all things originate before they are reflected upon earth. Then it must be declared in the temporal to precipitate its fulfillment.”

Present Day Europe

Transparent Place of Security

In the year 2001 I was unexpectedly called to Holland and England once again. Once we arrived we were met with incredible and circumstances that necessitated canceling all the plans that were made for us to journey and speak. We simply stayed in various cities and hotels and did nothing but pray. This imperitive situation pushed me into the Lord’s presence to hear His will and obey regardless of my understanding. I was concerned about our sons and friends in Uruguay but, I knew we could not yet return, so we contacted our intercessors and immediate fervent prayer began to ascend to the throne on our behalf.

During this time of intense seeking of the Lord’s face, Jesus came and once again took me away into Himself. As I entered this place with Him He began to overwhelm my whole being with His liquid light. This washing of His wonderful light caused me to become submerged me in Him and in His love in an intense and tender way. I was impregnated by His presence, removing all fear. This prepared me for what I was about to see.

I was then placed in a sort of armor plated, transparent, crystal box. I could see this place was strong and well fortified. He carefully placed me there to protect me, preventing me from being affected by all that I was about to be shown. I felt a great security. I was there with Him, and in this covered place I knew nothing could harm me. After a moment I realized that this transparent covering was really composed of the precious blood of Jesus. It was His blood that made this hiding place impenetrable. For this reason no evil spirit, nor power of darkness could in any way violate me.

The Lord then told me that what I would see would be of great importance both for me, and the world in which I live. Further, He stated that this time in history is of enormous significance. As His words entered into me, my spiritual senses were much awakened and entered into an acute state of alert.

Spirit of “Hatred of God”

I saw the most powerful empire among the nations of the earth shaken. I instantly knew it was the United States. I could almost feel the affects of what was about to happen. Jesus was anticipating me.

Jesus continued His instruction. As the vision carried on, I saw a satanic spirit of great power and blasphemous hatred for God Himself released upon the earth. It was horrifying to see this infectious spirit spread its evil nature over the nations like a contagious disease. The power of every country it affected was weekend underneath its influence. His dominion resulted in disaster, disorder and great confusion.

The outstanding features of this terrible force were the violent and blasphemous words it released against God. His expressions were the result of his own vile hatred and fury against God. Men who submitted themselves to him became mere replicas of his own nature.

Its operations were indicative of his inner motivations. He was a cruel devourer, like a wild beast seeking his prey. He was characterized by a cruel and irrational instinct, void of any mercy toward its prey.

Spirit of “World Control”

This spirit was a force of uncontrollable power. It seemed to be Satan himself, controlling everything with great haughtiness. His actions had an incredible debilitating affect on nations and on men. Like dominos falling one after another, men and nations would be further shaken in their human securities, making them evermore prone to his evil entrapments.

It was most enlightening to see how these spirits could operate due to the evil conditions found in men’s heart. Due to all that had preceded the working of this evil force, being so long fed by pride and rebellion, these men were totally closed to the influence of the Spirit of God. They had no fear of God and now were completely uninhibited and defiant in their behavior.
These spirits were fed by their human counterparts and would increasingly be enlarged in their dominion, hardening people with sin and endeavoring to keep them insensible to their opportunities of life in God.

Herein is the double workings of God: on the one hand He allowed these forces to arise in great shakings and judgment on the ungodly, and on the other hand He purposed with great yearning to arose the sleeping and lukewarm in His Church to a conviction of their great need for Himself. All this temporal devastation was actually designed as tools in His capable hands to correct and purify His own ones and bring them to His loving side.

Beginning of the Middle East War

The visions concerning this theme came one after another. From His place of peace and protection I could see war starting in the Middle East, spreading through Europe and reaching America. The spirit of “Hatred for God” inspired this war that was brooding in the Middle East. It manifested as a blasphemous, violent and uncontrollable fanaticism.

I saw this spirit as a whirlwind in the desert, shaping into a nest wherein these ruling spirits of darkness dwelt. Like the winds blowing in increasing intensity they affected many of the Arabic Nations. The countries that were affected were given over to the false and deceiving spirits, and with total defiance and force sought spiritual control as they endeavored to impose a blasphemous god. Those given over to its power were totally possessed. The venom of its evil was primarily targeted at Israel.

The objective of these spirits is the total annihilation of Israel. Consequently because of the support that America has been to Israel, they long to unleash their destructive power upon America as well. At this very moment, this spirit is stronger and far more deceptive than what men believe or are able to discern. This spirit is never subject to men but men void of the spirit of God are subject to it.


Indications of These Spirits by Annie Schisler on January 1, 2007

The summary of natural signs consistent with the activity of these spirits is as follows:

  1. An illogical and irregular behavior of governments, making great mistakes in crucial moments, causing confusion and chaos.
  2. Countries will arise in war with more powerful armaments than they appeared to have. These will bring the destruction of many innocent people.
  3. The most powerful country in the world, (USA), will suffer great changes because other countries will take advantage of its conflicts and will work to further weaken it. Because God loves America, it will not be destroyed. However, it will progressively decline in its status of being the first world power.
  4. There will be great famine in several parts of the earth and multiplied thousands will perish from terrible disease. Though these cycles have scourged the earth in the past, there will be distinctive signs of the end-time plagues. These events will develop quickly, unavoidably and without control.
  5. Natural disasters will affect the climate and will alter water levels, changing even the physical characteristics of the countries and bringing very detrimental effects to many of them.
  6. All this world chaos will be the favorable environment for the enemy and his forces to facilitate their purposes. Great poverty, injustice, insecurity and criminality will be seen all over the world, paving the way for the anti-Christ.
  7. After some time another President will arise in the USA who will be extremely hostile towards the Gospel, and will claim that Christianity and the US policy of defending Israel, are the cause of America's current crises.
  8. For a short time during this international crises Russia will stand with America. Then it will betray America provoking something even more serious for the United States with a view to an even greater conflict.
  9. Argentina will be utterly devastated in all areas, including the economic, political, social and moral realms. Internal conflicts will increase causing great destruction. Argentina will be a laboratory of sorts to test expected results for other countries.
  10. In relation to the economic order: in many countries the banks will run out of funds and will be left without effective backing ruining the current system. Therefore, the government will take control of everything, further restricting personal freedom and producing great fear and despair.
  11. Europe will become the place of shelter for the anti-Christ. From there he will become manifest to the world in his proper time.
  12. Countries planning to escape this unification will not survive. They will be forced to submit. Weapons of political and economic control will be used to force countries under this global control.
  13. Implementation of a world court with increased powers and with authority to control all things will be increasingly stressed.
  14. The operations of these reigning spirits that are assigned to bring about this one world government will seem to be soft on the outside. However, they will actually be very fearsome and powerful.
  15. These high-ranking spirits will operate influencing and controlling heads of state, overcoming language, racial and cultural differences. I saw spirits enter these dignitaries. Although the bodies, personalities, and cultures of the dignitaries were different the operations of the spirits were the same and the many bodies they inhabited operated as though they were one man yielding all control to the evil spirit. These spirits will work through pacts and alliances and will gain widespread control.
  16. Israel's hidden power deployment designed to destroy their enemies will be seen in this upcoming war. These weapons are of such a nature as to have been unknown to mankind before. Bombs of great magnitude, capable of causing much destruction will be used. These events are only a link of the chain of events belonging to a sequence of predetermined incidents leading to the world dominion of the anti-Christ. Latin American countries will also be affected by these events. The whole world will only react as these things explode upon it, as though awakened to a living nightmare of which they have become apart.

A Call for Alert to His People

Jesus told me that His Spirit has released a call of alert for the Church to redeem the time as never before. The more I realize how fragile this world is, the more I am drawn to rest in Jesus, in His eternal Word and His supernatural resources for our present age.

A Place of Shelter

In these visions I was shown by Jesus that He is preparing a unique place of shelter for this hour for those who are committed to the person of Jesus Christ and walk closely to Him. His sanctified ones will be kept in this place of shelter and protected from all the storms and judgments that will come over the rest of humanity.

This will be a time when His beloved Church will be awakened, purified and prepared, being separated from all contamination, filth and delivered from all bondage. Just as the powers of darkness will increase in power so will the sons of light greatly increase in all that is God.

Malachi 3:13

To His Beloved Ones

Simultaneous to all the afore mentioned events Jesus has prepared a great spiritual revival of life and light for this hour. This awakening will transform multitudes of lives in whom the reality and knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ will become most apparent. Although the future of the forces of darkness and their purposes in the earth seem so terrible, the Lord will use it to awaken people from the destruction of indifference, religiosity, and spiritual death.

I saw that His precious ones will be covered in the same armor plated cubical I was protected in while watching the visions unfold. The precious blood of Christ will cover and protect them from all evil. How wonderful His provision for His beloved will be. Neither the impure people nor the any force of darkness could penetrate the impregnable wall of His blood. Nevertheless only those who allow the deep work of the Holy Spirit in their lives will be preserved.

As I continued to watch the unfolding vision I saw that not only were His hidden ones loving protected and cared for by Christ Himself, but they will also be witnesses and participants of the fulfillment of His word and His will upon the earth.

Tank of Mercy

It was wonderful to enter into a place of infinite abundance now being accumulated for the purpose of soon being poured forth!

I saw the magnitude of the provision of His divine mercy. It had the appearance of a water tank the size of an entire city, but its provision was for only one person. It was an overflowing resource. Each of His own ones will be so endowed with this abundance in provision.

I was given to see things from the very inside of the person of Jesus. Things looked very different. The life that was in great activity in that place was ready to pour forth upon and imbue His people. By this great measure of God, which is only a small part of His person, will His own ones be awakened and strengthened in Himself.

I both saw and experienced this living and eternal measure of Himself. I was wonderfully amazed. What a sense of security it produced in me. How can I describe it? Christ's control was absolute. It is light of very God, which cannot be enclosed or shut up. This new outpouring of His amazing life will greatly affect the world bringing about a great harvest.

Place of Appealing Capacities

What a tender and appealing welcome He gave me as I once again entered His presence. I will never understand why He loves me so. But, what a comfort it is when I hear Him tell of His great love for me again and again. This love has consistency and substance, covering and overwhelming all my person.

As I came into His presence He took me to a place and asked me to look. As I beheld this place, I could see that it was "a place of appealing capacities." I saw a vast amount of light, which had different functions and capacities. The Father would use these capacities in His surrendered ones to let them also be used to affect the spiritual world of people, cities, and nations.

These capacities came as an avalanche of or flood of life. The main component was His power. When mingled with His fire, it all came together to create a mighty river of God Himself.

I saw how the surrendered ones were drawn to Jesus like a magnet. I marveled as I contemplated this.

The Affects of
Appealing Capacities

While my spirit was absorbed in His wonderful presence, Jesus showed me again that "place of appealing capacities." He allowed me to see my own being, very vulnerable and fragile. I saw Him infusing me with His strength. I knew that this impartation would accompany and support me at all times. What an amazing contrast between what I felt in myself, and what He imparted to me. This impartation of His very self filled my being and offset my weakness and fear.

The Place of His Shared Being

Through a new encounter of my spirit with Jesus, I entered a place I had never been before. It was very special and high as it was an exclusively separated place for someone very special and loved.

Upon entering, He let me know this place was for the beloved. The beauty was overwhelming and great peace and security emanated everywhere. The incomparable holiness of Christ Himself could be felt. It was place without a single spot of contamination, purer than the purest crystal and impossible to be described with words. There was a complete absence of sin.

I could ascertain that not only Jesus was in that high place. But also the Father and the Holy Spirit were there in perfect harmony and unity! How can the holiness of that place ever be described? No adequate words can be found. That translucent purity was the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that permanently flowed together in perfect and high love and unity. This infinitely high and sublime place was captivating and attractive beyond all description.

Afterwards I saw how Jesus Himself was that place. It was actually inside His own being. Then I was able to comprehend that the Father and the Holy Spirit were actually sharing the place that had been prepared for His beloved.

That place had been set aside for those who were completely surrendered to Him, the beloved who had absorbed Him as a sponge absorbs water. Just like the sponge has nothing in itself, it is empty in itself, but with great absorbing capacity, the beloved that enter into that place can draw into themselves the essence of the Trinity while being contain in the Trinity.

What a precious reward for those lives that walked the way of surrender! Being attracted by such pure and high love held in the Trinity and prepared for His beloved, is the most precious reward that can ever be imagined.

I then saw how His beloved changed from being like sponges into becoming liquid itself. They had undergone a metamorphosis so Christ Himself, being wholly integrated into His nature, could absorb them. They experienced this transformation for they had given themselves in love to Him.

I could identify with them as I understood that they were lives just like mine, because He had also made me part of that liquid. He rejoiced, and how greatly He expressed His joy that their surrender had prepared them for Himself only. It was a very beautiful condition with His beloved that had been prepared and awaiting Him. Having a body to share that beautiful something with produced in Him deep satisfaction, and fulfillment in the things done by Him. My whole being was moved by this part of Himself, and I was totally imbued with Him.

For instance he transported me out of this place and I saw extremely high walls without doors or windows. When He took me closer, I saw that the walls were huge beautiful angels that protected this place so that only those chosen by God were allowed to enter.

I saw how the lives that had been absorbed in Jesus' inner world had received the capacity of going out filled by the power that emanated from Himself to accomplish His will.

It is glorious to mature and increasingly develop in the understanding of the things God was revealing. All things He showed me were brought to pass in an operation of permanent life, and nothing was wasted. I could see how the people that sincerely allowed and received this operation of the life of Jesus in their hearts, came into a place where God revealed ever-increasing understanding of Himself and His kingdom.

From inside of Jesus' person, all things look so different. This life was prepared to imbue His people with the very essence of Himself. Hearts will be awakened and strengthened in God Himself. I could not help being amazed by all this. I felt such assurance as I dwelt there. His control was absolute.

It is the very light of God that cannot remain confined, but that will extend out from itself, bringing about a great end-time harvest.

The Wave of Pure Light

While in a time of adoring worship of Him for whom my heart longs, He came to me snatching me away and took me into the spheres of His wondrous light. When He receives me into His presence He invariably does it with those ineffable words that ring such peace and security; He tells me: Do not be afraid!

I know that I would not be able to enter His cloud of gory if He did not give breath to me with His greeting, since the reaction that provokes the taking part in so high spheres of glory and holiness is tremendously overwhelming. He has to protect me in this way from the affects of such grandeur, and refulgence, for if He did not, I would be devastated and I would not be able to bear it. He also covers me in His cloud of love and peace when He shows me the operations of this hour.

With tremendous strength and demonstration of purpose, the Lord talked to me about a great "now" when He would be gathering multitude of souls. In contrast with His chosen in whom He had been performing a profound work, this new operation would be carried out in a completely exposed way and with great clarity.

Jesus showed me a new and extraordinary wave of heavenly, pure, light and life that He is accumulating to prepare the manifestation of the great harvest, that will develop underneath the storm of evil which is forming. He told me that He would not wait or retain this wave anymore, but now had come. While being released by Him, it would flow over the earth, bringing multitudes of souls to the fold.

This new wave, full of powers and forces of light and life, was His instrument and had a double function: one function was to open as the incision of a sharp sword would make, and the other penetrated and went through beyond all defenses and accomplished what God determined.

In this new occasion the Lord told me: You will see now! Immediately I looked and saw a new and mighty pure wave of power that had begun to work under that terrible storm of darkness of evil and persecution. While the storm of darkness still followed its course, this new wave of so pure light and life that had been prepared for this hour, suddenly started to expand in an explosive and magnificent way.

I saw how this new wave operated. I saw what appeared to be gigantic arms extending out to gather countless multitudes of souls for Jesus. In amazing operations of God, in great power and strength, untold millions were taken for Him.

However, there were differences between the levels and conditions of these souls. The elect ones were obviously superior in development and light, but despite their inferior condition, the souls gathered under the storm were more numerous and equally precious to the Lord. He was especially interested in the great harvest of this multitude of souls. With great joy and power He was intensively working to fulfill this.

The inferior condition of the new ones was detectable not by their appearance, but by their relationship with God. Those who walked above the storm have a very intimate relationship with Him, characterized by a great intensity, as if they were linked with the same fires and torrents of the divine nature. When the new ones received abundant blessings from God, it was due to the fact that these blessings rebounded from His chosen ones. The blessings on one rebounded as a blessing for the other. Clearly the operation of God in this wave of light developed in the chosen ones through purity and holiness.

The wave of pure light was working in the midst of great darkness underneath the storm. He showed me an especially terrible and gloomy area that offered no promise, where the wave had not yet reached. Then He caused me to see that this light would expand in places where it had never been before and where the darkness had reigned without opposition. These places were many and were awaiting the manifestation of this work.

Jesus said He would take this manifestation of this marvelous wave of light and life to a certain state of development - up to the same threshold of its explosion. Although He desired this wave to burst in this explosion force of purity, something was still missing prohibiting this from happening. The moment of this explosion would be precipitated and lit by the elect ones who were above the storm. Each of them individually had to open as if it were a door inside them and they also had to enter an even higher place of communion with Christ, which at the same time would open their inner doors to manifestation in power force of light.

While opening these doors that great wave of light would pass through them and would start to accomplish its purposes and works over the land of the final harvest. Although this wave, full of extreme power and force to the reaping, would gather multitudes, it would however gradually and progressively advance, taking its territory as long as the chosen ones moved forward and opened the doors to the new ones. The ones who were under the storm, though they received great provision of light and life that God shed, nonetheless they were allowed to be moved, shaken and buffeted. However, through this, the way would be provided in which the Lord would mold, transform and develop them. On the contrary, those who were above the storm of darkness, that is the elect ones could not be shaken as they were rooted and asserted in their relationship with Christ.

Jesus explained that these sons that would give way to this new wave, must be extremely purified. This purification is of fundamental importance, not only for themselves, but also for these new ones that will be gathered. This high, complete purification of the elect ones is equivalent to the opening of the doors inside them that will rebound in a force of great life and light to those millions that are still in darkness.

Ministry Contact

Ken & Annie Schisler
Casilla de Correo 6540
Montevido, Uruguay c.p. 1100
South America
Phone: 011 598 37 64793


Nathan Leal - A Lament from the Wall 

I Grieve

Nathan Leal - June 26, 2015

Today, in light of the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, I grieve.

I grieve because the land of my youth has died.

I grieve because I know what the blasphemous ruling means.

I grieve because five unelected ones decided the fate of the Nation and legalized the abominable.

I grieve because my children have been handed the baton of a moral cesspool.

I grieve because I know how dark it is going to become.

I grieve because in my heart of hearts, I know that God, our Creator, who abides in the real Supreme Court is going to respond with His ruling. It will be a ruling that is going to plow the land under.

The God of Heaven looked down at the mockery of humans and allowed them to choose.

They chose. Now America is going to crumble.

They chose. Now America will burn.

They chose. Now a plague will dine on the people.

They chose, and those who celebrate will become the fodder of the unspeakable.

They chose, and now darkness will overtake with unrelenting madness.

They chose to throw away God's law, and with it, the lamp of the eye.

So ladies and gentlemen, today - June 26, 2015, the time has arrived to be afraid.

Be afraid for your family.

Be afraid for your loved ones.

Be afraid for the future.

Be afraid, because foolish men have stoked the fires of the wrath of God.

Be afraid, because the thread God's patience, has been severed by the blade of lustful man.

Be afraid, because the foundry of Heaven is forging the weapons of war and sharpening the battle ax of the destroyer.

Be afraid, oh people, for the appointment is coming.

Weep for the losses. Grieve for the fallen. Cry out to your Creator and plead that the coming plague of bloodshed will pass over you and your dwelling place.

Today, the Nation turned a corner.

Today, she left her path and walked into a graveyard.

The tombstones watched...

...the keepers of the crypts laughed...

...and the jaws of Hell opened wide to dine on the coming meal.

The time of talk is over. The time to pray that America will turn has passed. She has chosen not to be healed. Her fate has been determined.

So save yourselves and hide in the Rock of Christ. The fires are coming.

In lament,

Nathan Leal - Watchman’s Cry


The vision by Kirsi-Marja Aho in 1986

The vision by Kirsi-Marja Aho in 1986 called The Destiny of Finland (Suomen kohtalo):


The vision by a prophet in Florida many years ago 

The Lord took me to the streets of America and I saw all the cities on fire. We have eight million Muslims in America and when the war breaks out in the Holy Land and when America gets involved, eight million Muslims will burn America to the ground.  I saw Muslim women coming into America and in their inner body parts vials of anthrax and bio chemicals. I saw 180 million Americans die in a 72-hour period, then I saw New York, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and California nuked; we will be invaded. Russia and China will do it.  (This comes at the end of the tribulation. He also spoke of many people being butchered as we also have seen in dreams.) I saw from Kissimmee, Florida, to Miami under water, then the Lord showed me portable buildings stacked like a train, all connected together; the buildings were full of people with legs and arms missing. I ran into the buildings and there were no end of the buildings.


The dream by Jessica in 2015

I found your website today and have been reading the prophecies posted.

I read a prophecy about a Northern Europe Tsunami of the Holy Spirit. This reminded me of the night I woke myself loudly shouting, "Scandinavia, Scandinavia, Scandinavia"! I saw Scandinavia written out but it started with a Tsu.

Immidiately upon awakening I thought a Tsunami is heading for the Scandinavian countries so I began to pray for them. I don't remember of ever hearing much about Scandinavia. I was surprised I said that word. I don't watch television and I don't read the paper or hear much news. 
After I researched Scandinavia I saw that region does not have Tsunamis. I am still praying for the interpretation. This dream happened a little over a year ago.
Thank you,
Jessica, USA

The comment by Jouko Piho:

Scandinavia does not have usually tsunamis or heavy earthquakes. But many prophecies have spoken that in the end time there will be big earthquakes and tsunamis also in Scandinavia and in my country Finland, too.

Tsunamis refer also to spiritual awakening and the refreshing times of the Holy Spirit.



DIVINE TRUTHS REVEALED: A Glimpse Behind the Veil of the Material World by Ariela Solsol

A riveting first hand account of a young girl's beatific vision which surpasses both reason and faith. In this unique and detailed Judeo-Christian revelation, the reader is given a glimpse of what awaits them when they leave this material world. As part of the revelation, she was also given a very strong prophetic warning for America. Horrific judgements are about to fall on this once great nation unless she turns back to the God who blessed her so richly!


Clay Sikes:

Charisteristics of the Coming Kingdom

I think most, if not all, in the prophetic community sense some form of spiritual change. While there is no doubt there remains some question as to exactly what this change represents, many have zeroed in on ‘The Kingdom.’ Are we in the Kingdom Era? Have we transitioned from one spiritual era to the next? I submit we have; and as such, now making the subtle transition from Church Age to Kingdom Age. I realize the mere suggestion of such can evoke angry protest, especially from those less inclined toward prophetic ministry. What is offered in this writing is a simple sense of spiritual change, and hence some nuances of the characteristics of this new season. Just as a man would be less prone to dress lightly in winter and heavily in summer, so too do changing spiritual seasons require knowledge of the ‘characteristics of the appointed hour.’  

For some years in advance of this change, I heard heavenly words relative to ‘characteristics of the Kingdom.’ While I had little in the way of understanding (at the time), I now see the extraordinary relevance of these traits. If I am overdressed for summer, I suffer heat exhaustion, just as I will freeze (in winter) if dressed for summer. This analogy carries truth (weight) in a time of changing spiritual eras. What is written addresses some of the more obvious changes as relates to our sphere here in coastal Georgia, but perhaps extends outward to others. As Arthur Burt often said, “test it.” If there is a fit, wear it – if not, discard it just as you would a pair of worn out shoes. 

For purposes of discussion, I will refer to these eras as the second-third and the third-third – as the second-third represents the Church Age, and the third-third represents the Kingdom Age. To initiate, I will begin with the most obvious difference in these two appointed times. During the third-third, it is a fact that millions have left organized religion, choosing instead to meet in homes, offices, street corners, restaurants, hotels, etc., much the same as the First Century Church. While this fact is not an indictment against any who remain in a wonderful church home, the solid truth is many have left churches bound by the systems of men; churches that choked the voice of the spirit in favor of programs, new buildings, hype, entertainment, etc.,.  An unquenchable ‘third day thirst’ cannot be quenched with a false message as perhaps it once could - the demand for truth has increased in God’s people. The wick of discernment has been turned up, hence an intolerance in the masses for anything but truth. 

While the above is an undeniable statistical fact, other changes are more subtle yet just as relative to the abounding transformation. The one-man show is over; as the changing dynamic is now geared to ‘Body Ministry.’ True ministry is flowing through the Body, by the Body, to the Body. The one-fold ministry has been replaced by the five-fold ministry, as unused gifts formerly stagnating in church pews have been ‘tapped’ for service. Millions are finding their callings as they leave a system that did not allow their gifts to proliferate. The bones of our traditions must break (often painfully) to find our way into Kingdom citizenship. Spiritual ignorance often comes disguised as tradition. The walls of tradition prevent the word of God from penetrating the hearts of men. Watch out when your preconceived notions, biblical interpretations of truth, and head knowledge rule! 

Ministries are ceasing to look to the old model for provision – man looking to man. Man’s manipulation and hype (for provision), once so prevalent in the second day, has been replaced by man looking ONLY unto God, His ways, and His methods to obtain. In this third day, a Kingdom man who looks unto man for his provision (even in his heart) will not receive: ONLY when man looks unto God does that provision come. In the world there are limited resources; yet in the Kingdom there is no lack, as the third day man sees no limits of provision, and like the birds of the air worries not where or how his needs will be met – a costly and difficult lesson to learn. Where the appointment is, the provision waits – where it is not, provision cannot be found. This is not geography, job, calling, or ministry as much as a condition of heart, when trust shifts from God to self. The world’s system is characterized by man’s complete and utter dependence upon man; while the Kingdom is characterized by man’s complete and utter dependence upon God. In the world, the man most often depended upon is SELF! It is here that dependence must shift! 

In the second day, life was about man and his God (two entities): In the third day, life is simply about God (Christ in me, the hope of glory) – (one entity). Revelation (awareness) becomes impartation (ability), as the government of God is firmly established in the heart of God’s own. The ‘talk’ becomes ‘walk,’ without effort. The third day life is here, and as we learn to live with its characteristics, we will soon see its extraordinary benefits. The Kingdom is a government, and as citizens of that government we are obliged to understand how it works. Understanding its characteristics are keys to seamless integration into the most exciting times the earth has ever seen – the Kingdom is at hand!


April 1 2015
The vision of Mr. Mauno Mattila

A vision of a gust

We were with messiah Jesus believing believers in a strong connection of the Spirit and in a prayer today April the 1st when I was shown before my eyes a vision of gust that passed through countries. The Creator of the universe showed his vision when we asked for spiritual awakening to Finland and especially to Finnish Lapland. I believe that this vision has already begun to fulfil.

“24 What the wicked dreads will overtake him; what the righteous desire will be granted.
25 When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.”

Proverbs 10:24-25 NIV

“6 The one with the black horses is going toward the north country, the one with the white horses toward the west,[b] and the one with the dappled horses toward the south.”
...8 Then he called to me, “Look, those going toward the north country have given my Spirit[c] rest in the land of the north.” Zechariah 6:6,8

In the vision I saw as if a storm had carried a white cloud or a gust that went fast directly from the south heading to Karelia and I understood that it had originated from somewhere in the south, maybe from Jerusalem.
As it passed through it brought a cataclysm, chaos and shaking, but also awakening.
And as it hit to the northmost point of Kola peninsula coming from the south it turned making a number 7 shaped trail when turning towards Finnish Lapland and spreading further to Nordic countries and downwards, like raindrops.

32 This is what the Lord Almighty says:
“Look! Disaster is spreading
from nation to nation;
a mighty storm is rising
from the ends of the earth.”
Jeremiah 25:32 NIV

When I drew a line from Jerusalem towards Kola Peninsula I was surprised how it passes first through Crimea and then through Eastern Ukraine and then past Moscow and Karelia to the north.

A strong spiritual awakening is happening at the moment in Ukraine and Russia, and when the awakening drifts to Karelian territory it is about to have its consummate burst in Eastern Lapland territory. At the same time, I believe there is much Jewish returning move to this territory where this gust moves through, and finally a vast number of Russian Jews move to their homeland in Israel through Finnish territory.

Original Finnish source:


The dream by Jerry Golden on March 6, 2011

Call it a dream, vision or just my imagination - but I am going to tell you about a dream I had a few nights ago. Until now I haven't had the courage to share it. After all, I am old enough to dream dreams, and still young enough to have the occasional vision. And I can assure you that God is still speaking to men and women on planet earth today.
At first I thought what I was looking at was a hurricane. Yet when I looked closer it was a gigantic storm covering the oceans, Europe and the North and South American continents. In fact it may have covered the entire globe it was that large. There were these very distinct circles within it each one larger than the first. Between each circle there were many fires and each fire represented a country. Their names I knew very well. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. There were others also.. Then there was the sound and the 'presence' of laughter. Evil laughter. Coming from within this confusion, which had taken on a cyclonic form, was an image of some sort. I was unable to make it out, but the feeling of great evil overwhelmed me. It was then I noticed that in the center of these circles, the eye of this storm, was Saudi Arabia. Then as if on command, each of the dozens of fires moved very quickly towards the center overwhelming Saudi Arabia.

Then there was a great darkness which spread from Saudi Arabia all over the world. Within this darkness there was great suffering as hunger and misery gripped the hearts of men everywhere. Men had no compassion or mercy. They seemed not to be human yet somehow had the 'appearance' of being human. Their eyes were glazed over and their hearts were hardened. They only knew how to kill and behead all those they could find in their path. I continued to hear this insane laughter and couldn't see the face of the source but I somehow could see the evil smile of the person laughing. Church buildings were either turned into Mosques or burnt to the ground. There was great suffering.

In all of this I wondered about little Israel. There also was great suffering - but by a miracle she survived, and those who could kept coming to her shores.

And then the dream ended.

Jeremy Golden is an American Messianic Jew residing in Tel Aviv. He has a calling to prepare a fleet of small boats in order to save Jews from Europe in the future when all hell breaks loose. 

Here is his homepage:


The vision by George John

Church service of Feb 1,2015 ( at Lambs Chapel)

I saw a dollar bill suspended in blackness. I then saw a bear appear and bite off a large chunk of the bill from one end. Simultaneously I saw a dragon take a large bite out of the opposite end of the bill.

I saw an American flag hanging from a flagpole. I saw the red stripes start to bleed. I saw the stars on it become hammer and sickles like the old soviet union symbols. Then they transformed into the crescent moon and star of Islam.

I saw Barack Obama put manacles onto Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu withdrew his hands from them with some effort and he was free of them.

I give no interpretation of these because the meanings are simple.


The Prophecy by Kevin Barrett

My people, hear Me this day.  Woe!  Woe unto those who are at ease in Zion.  For you do not know nor take to heart what is at your doorstep.  Oh, My people, how I wish that all of you were ready to go into My chambers with Me.

But many of you are still entangled with this world and its many allurements, entertainments and pleasures.  Oh, My people, hear Me.  Soon and VERY soon your comfortable lives will be no more. Many of you will be shocked and dismayed at all which is to come.  But this should not be so.  For I have sent My prophets for many years now to warn and shake you awake to what is coming.  But many of you have shunned My prophets saying that these things shall not come.

But I tell you that they surely shall.  And those at ease in My house who have fattened themselves with the pleasures of this world shall cry out when it is all gone.  For no longer will I let My people sit idly by while the lost are crying out to Me for My help.

Hear Me, My people, I am raising up this hour to judge My house.  And those found wanting shall cry out in anguish for the things that shall suddenly come upon them.  My people, I am raising up My TRUE church that does not desire to please themselves, but seeks My desires.  And they shall go out into a lost and crumbling world and bring in the harvest of lost souls.  My people who seek after Me shall be blessed and do great exploits in the land.

But woe unto the sinners in Zion.  For they have set up for themselves teachers and false prophets that speak lies of comfort to them in their sin.  My people, Hear Me.  I am holy and I shall settle for nothing less.  My people SHALL and WILL be holy as I am holy.

Weary not at yourselves if you fall short of this.  For if you will lay all down to seek Me in these days, then I shall do a work and a wonder in you that many have desired throughout the ages.  For I shall rain down from heaven My fiery rain that shall consume all that is not of Me.  And I shall set My people ablaze and consume their fleshly ways.

But woe unto those who heed not My call to repent and seek Me.  You shall seek help and not find it.  You shall seek solutions to your calamities and not find any.  For only I shall stand in the days ahead and those not resting in Me shall be utterly consumed.  My people, hear Me.  Why do many of you still wait?

You tell yourselves that IF all this happens, then you shall prepare your hearts.  But for now, you tell yourselves; ?I will enjoy myself and my pleasures.?  Oh, My children, hear Me when I tell you that you shall be caught unaware and then it will be too late for you to prepare.  For you will cry out to Me then to save and protect but I will not answer.

For My warnings have gone out to you to prepare yourselves now.  But many of you have refused to listen.  Do you think that Noah could have lived if he would have waited to start building the ark until AFTER the rain started to fall?

Then why do you think you can wait?  Oh why do you think that all this shall not be?  For I have declared for many years through My prophets that I shall judge the nations.  But many of you have stopped your ears from hearing My warnings and instead choose to listen to lies of comfort that tell you that I no longer judge.  Oh, My people, woe unto those who have believed these lies and have not prepared their hearts before Me.

For I have called and called for you to repent and turn from your wicked ways and your sinful pleasures.  But many of you say to yourselves; ?Oh, I have time.?  But I tell you this day that you do not.  For those of you who have chosen to turn not at My reproof, I will laugh when your calamity strikes.

For you have scorned My prophets and labeled them doomsday sayers.  Well now I tell you that you have prophesied well in saying this.  For it SHALL be your doom.  Though it did not have to be this way.

Oh, My people, hear My heart crying out to you all to repent and repent now.  Get silent before Me and allow Me to show you what is in your heart.  For truly the heart is desperately wicked and deceives itself.  But I see all things as all things are laid bare before Me.  Oh, My children, do not take these words as too harsh.  For I have sent My prophets to warn and warn.  But many of you have not heeded My calls to repent.  So you have brought this on yourselves.

But to those who I call My own, My remnant in the earth. Those who seek the heart of the Father. Those who have heard the warnings and have repented; for you, My lovely ones, I say prepare to enter into the deepest desires of your heart.

For I am coming with healing in My wings and I will heal and I will restore and I will set you on high.  Your days of obscurity and reproach are over.  For I will overshadow you with My love and My glory like the world has never seen before, nor will after.

For I say to you, My beloved ones, arise and shine, for your light has come.  I shall come to you suddenly and we shall be joined together as one.  And you shall be My beautiful bride that shall shine forth like the noon day.  And nations shall come to your light.

And you shall be My reapers to reap the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever seen.  So arise, My true bride, for your light has truly come.

Your brother in Christ,  Kevin B.


Prophetic Dream: A Great Birthing in 2016 Depends on This


10:00AM EDT 3/10/2015 Jeremiah Johnson Will the church ever unify against abortion? (Flickr)

The Father spoke to me and said, "Jeremiah, the primary area that is upon my heart in this hour is the issue of abortion. I have given you a dream that must reach the four corners of the United States. The church must unify on this issue. I am giving them four years to do it. If they will, a great birthing will take place in 2016. He then took me to the same factory that I had been to before regarding abortion. He showed me the same dream again. Here is the dream.

Let My Babies Go Dream

I began to walk down the same dirt road that I had traveled on two nights ago. As I walked, the Spirit of God said to me, "Just as I have shown you the thrones that men and women sit upon in their homes and in my churches and think that they worship me, so I will show you the cries that come before MY throne day and night."

I walked up to a huge factory where a line of men and women filled the street. The factory was dark and the hair on my body was standing straight up. Most of the women that were in line trying to get into the factory were very pregnant; others of them were carrying small children. As I made my way to the front of the line, I heard screams coming from inside, blood curling screams. There was an inscription in the top of the door that read, "House of Horror."

As I walked inside, I realized that this factory was an enormous abortion clinic, and I began to weep. There were hundreds of cribs in this factory. The factory floor was about as big as a football field. As I began to look inside the cribs, I saw very small babies with snakes wrapped around them. It was horrifying. I moved from crib to crib watching these snakes choke and kill these babies. I noticed that the women that were dropping these babies off were dejected, defeated, and overwhelmed. I stared into their eyes and pleaded with them, but their minds and hearts were already made up.

All of the sudden, the House of Horror began to shake. It felt like a tremendous earthquake was unearthing the foundation of the factory. Then came a booming, loud, and fatherly voice that said, "LET MY BABIES GO!"

At the sound of the Father's voice, I cried out violently and said, "Father what is this, what is this House of Horror? Who are these snakes?" He said to me, "This house of horror and houses like this in the earth are what have my full attention in this hour. The snakes are the spirits of suicide and death. They are methodically killing off the next generations. The dejected, defeated, and overwhelming look that you see on those women's faces are what happens when they come into agreement with the lies of the deceiver."

I left the factory weeping. I was inconsolable. I began saying to the Father, "but I just want to see Your house Papa! I want to see what is inside Your factory!" And He said to me, "So have you asked, so shall I show you." I turned down a dirt road and there before me was a glowing factory. It was made of gold and pearls. There were angelic hosts that were guarding it day and night. There was also a line of people out in front of this factory, just like the house of horror, except none of the women and men had children and none of the women were pregnant. I thought that this was peculiar.

As I approached the entrance to this glowing factory, the Father's factory, before me was a beautiful and radiant inscription that read, "House of Hope." As I walked into this factory, I heard laughing; hysterical laughter. I began to look around inside the Hope factory and realized that the sound was coming from the cribs. I said to the Father, "These babies are too young to laugh like this." He said to me, "Jeremiah, this is the laugh of the redeemed that no man can contain or deny."

I began to take notice of the babies in the cribs very carefully. I wanted to make sure that there were no snakes in these cribs. As I looked down into all the cribs in the Hope factory, I noticed that in each and every one of the cribs, there was an inscription woven into the crib bed where the babies were lying. The inscriptions on the cribs read, Isaiah 66:9 "Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?" says the LORD. "Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?" says your God.

I began to shout aloud in the hope factory and I rejoiced over these babies with laughter, dance, and singing. I joined with these young ones in the "laugh of the redeemed." As I paraded my way around, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, "Jeremiah, I want you to tell the people what you have seen and heard. I want you to shout this from the north, to the south, and to the east and the west. Gather my sons and daughters from afar, for I am raising up the spirit of adoption in the earth specifically amongst my bride. Even as I am bringing many sons and daughters to glory, so I am going to sovereignly begin to place the murder of the innocent at the doorsteps of many, many hearts in this hour. Houses of horror will begin to rise in the earth. I hear their cries Jeremiah. I will not turn my ears and eyes away from my precious ones. Watch the White House. My people will gather there to fight for Hope. People from all over the nation will gather to fight for the lives of the innocent ones. Watch and see. There will be many in the earth that will begin to adopt. I am even now championing this cause in the earth. I am touching sons and daughters and planting inside of them a heart to adopt from my House of Hope. None of the women and men that you saw lined up outside My House of Hope had children or babies because they were coming to my house to adopt."

As the Father finished speaking to me, I began to find my way to the entrance of the factory. As I walked outside, I began to thank everyone in the line. I said, "The Father wants to personally thank you for coming to His House of Hope, for championing this cause in the earth, for it has come before His throne and He will not watch and wait any longer." I began to notice women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s standing in the back of the line. I said, "Father? Them too?" He said to me, "Yes Jeremiah, shall these women not also partake in my invitation to adopt in this hour?" I walked away from the Hope factory rejoicing, but also filled with sadness as I once again noticed the factory of horror that I had walked into earlier that night. Then I awoke.

Jeremiah Johnson is the servant leader of Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, Florida. A gifted teacher, book author, and prophetic minister, Jeremiah travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker. Jeremiah and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their two children: Bella Grace and Israel David.


Prophecy: The Next 18 Months Will Determine the Course of This Nation

10:00AM EST 2/24/2015 Jennifer LeClaire

A Call to Heaven flag (Flickr)

In 2007, the Lord woke me in the middle of the night to share His heart about this nation—and His intentions. You can read the entire prophecy here, but the bottom line is He wants us to repent and He wants to bring a Third Great Awakening to America.

That's not going to happen without intercessors making an appeal to heaven. It's not going to happen without praying churches—and praying pastors—crying out to God day and night, night and day. It's not going to happen if we submit ourselves to a Jezebelic White House that's endorsing immorality and idolatry.

But I believe it is going to happen because I see intercessors making an appeal to heaven. I see praying churches—and praying pastors—crying out to God day and night, night and day. And I see people like Franklin Graham dropping a plumb line in our nation (which is why I recently called for urgent intercession over him).

In December, the Lord spoke something more to me while I was on an early morning prayer call. He told me our labor in the Spirit over the next 18 months will determine the course of this nation. Strong words, I know, but I believe them with every fiber of my being. Here's the entire prophecy:

"The church has modeled the government instead of the government modeling the church. There are strife and division in the government. There are strife and division in the church. There are corruption and scandal in the government. There are corruption and scandal in the church. There are politics and merchandising in the government. There are politics and merchandising in the church.

"These things ought not be so. The church at large has submitted to the government and its ways but the government should be accountable to the church. It's time to turn the world upside down, not for the glory of a president but for the glory of the risen King.

"So rise up. Rise up now in the authority of My Spirit and wake up the church with My love. Reform and transform the church with My truth. And then turn your attention to your government. Pray without ceasing according to the assignment I have given you and you will see My power work to bring the change you have been hoping and believing for.

"Don't give up now. Many are standing for you and the great cloud of witnesses is in agreement with you. Continue pressing in and refuse to submit to the ungodly. Your labor in the Spirit over the next 18 months will determine the course of the nation. Watch and pray. Pray without ceasing. Cooperate with My Spirit. Listen to My voice. Execute My plan. Don't give up."

I don't know about you, but that stirs me to intercede for the church—and for the nation. While writing The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual Awakening, I spoke with leaders from many camps in the body of Christ—folks who don't always agree on much beyond Jesus as Lord—and they all agreed on this: Judgment is here and an awakening is emerging. The question is how severe must the judgment become before the America fully wakes up.

I believe we need to do what the Spirit of God told me: "Rise up now in the authority of My Spirit and wake up the church with My love. Reform and transform the church with My truth. And then turn your attention to your government. Pray without ceasing according to the assignment I have given you and you will see My power work to bring the change you have been hoping and believing for."

God wants to bring an awakening. In fact, I see pockets of revival and awakening in cities across America. I've never been more hopeful. God is not done with America. It's up to us to get in agreement with His Spirit and pray in the next great move of God that sweeps the nation.

Jennifer LeClaire is senior editor of Charisma. She is also director of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and author of several books, including The Next Great Move of God: An Appeal to Heaven for Spiritual Awakening, Mornings With the Holy Spirit, Listening Daily to the Still Small Voice of God, The Making of a Prophet and Satan's Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraft. You can visit her website here. You can also join Jennifer on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


David Skelly's prophetic writing

I was thinking about the vision of Euroclydon through Hollie Moodie  ( ).  In this vision she talks about the rise of China the golden dragon.  The vision is entitled “Euroclydon” (see Acts 27:28).  Paul’s ship soon after leaving Crete was seized by a typhoon called Euroclydon.  The ship was taken mainly east and a little south.  Euroclydon comes from two Greek words Euros (East, East wind) and kludon (waves, rough water, surf).  That is waves, rough water blown about by east wind.  China is the golden dragon coming from the East. 

Also it just so happens that the European currency is called the Euro; Euroclydon and Euro tossed about by waves.  John Paul Jackson had a prophecy of the crumbling Euro.

“Begin to watch the European Community because I’m going to trouble the waters in Europe and the Euro is going to start to fall. And it will weaken and it will crumble. And shortly after that, your dollar will follow “ (  TROUBLE THE WATERS IN EUROPE AND THE EURO IS GOING TO START TO FALL.  That is Euroclydon ie the Euro tossed about by waters. 

The economic crisis will start in Europe.  Euroclydon; the Euro in rough water.  Later the American dollar will fall.  Afterwards a big recession or depression will come over the rest of the world.  China will stumble but then come back stronger than ever.  Euroclydon the east wind of China will become strong.  A group of ICBM and intermediate range missile are called Dong Feng.  Dong Feng means East Wind in Chinese.  The economic downturn in Europe and America will culminate in the rise of China as the golden dragon. 

Russia has been buying gold for her central bank in large amounts.  In the last 10 years Russia has about tripled her gold reserves in the Russian central bank.  Last year even under western sanctions, Russia has acquired lots of gold.  Some have said; will Russia go on the gold standard?

But the big story is that China is now the biggest producer of gold in the world.  I believe that China has been greatly understating her gold holdings.  On paper America is supposed to have about 8000 tonnes of gold but I doubt that she has this.  Germany requested that the US return her gold.  America has been very slow to comply.  The US has not allowed Germany to inspect all German gold held on US soil.  It does not sound right. 

I suspect that the US was desperate for China to keep lending her money.  China I suspect secretly demanded security for these loans; the security of a large proportion of America’s gold.  If America defaults then most of the gold is China’s.  I suspect that part of this secret agreement was that the gold was leased to China and sent secretly to China in secret shipments.  If the American dollar collapses and she can’t pay her debts then the gold is China’s. 

If the gold becomes China’s she would in affect become the golden dragon of Hollie Moody’s vision.  She could theoretically go on the gold standard and become the world’s one and only superpower. 

Peter Kumar had a very interesting prophecy about Europe and China.  “many countries in Europe they will be shaken, financially they will be shaken, many leadership will change, you cannot restore Europe, many European countries will start to making agreements  with China, China will become a superpower a superforce and China will step into these countries to rescue these nations, so Europe will also the value of Euro will go down,  God is shaking Europe but in Europe racism will rise up, racism will rise up because job opportunities will become less and less and less”


I believe China will loan money and make big deals in Europe for a price.  China will have the financial resources that most nations don’t have.   The US, most of Western Europe and Japan are too heavily in debt.  China as the golden dragon will be very very powerful for a very limited period of time before the rise of the antichrist. 

Napoleon Bonaparte said about two centuries ago; when China awakes the world will tremble. 


Nathan Leal on Hagmann & Hagmann - February 5, 2015 -
(the show link is below)

"Illuminati Super Bowl 49 / Half time Show –The Arrival of the Beast"

Katy Perry's Half Time Show – The World will Burn!

By Nathan Leal - February 5, 2015

As expected, the Katy Perry's Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show was another Illuminati display of coming events.

One thing that stood out was the theme appeared to be a continuation of last year's "PREPARE" message.

So fast forward to the present. We just had another Super Bowl. And the message was very clear ... war is coming and the world will burn...!

The Coming Events

Thus far, this is a portion of what I have harvested from the Half-Time Show:

1. The world is going to be set on fire, this includes America.

2. The United States is going to have several false flags that ignite the country.

3. The United States is going to be fractured in the process.

4. The Spirit of Darkness and Evil is going to ravish the country while it burns.

5. The New World Order Beast will rise from the ashes and enter the scene.

6. The Powers of darkness will be given allowances bring this about. (NOTE - God is going to allow this to happen.

7. The "Red" Spirit of war will also be involved behind the scenes.

8. The New World Order desires to CULL the population and get rid of those who refuse them.

9. A mighty "spell" of deception and delusion is underway to hypnotize the masses and keep them occupied.

10. The Illuminati is close to the next stages of this plan.


The dream and vision by Sharon Roach in 2011 about Putin’s death and the next leader


(Dream given when Dmitry Medvedev was the president of Russia before Vladimir Putin became the president in 2012.)

Back in August of 2011 I had a dream and it was a very brief dream.  I dreamed I was looking at a newspaper and I’d seen a certain article that had caught my eye and the headline read in big black letters PUTIN IS DEAD and under this headline was a picture of Vladimir Putin and suddenly the dream just ended as quickly as it came.

Before the dream of Putin that I had in August of 2011, God had given me a vision of a future Russia that looked like the Third Reich and the leader of this future Russia was a very cold overly disciplined dictator with an iron fist.      

Essentially this presidency of Vladimir Putin in Russia is one of transition that will pave the way for a dictator. 


The message God gave to Jouko Piho about Vladimir Putin and Russia

God gave me on 01-22-2015 the following words about Vladimir Putin:

”You ride on a horse, but the time will come soon when you will eat the flesh of the horse.”

This message refers to the bad food shortage all over the world but also to the severe famine in Russia.
The horse flesh is not eaten in many countries, because the horse is felt as a so near animal, like a pet, but in Russia and in other Eastern European countries the horse flesh is not a taboo, but people may eat it. Anyhow the horse flesh is often considered to be a cheap substitute which is food for the poor people.


David Skelly's prophetic writing

I read the “The dream by "Puolankalainen" on 12-27-2014”.  I was impressioned by something happening to the economy before Russia makes its agressive moves in the far north.  Also a previous dream in your old database about two people fighting.  The larger person the ie US picking a fight with the smaller person Russia.  The US is represented as the larger person because its economy is much larger than the Russian economy and larger population.  Then Russia knocks out America.  Before the coup of 22/2/2014 which deposed the pro-Russian Ukrainian president the US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland ( )  said to Geoffrey Pyatt the US ambassador to the Ukraine that Yatsenyuk would be a good person to put in the Government.  After the coup it just happened that Yatsenyuk became the interim Prime Minister of the Ukraine.  Satan purposefully used the US to provoke the Russians.  Many Russians were angry. 

As we know there were later sanctions.  Russia responded by sanctions on food.  The EU used red tape to hold back the south stream gas pipeline to Bulgaria.  In Turkey Putin announced the cancellation of the south stream and instead announced a gas pipeline to Turkey.  Just recently the head of Gasprom Alexey Miller said that the pipeline would be built to Turkey and that gas delivery through Ukraine would cease once the pipeline was completed.  He said that if the Europeans want gas they would have to build a pipeline to Greece/Turkey at their own expense because it would not be available through the Ukraine. 

I believe that Russia will make further moves to undermine the US Petrodollar and the use of the dollar in most international transactions.  Russia may well encourage many nations to use their own currencies instead of the dollar.  If enough nations dump the dollar there would be hyper inflation in the US as the dollars go back to the US economy.  With hyper inflation they would be forced to cancel the dollar and make another currency like the Amero or maybe the new dollar.  There would be economic chaos in America and with limited finances they would be forced to withdraw troops from Europe and other places. 

Then Russia would be free to make many more moves in Europe like take over the Ukraine.  This year the Ukraine needs 15 billion or more dollars to avoid default.  But the Greek elections are happening on 25/1/2015.  If the Greeks elect a far left government,  there would be an economic standoff the Greeks who want an easing of IMF conditions and the EU and IMF who refuse any easing.  If there is a standoff it would unlikely that the Ukraine would get the money needed to avoid default.  The IMF/EU resources are too stretched.  If the US removes its troops from Europe and the IMF/EU refuses to give the Ukraine the needed money then the Ukrainian economy would suffer desolation and many more Ukrainians would feel abandoned by the West.  More Ukrainians would be desparate for Russian assistance; more defections to the Russian side. 

If Greece defaults or leaves the Euro zone it is hard to believe that the Ukraine would get the needed money for economic stability.  The conditions would become ripe for a Russian takeover of the Ukraine.  With American troops gone it would be hard to believe that EU nations would fight for the Ukraine against Russia.  If Russia takes over the Ukraine without too much difficulty than she might have enough resources to take over Finland.  Or there might be an outside chance that Russia takes Finland by a surprise attack before taking the Ukraine but this would seem to be improbable. 

The Ukraine is a lot more valuable to Russia than Finland.  Industries in Eastern and Southern Ukraine produce valuable parts and bits and pieces for the Russian war machine.  During the Soviet Union the largest ships were built in the Ukraine rather than Russia.  Even today Russia finds it difficult to produce large warships. 

Russia has considerable iron ore deposits but quite a few of these are less easy to mine or extract.  It would appear to me that the iron ore mines in northern Sweden would be more valuable than anything in Finland.  But on the other hand Finland might have things valuable to the Russians that I don’t know about.   

I am eagerly awaiting the results of the Greek elections. 

But everything is in God’s hand.  He can speed things up or he can slow things down.

Jouko Piho's comment:

As for Finland Russia is not after natural resources in Finland. Instead Russia wants to have a buffer zone In Finland to prevent NATO from coming too near of the Russian border and especially St. Petersburg and the northern naval base Murmansk. For the same reason Russia’s invading army will continue through the northern areas of Sweden and Norway to block NATO from entering the Arctic Ocean.


The vision by Nita Johnson on 07-28-2001

ABOUT RUSSIA And The Horror of Great Darkness

While in prayer on July 28 I saw a vision. I saw a great beast with huge jaws, and sharp teeth, such as a great dragon would have. Its fingers were bony with long talons or claws. It looked like a monstrous dark cloud and was moving at a moderate pace to engulf all of Russia. It was coming up from the south and moving upon the north fully intending to take complete dominion over all of Russia.

I was at length given to see its heart, and motivation. It was on a path of conquering to destroy. Its heart was one of steal hatred for the Russian people. Through lust, pride, anger and hate it would cause the Russian people to once again rise up against the Christians and Jews to persecute and murder them. Its hope was to utterly wipe out anything that had anything to do with God and the Light. So, his plan was to incite in the heart of the people a venomous heart of murder to accomplish his goal of obliterating both. His hatred however, for the Russian people at large was as great as it was for the church for instance, it was just different.

I also saw the hearts of the government leaders. They had absolutely no care for the people. Power was the driving motivation of their activities. The more this evil power overtakes Russia, the more this will be true. I would only know how to equate what I saw to someone like Hitler. It was fearful to see this national possession take place. The Russian Christians and Jews are already going through so much, it seems incomprehensible that they could go through more. Admittedly, the knowledge of this approaching great persecution is not new. But, I now have a little clearer insight into it, and see that it is now eminent.

The Lord called it; the horror of great darkness. As this evil presence continued to move over the nation, I saw famine and great hunger, until the nation looked like an emaciated child that was dying of hunger.

As my heart filled with mercy for the Christians, Jews, and those who would be evoked into being the persecutors alike, Jesus strongly impressed me, to call the people into His hiding place and protection. Further, I prayed that as many as could, would leave the nation. I was overwhelmed with the Lord's sadness and compassion for the people as I wept with Him. Needless to say, Russia needs our prayers and heartfelt tears before God. Please remember that God's hand of mercy is still extended to the Russian people and there are yet many to be saved.

Isaiah 5:8-24


Nathan Leal Analysis of 2015 and Coming War - updated

"Events Approaching in 2015 -  Gearing for War!"

By Nathan Leal

Note - the following analysis is a part of what I shared on a recent Hagmann & Hagmann program. Some of you told me that the link would not open in a previous email so I am sending this content as an email. Please share - Nathan.


So what do we have to look forward to in 2015?

The question should really be, "What should we prepare for in 2015?"

Many things are approaching, including the sound of the drums of war against Russia, and other nations.

War will become the developing story as public opinion in the West is swayed to accept it,

... and desire it!

But in order for the general population to accept it, they must first be brainwashed by the New World Order Brigade into believing that Russia is the enemy of the USA and NATO.

This will require OPERATION PROPAGANDA, which will entail a campaign of opinion engineering, brainwashing media presentations through - movies, video games, news reports, etc., cognitive political shaping, and false flag events.

The initial false flags will be small, but eventually, when the incubation period of public opinion is ripe, "The-Powers-That-Be" will execute the big one!

It will be a false flag that will galvanize the population into nationalism through blame and hatred towards Russia and other chosen countries. The other countries may include North Korea, China and /or a non-state group like ISIS, etc.

The run-up towards war may take several years, but in 2015, the rumblings will begin which eventually, will build into a national crescendo that will desire it!

As stated, it could take several years, but I must include that war could also begin towards the end of 2015.

We are in uncharted territory folks. This thing could break wide open at any moment. The only thing that will prevent war is the mercy of God.

Otherwise, the battle lines are being drawn...on a Pentagon Supercomputer!

Many people want it to happen.

-- Obama wants it, to distract the population from his failed presidency!

-- The neo cons want it, because they are bloodthirsty vampires!

-- The IMF wants it, to try to save the dying US PetroDollar!

-- The New World Order wants it, to hand a victory trophy to the East in the aftermath.

-- The Illuminati wants it, so that their proverbial Phoenix can rise from the ashes.

-- Satan wants it, so that his Beast can rise from the sea!

-- and God is going to allow it, to rid this world of His adversaries!

The campaign to steer the public to desire war will to be crafty and very deceptive; and the majority of Americans will be hypnotized by its spell.


The Lord’s Vision to Linda in July 2013 and the new interpretation by Vicki L. Shilders

I'd like to share with you a vision that the Lord gave to me in July
2013 while in prayer for the preservation of my country, the United
States. I would so love to find someone who could possibly interpret
the vision though I do have an opinion on what I think it could
possibly mean.

Here is the vision:

It's important to remember that I was in prayer for the preservation
of the United States when the Lord gave this vision.

The vision was short in duration but so full in body, in significance.
The vision was of an American soldier standing in a cemetery. The
soldier appeared to be from the Civil War era (1860s) yet it was also
the present (2013).
The cemetery setting included large, tall, green trees that shaded
much of the cemetery, lots of green grass, and the day was bright and
But the soldier was completely CHARRED! He and his uniform completely
charred from FIRE and yet he LIVED, and moved just as he had normally.
Just behind him, to his right, was a tall, stone, gray-colored
tombstone; almost as tall as he was, with a curved top.
Directly before him, was a woman who was dressed in a lovely, 1800's
fluffy dress. She was not harmed in the least. And the soldier held
his hat in his hands, slowly raising it to the level of his chest.
When God gave this image or picture to me, it shocked me to see the
soldier so completely charred! I gasped and opened my eyes!

I'm wondering whether the Lord may give you or someone else some
insight into this very vivid and disturbing vision. Unfortunately, my
interpretation is not so promising...yet does have a "new beginning"
at the end. I think perhaps the vision represents civil war...another
one...between the people and the forces the government is presently
training to keep the American people "in line".

Vicki's interpretation:

First let me say that I am not declaring that Linda’s interpretation is
wrong.  It could very well be right and that my interpretation is
wrong.  Still, I would like to offer my humble interpretation that I
haven’t been able to quit thinking about.  I believe the setting is
indeed in America, but the scene is not the aftermath of a physical
civil war. It is the aftermath of a spiritual civil war among the
churches who claim to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in America. Before
the Lord allows America to be judged for its rebellious sins, and be
invaded by other countries, the Lord is going to send a great Holy
Spirit filled revival among the churches. Those who repent and
dedicate themselves completely to following the leading of the Holy
Spirit and God’s word, will be healthy and strong and able to
withstand the judgment that will be coming on America.  The soldier of
the Lord has been burnt up with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The well
dressed, healthy lady represents the church after the “shaking” of the
Holy Spirit. The tomb stone is the sad memorial to most of America’s
denominations who have followed the world’s standards and not the

Thank you for allowing me to get this off my chest.  God Bless,
Vicki L. Childers


The dream by "Puolankalainen" on 12-27-2014

In my dream the healing evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman appeared and I asked her, if the war is coming and is Russia invading Finland. Kuhlman said that the time of Russia's invasion of Finland is coming near, but first the world economy and also Finland's economy will stagger badly.


Paul Begley's prophetic vision on New Year's Night 2015

1.       Mighty shaking on the earth from the Heaven and spiritually in the church

2.       Hosea prophecy will increase (mass die-off of animals)

3.       World leader will die, changing things politically

4.       Russia will fight back the sanctions

5.       ISIS will grow stronger

6.       Pope Francis will shock the world

7.       Major revival will break out

8.       Christian persecution will be as bad or worse as 2014

9.       The illuminati will come bolder

10.   Devastating earthquakes

11.   Financial distress especially in the west

12.   Israel will defend it’s border

13.   More deadly diseases and plagues

14.   Extreme weather will intensify

15.   Blood moons, blood water, bloodshed



The Apostles Are Coming!

By Hollie L. Moody. 
1 Cor 11:34(b) ~ "And the rest will I set in order when I come." In a vision, I saw the form of a man dressed in kingly garments. I felt in my spirit that this man was actually the King of Kings (Jehovah God). In one of His hands, the King held a rod. In His other hand, He held a staff. On the right hand and on the left hand of the King stood a person. I couldn't tell if these people were male or female. 
The King and the two people were standing before a large temple. As I stared at the temple, I became aware that a human body was contained within this temple. I was surprised and sickened to see that this large human body was headless. This body also appeared to have body parts and members of its body that "shifted" from one position to another so that the body wasn't properly put together. Some body parts also seemed to be missing. "What is this thing that is a temple but also a human body?" I asked the King.

"This is My church," the King replied. 

At a word from the King, the two people at His right and left side approached the body-temple. I saw that one of these people held what appeared to be a large measuring tape in their hands. The other person had what appeared to be a scale with which to weigh things in their hands. After they reached the body-temple, these two people began to measure and to weigh the body-temple. "Who are these two people," I asked the King, "and why are they measuring and weighing Your church?"
"These two people represent both the prophetic and the apostolic spirit that I have and am releasing to measure and weigh My church," the King replied. After measuring and weighing the body-temple, these two people rejoined the King. I saw as these two people appeared to give their report of the measuring and weighing of the body-temple to the King. The King appeared grieved with their report and stretched forth the rod in His hand towards the body-temple. One of the people at His side (the one who represented the prophetic spirit) went back to the body-temple, entered into the body-temple and began to shake the body-temple from within. I saw numerous items begin to come crashing down from inside the body-temple. As these items were shaken loose and fell, the person who had entered into the body-temple began to cast these things out of the body-temple. I noticed that this person was weeping as they were bringing apparent destruction to many things within the body-temple. While this was happening, I saw that the body-temple was attempting to cast this person out.
"What is this person doing to Your church?" I asked the King.

 "This is the prophetic spirit which is tearing down all that offends within My church," the King replied. "There are those who have sought to tear down these things before, yet the time was not full come, and the spirits of those whom I would have sent were not yet perfect before Me. This is a time of purging for My church, and for casting out all that offends Me and is not fully of My truth. Those whom I am sending to do this work will do so with weeping, not with laughter. For they now realize and understand that My church is not an organization, but a people called by My Name, and that My church is not to be destroyed but to be set up. My church will not fully understand what is transpiring during this time of being shaken and cast down. The prophetic spirit, and My prophets, will for the most part be fiercely resisted during this time." I saw that the body-temple was unsteady, reeling back and forth, etc., as it was being shaken. The body-temple appeared to be in great distress. The body-temple finally fell heavily to its knees. While the body-temple was on its knees in weakness, I saw hordes of demonic beings gather to attack the body-temple. I then saw what appeared to be a very small army of warriors come together to surround the body-temple and to protect and fight for it.
"Who are these warriors?" I asked the King.
"This small army of warriors are those whom have come out of times and seasons of intense preparation for just this time," the King said to me. "I have allowed them to be prepared in the furnace and fires of affliction for their strengthening in order to defend My church during what appears to be its weakest moment."
The King withdrew the outstretched rod and set it down on the ground at His feet. The person from within the body-temple emerged, still weeping, and came back to stand next to the King.
The King then stretched the staff in His hand out towards the body-temple. The King handed what appeared to be a blueprint and a list of instructions to the other person standing next to Him. The other person standing next to the King then entered into the body-temple. I watched as this person began to set the members of the body-temple into their correct positions and places according to the blueprint and the instructions they held in their hand. 
"Who is this person?" I asked the King. 

"This person represents the spirit of the apostolic," the King replied. "I am releasing this spirit and these people to set in order all within My church. They will do so according to My will and plan and not according to their own ideas or agenda. Their efforts also will many times be resisted and rejected. Yet I have prepared the hearts and spirits of these people through times of great difficulty. They have the heart and spirit of a father towards My church. They possess great compassion and patience, and will exercise this patient love while obeying My instructions."
While this person was working at setting each member and part of the body into its correct position within the body-temple, the demonic hordes continued to fight against the body-temple. The small, but fierce, army of warriors continued to fight against the demons and to defend the body-temple. When all the body parts and members appeared to be in correct order within the body-temple, the other person emerged from the body-temple and rejoined the King and the other person standing next to the King. Yet the body-temple continued to be headless. 
When the second person rejoined Him, the King took the staff in His hand and thrust it deeply into the ground at His feet. "Why did You thrust Your staff into the ground?" I asked the King. "The staff of a shepherd guides and protects his sheep," the King replied. "My guidance and protection for My sheep is forever settled."
I watched as one by one, each member and part of the body-temple came out of the body-temple and approached the King. Each one of these members and parts of the body presented themselves to the King. I watched as the King held out His hands, placed both His hands upon each of the body members and parts of the body, and blessed that body member or part of the body. After being blessed, that body member or part of the body would then re-enter back into the body-temple and take back up their correct place and position within the body-temple. I saw, however, that there were some members and parts of the body-temple who refused to come before the King. These members and parts of the body attempted to gather into a smaller body within the body-temple. They succeeded in doing this to a small degree, but seemed unaware that this effort on their part had isolated them from the full nourishment of the rest of the body-temple. They also seemed totally unaware that they continued to be headless. 

"What is happening?" I asked the King. "Why are some of the members and parts of the body-temple presenting themselves to You, and others are not?"

"Each part and member of this body represents a specific function within My church," the King replied. "After My church is brought back into correct alignment and position, it will present itself before Me for My inspection and blessing. Each ministry and function of the church must be fully submitted to Me in order to function properly. There are some who will resist this, to their own eventual destruction."
Then, the King lifted into the air and settled Himself into the position of head of the body-temple. When this occurred, the body-temple seemed to somehow become within itself five major body sections. 

These five major sections of the body-temple were all connected and interwoven with one another. The body-temple appeared to be in complete harmony with all the other members and parts of the body, and was functioning perfectly. 

"What are these five major sections of the body?" I asked the King.

"These five major sections of the body represent My apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers," the King explained to me. "They each have a specific function and use within My church and are in place to equip and build up My body." 

The two people who had been standing on the right side and on the left side of the King approached the body-temple and stood before it. I saw as these two people joined hands. They raised their enjoined hands out towards the body-temple and began to bless and also to serve the body-temple. 

"Why have these two people joined hands?" I asked the King.

"The apostles and prophets will work hand in hand during this time," the King answered me.
I then saw as the body-temple changed in its appearance and became as a bride dressed in bridal clothes. The bride then suddenly appeared to be standing with both feet firmly upon the planet earth. When this happened, milk, honey, oil, water and fire began to pour out from within the bride. 

Then I saw large groups of people from every nation on earth suddenly appear around the bride. These groups of people were singing, praising the Lord, rejoicing, being healed of infirmities, etc. 

Then the vision ended.

Micah 4:1-2 ~ "But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it. And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."


Charisma Magazine

Prophetic Dream: You Will Learn to Fly

10:00AM EST 12/16/2014 James Bailey

(Flickr/Ben Rea)

This past Sunday night I had a detailed dream in which I saw large numbers of end-time believers being trained to operate in the powers of the age to come. They were being trained to do the greater works that Jesus said we would do (John 14:12). For training purposes they were separated into three groups. Each person was assigned to a group based on their level of development.

Group One—Sitting

The first group included a very large number of people. They were all sitting down on the side of a grassy hill. They were waiting for something, but I did not know what they were waiting for. Whatever it was, it caused them to all remain idle. Beside them on the ground they had their talents and money. They were not doing anything to use their talents or their money for God's kingdom. They just sat on the grass relaxing and looking around.

Group Two—Walking

The second group was also a very large number of people. They were all walking through the levels of a big tall house. Inside this house there were many different projects and assignments that they had to complete before they could proceed to the next level. The house was completely full of people working on their tasks and walking through. They were walking slowly, shuffling through in a big crowd, attempting to complete the various tasks. The tasks could only be completed by operating in the powers of the age to come. The faster they learned how to operate in those powers the faster they could complete each task and advance to the next level. Everyone was advancing at their own pace, but most were moving slowly because their minds were limiting them from moving in the realm of the Spirit. They trusted more in what they knew in their mind than what they heard in their heart.

Whenever they would see another walker operating in supernatural power to complete their assignment they would all ooh and ahh in amazement. In this way they encouraged each other and caused their faith levels to grow. Some of them were so encouraged by what they saw the others doing that they would take hold of the supernatural powers and begin to step out and operate in it themselves.

Group Three—Flying

The third group was very small, especially in the beginning. Everyone in this group was able to fly, which included me. I flew over the crowd of walkers as a large group of them was heading towards the house. I saw their faces as they looked up at me flying by. Their eyes and their whole face lit up as they gasped with amazement. They could hardly believe what they were seeing. But it caused their faith level to soar. Some of them then believed they could do it too.

I saw some of the flyers flying through all the levels of the same house where the walkers were completing their assignments. The flyers were able to complete all of their assigned tasks within seconds. They flew very fast and completed their assignments very fast too. It looked like they only had to fly by and it was done without even slowing down. Within a few seconds they flew through all the levels and flew out of the house. The tasks were very easy for them because they had learned to be led by the Spirit. The walkers saw them doing this and they were amazed and felt very encouraged. The walkers loved seeing the flyers. Just seeing them caused their faith to soar. They knew the impossible was possible because they saw it happening with their own eyes. Many of them were hungry for more and seeing the flyers caused them to get even hungrier. Eventually they would get so hungry they would step out and start moving up to a higher level.

Then I saw an old friend of mine who is now the pastor of a church. He was still walking and had not yet learned how to fly, so I encouraged him to step out and start flying. He was a little slow getting started, but he caught on and started flying very low to the ground.

The flying believers encouraged the others until eventually there were lots of people flying. All it required was to believe and step out and start flying. Later on, I saw the sky filled with people flying.

The flyers also flew over to those in the first group who were sitting idle on the hill. I flew over to one couple and convinced them to give me their money so it could be put to use for the kingdom. I did not force them to give it. I just encouraged them and they agreed. Other flyers were doing the same thing. The talents and wealth of the sitters were being plundered by the flyers, not for selfish gain, but for the kingdom's purposes. I did not see anything being taken against their will though.

Training Exercises

I saw that each believer had their own unique assignment that they were equipped and trained to do. All of us were learning more and more about how to operate in the powers of the age to come. We were learning how to operate in our own unique gifts and supernatural powers. The biggest challenge we all faced was learning to trust more what we heard in our heart more than what we heard in our mind. We all had to learn to rely totally on the voice of the Lord leading us in our heart. We had to learn to tune out the voices of other people who spoke words contradicting what we heard in our heart.

I was given some information about my particular assignment that was so encouraging it has had me flying high ever since. I feel like I have soared to a new level just by hearing what I was told. I am not sharing those details here because it only applied to me.

In my training, I learned to hear His voice and obey, but then I encountered another challenge of doing it with the right timing. That totally threw me for a loop at first. I made lots of mistakes before I started learning to wait for the Lord's timing. In some cases I got frustrated and even angry. When I successfully completed an assignment the training advanced to a higher level requiring greater discernment to distinguish very subtle differences between what the Lord was saying and what I was hearing from other "experts." Upon first hearing it sounded like what the Lord was saying was identical to what the experts were saying, but on closer examination I saw there was a very slight but significant difference.

The hardest task I was given was when the word of the Lord seemed to contradict other words from the Lord. Obviously, He never contradicts Himself, but it seemed that way. It reminded me of how God promised Abraham that He was going to bless Isaac and through Isaac make Abraham's descendants as numerous as the stars. Then he told Abraham to go offer Isaac as a human sacrifice. Those two words sound contradictory, but Abraham passed the test because he understood that God would never break His promise even it meant He would have to raise Isaac from the dead. Passing this test required obedience even when it made no sense. Like Abraham, I had to hang in there knowing that even though I did not understand, God did and that was good enough. I had to keep giving it to Him again and again until finally I got through it and moved on.

Heaven and Earth Together as One

Later I was with a small group of believers and we all went to heaven riding in a vehicle. I never saw the outside of it, but the inside resembled a small bus. Some of the people on the bus came from the earth while others were people who had died and were already residents of heaven. We were allowed to visit heaven and they were allowed to interact with us. The people in heaven were working together with the believers on earth. Everyone had their own unique assignments, but all of us were working together on the same mission.

I saw my dad riding on this vehicle with me. He died in 2009. I was so excited to share with him all of the great things the Lord was doing in my life that I forgot he had also seen plenty of great things as a resident of heaven. I did not actually arrive in heaven so I did not see anything there. I just saw that many believers were visiting there and interacting with the people there. It was a common part of the training for people to go back and forth between heaven and earth.

That was the end of the dream.

James Bailey's Comments

I have heard some believers say we cannot talk to people who have died and gone to heaven. However, Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah at His transfiguration. Peter, James and John were there too (Matt. 17:1-8). So according to the Bible, it is possible and sometimes needed.

Do I really believe we are going to be flying? The prophet Isaiah saw God's people flying.

"Who are these who fly like a cloud and like the doves to their lattices" (Is. 60:8).

Last time I checked clouds were up in the sky and doves were birds with wings. So it sure sounds like Isaiah is talking about things that fly in the sky. Of course, this is a mind-blowing statement, but we need to have our minds blown. We need to get completely out of our minds to follow the leading of the Lord in our heart. Our mind is the greatest hindrance that we face.

Jesus said, "All things are possible to those who believe" (Mark 9:23). I looked up the meaning of the word "all" in the original Greek. The Greek word is "pas," which means all. Sounds like the only limiting factor is our inability to believe. That's what I believe.

"Jesus answered them, 'Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also, if you say to this mountain, "Be removed, and be thrown into the sea," it will be done. And whatever you ask in prayer, if you believe, you will receive'" (Matt. 21:21-22).

The key to success in every training exercise was always the same, trust your heart more than your mind. Trust what the Lord puts in your heart more than the voices speaking into your mind. Those who do that will advance to new levels. They will soar in the Spirit and fly.

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.


The vision by a Christian man in Spring 2011

I got a message from the Lord that Russia is planning to occupy all the states around the Baltic Sea. This decision about the occupation has been made in 2004 in Kreml.

I asked God in Spring 2011, how many years Finland will still be an independent nation. God answered: "Four years." In Spring 2015 the crisis times will begin for Finland.

Later on, in December 2011, I saw that in Spring time heavily armed soldiers were marching to Pori, where I live, and I saw the destruction of war in some places, for example at the airport, at the central hospital and at the bus and railway station areas. I saw no traffic. Cellular phones were not working and there were no radio or television news.

When I came to my home yard, an angel appeared and came to me and said: "Twice you will drive away the invader, but on the third time international forces will do it and annihilate the enemy thoroughly.

I got also a message that it is better because of food supplies to live in rural areas than in big cities.


The vision by Eve Brast on 07-19-2014
America and Russia Shake?

I had a closed waking vision while lying in bed before falling asleep. In the vision, I was high above the Atlantic Ocean, between the U.S. and Europe. I saw two giants. One was an obese woman with pale skin. She had black hair pulled back into a loose pony tail. And very red lipstick on her lips. She had a very wild-eyed smile on her face. She was dressed in black, tight spandex pants that extended just below her knees and a tight, low-cut, short-sleeve purple top. The top was so tight I could see bulges and rolls of fat on her sides.

She looked at me and lifted her arms up, bent at the elbow, with her palms opened toward me, and opened her mouth in a big, open smile. She had large teeth and wild eyes, kind of like the Joker in Batman. She was standing where Washington D.C. is on the East Coast of the U.S. Suddenly, she made a quick jump straight up with her knees bent and landed on Washington D.C., shaking the ground.

Then she bent down and picked up a large baseball at her feet and pitched it across the Atlantic Ocean to where the other giant was standing on the border of Russia and Ukraine. This giant had a cartoon caricature head of Barack Obama, like you would see in a political cartoon. He was dressed in a very nice dark suit with a white shirt and a blue tie. He caught the ball for a second and then fumbled it, dropping it on the border of Russia and Ukraine. When the ball dropped, it shook the ground there, also.

Then the vision faded.

I think the baseball could represent our Pentagon which heads our military bases in the U.S. The Pentagon is pitching the ball into “Russia’s court.” The U.S. is behind the provocation in Ukraine, represented by Obama. Obama is fixing to make a grave mistake by “dropping the ball” over there. In what capacity, I don’t know.


Timo’s  vision about the Dome of the Rock

I saw a very powerful vision on 11-15-2014. I was in my vision in Jerusalem and saw a Wailing Wall in front of me. I was up in the air and saw many people below. After a moment occurred a big earthquake.

From the left edge of the Wailing Wall a crack arose and it went towards the Dome of the Rock, went through it and many tens of meters after that. The mosque was blue with a golden dome.

I saw the same vision again later on very vividly. I saw that the pit was 30-50 meters broad. The Dome of the Rock was split in two and half of the structure stayed at both sides of the pit and the golden dome fell into the pit.



The Prophetic Word by Maurice Sklar in November 9, 2014

I hear the Holy Spirit say tonight,

"Do not underestimate the strength of the the prayers of My people. They have stopped complaining and have come to Me on their knees, humbly crying out day and night to Me. For the sake of the remnant of my Bride who is interceding to overthrow and overturn the evil plans of Satan to destroy America. Now, I will stand up and answer! I am the Almighty God. I cannot be voted in and out. I rule forever upon My Holy throne.

Shakings like never before are coming to America that will awaken the sleeping giant, My Holy Church, and revival and true repentance shall surely follow.

I will topple the tiny little man in the White House. He will leave office in disgrace and never rise again. For he has touched the apple of My eye, My people Israel, and My Holy land, and has openly defied My Holy Word, My laws, My statutes, and My ways. He has lied, cheated, stolen, defrauded, blackmailed and murdered to protect himself and his evil ways. His way is perverse before Me. He has shaken his fist at Me and spit in My face, but he shall fall on his face before Me in humiliation for all of the shame that will cover him. He shall surely reap what he has sown. I will expose the corruption all around him and he will reap what he has sown and be embarrassed before the whole world. The tiny man in the White House will fall and rise no more to rule even the smallest of dominions. I have judged him, and he will never shake his fist at Me again after My judgments fall upon him."



The vision by Ingenjör_81 on 11-06-2014 about the president of Finland

I saw on 11-06-2014 in my prayer a vision about Sauli Niinistö, the president of Finland.

Niinistö was sitting at his work table handling some papers and looking quite frustrated. Then he furiously wiped out all the papers from the table and lowered his face in his hands in despair.

Then these words were heard: “There is still God.”

I believe that it would be good to pray wisdom and the touch of the Holy Spirit to the president of Finland and to all the leaders of the world.

“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings (presidents) and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peacable life in all godliness and reverence.” 1. Tim. 2:1-2.



The prophetic dream by Nathan Leal in 2013

A Prophetic Warning from the Wall

"Election 2014 Did Not Save Us! -
- The Stampede of the Elephants"

Nathan Leal - November 5, 2014

The 2014 mid-terms are now history. The results are in. The people of America have spoken. The Republicans had an overwhelming victory. The Democrats took a thumping.

So does this mean that all will be well? Has America been rescued? Is the recovery certain? Some people on talk radio may think so. Others may be thinking that Obama can now be stopped with his undertaking of insanity.

I have already received a few emails from those who are well meaning, who have said that this will turns things around.

But will it make a difference?

I don't think so. Because in spite of the election results, I am left with the same concerns that I had the day before the election.

What are they? It is biblically simple. Before election day, I did not see any tent crusades or revival meetings. The TV preachers did not gather the people in a corporate solemn assembly.

Long story short, corporate repentance did not take place in Wilderness America. So if it did not take place, how can this recent election be our rescue?

Ladies and gentlemen, I do not believe that it was. I believe that it will play out as the next step in America's demise.

My spirit is telling me that there are troubling days approaching this nation.

The Elephant Stampede

A little over a year ago, I had a prophetic dream that illustrated a political event that will take place in America's future.

I have often wondered about this vision and have not spoken about it very much.

...until just recently.

This is what I saw.

I was driving on a two lane freeway on the right lane. As I drove, I saw that ahead of me, the road was badly damaged on my lane. It looked like there was a large crater in the road. There were large pieces of concrete piled around a hole in the road. The hole was as wide as a car.

The damage was only in the right lane. As I drove closer, I changed lanes to go around it, so I got in the left lane. As I passed the road damage, I began to increase my speed until I was traveling about 30 MPH.

When I went beyond the crater, I was going to return to the right lane but suddenly, elephants appeared in the right lane next to me. The elephants were normal sized and they all had red blankets on their backs.

There were many of them. They were walking in a line, holding each others tails, like you would see in a circus. Almost as soon as they appeared, something spooked them and they began running. They remained in the right lane as they ran, but I could hear their voices of fear. Some of them trumpeted as they ran in a stampede. But even in their panic, they remained in a line.

Their speed increased until they were running as fast as my vehicle which was about 30 MPH.

I kept watching them as I traveled next to them but then they all began to take an exit that appeared on the freeway.

As I passed them and looked back, I could see that there were many of them, about thirty to fifty, running on the exit ramp. There could have been more, but I could not count all of them. They were still in line as they ran.

The dream was over.

The Elephants are the Republicans

I struggled with this dream for awhile because some of the images seem to be obvious.

The elephants with the red blankets represent the Republican Party. I was traveling in the "right lane," meaning the "Conservative / Right Wing / Road."

But from there, the meaning became interesting and challenging.

1. A crater in the right lane - What caused the crater? What destructive event is going to occur within the Republican Party? What could it be?

Will it be self-inflicted by their own policies?

Will it be because of a failed strategy? If so, what strategy?

...trying to repeal ObamaCare?

...trying to impeach Obama? on a new war?

2. The elephants appeared, walked in an orderly fashion...

We just had an election where new freshman senators and congressional representatives will appear. They will operate in an orderly first...

3. The elephants got spooked and all started running in a panic!...

I am expecting something to take place where the Republicans will find themselves, "spooked" by what they see. This will result in many of them panicking and running for the exits.

But what will it be that "spooks" them? Will it be something that Obama says or does? Is it possible that Obama could scare the Senate or the House with future Executive Orders or unilateral policies of madness?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very concerned that Obama is going to continue his demolition of the country. One thing to remember is he is not acting alone. He is merely, "the wrecking ball!" There are others pulling his strings. He has his instructions by unseen "handlers" of the Order.

The New World Order is not just a "good idea," as Papa Bush once said, it is a plan that is being fueled by Satan himself.

And speaking of Bush, the NWO Party does not only involve Democrats. It has had a lot of help from the Republicans. Let us not forget that 9-11 occurred during Bush Junior's watch.

As a result of the September 11 attacks, the Bush Cabal gifted America with many tyrannical trinkets -

...The Patriot Act was passed by Georgie Boy and Christians at that time overwhelmingly supported it. I remember Jay Sekulow of the 700 Club endorsing it.

The Project for a New American Century

...The Republican Neo-Cons also created the think tank "Project for a New American Century." or PNAC, pronounced; (pee-nack).

This group wrote a political report known as "Rebuilding America's Defenses" which is the manifesto for a one hundred year war in the Middle East. This body of work has been the template for the USA's foreign policy over the past 15 years.

That paper contains an admission that the USA invents bio-weapons. From page 60:

"...And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

Inventing race specific bio-weapons is the brain child of the neo-con wing of America, i.e. Dick Cheney and company. The PNAC document was written in the late 1990's and today we are witnessing the release of one of their wicked viles. The Ebola outbreak is not a coincidence. It is part of a devious script.

But back to the elephants...

Why were they running? What future event will the Republicans seek to escape? Is it possible that their congressional plans will go awry? Will Obama succeed in cutting his leash and become a pit bull at large? Thus, causing them to flee?

I was speaking to a friend and he suggested, "What if the elephants also represent Republican Conservatives? Meaning regular citizens? What if the panic includes regular conservative folks who feel the need to exit ....THE COUNTRY!

Is this possible? If it is, then I must propose that this dream might also apply to everyone who considers themselves an Old Fashioned Conservative American.

Who Will Flee?

At some point in the future, political events are going to cause absolute mayhem and panic as they begin to take place. The panic will erupt into chaos and then into destruction.

Friends, I do not believe that America has been rescued. Unfortunately, I think that the election will give many people a false sense of hope and security. It will also work to lull Christians back to sleep.

One of the worse things that it will do is give Obama someone to blame. Like Hitler who blamed his opposition, Obama will milk this for all its worth. This could work in Hillary's favor in the 2016 elections.

That is, if there is an election in 2016!

For the most part, Americans are uneducated and have short memories. When Congressional stalemates begin happening in the next two years, the general public may turn on the Republicans. I can also see Obama writing some very dangerous Executive Orders that will bring further pain.

We are not finished watching Obama destroy this country. The next few months are going to be tense.

The election did not eradicate ebola, or the approaching collapse of the Dollar, or ISIS! ...

...Will the winning Republicans bring an end to TSA molestations?

...Will the new freshman demand disclosure on why the regime has purchased so many bullets?

...Will they stop the California drought?

...Will they reverse the poisoning of Fukushima's Pacific Ocean?

...Will they bring back the factories to America?

..Will they tell us once and for all who the strange man is who abides in the White House?

...Will they reverse same gender marriage? Abortion?

...Will they stop common-core education?

...illegal immigrants? I could go in...and I think that you get the point. Folks, we have not been rescued!

According to what I see approaching, the only thing that can turn off the spigot of judgment is nationwide repentance, not a bunch of freshman politicians!

Therefore....sadly, the next phase will come. And the next stage of destruction may be closer than we think or anticipate.

So my friends, please continue your vigilance. Get your spiritual house in order. Also while its possible, purchase supplies, food, preps, precious metals, etc.

If you are struggling in spiritual matters and need to repent but you do not know how, I have many sermons on my website that address our relationship with God. Try them out.

May the Lord lead you and guide you.

In His Service,

Nathan Leal

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